Tuesday, March 1, 2011

THE PRAIRIE PRINCE by Marcia Lynn McClure

Katie Matthews had a difficult life. Her father is harsh to her and her mother to the point of abuse when he's been drinking. She survives by running to a particular place on her father's property where she can daydream and feel at peace. She's devastated when her father sells it off. Soon though she meets the new owner, Stover Steele. They are drawn to each other right away but Stover thinks she's a little young and he still has his three little sisters to raise and Katie believes that someone like Stover would never be interested in her. Stover finds himself, however, coming to Katie's rescue quite a few times. He sees her gentle spirit and it angers him at how harsh her father is with her. Will Stover and Katie have the chance to find true love or will fear and danger find them first?

This was a really great romantic read. Katie was such a sweet girl and you truly felt bad for her and her mother having to live with such a harsh and loveless man. One thing I thoroughly enjoyed about this story was Stover's three little sisters. They were so active and always getting into innocent trouble. It just made me smile wide! I also loved the secondary story between Stover's sister Piller and Katie's brother Jared. It's almost like having two stories in one. Hillary was a girl in the story who was trying to win the attention of Stover away from Katie by not be honest. I really appreciated that Stover saw right through her antics. Many times a 'smart' hero will fall for the lies and that makes me frustrated. There was a big gasp at the end right before a big sigh! If you're looking for a total 'get away from your troubles' type read then try The Prairie Prince. It comes complete with lots of great kissing scenes and a shirtless hero nicely tucked inside a very clean romance. Who could ask for more?

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