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Caroline Turner's family is a prominent one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. But lately there has been some trouble brewing concerning her father's reputation. In order to protect him she's been paying hush money to a blackmailer with her inheritance money. If that isn't bad enough, her father goes and hires a new stable manager. Caroline's life is full of complications and it's about to get worse. Duncan McKenna has been kind of drifting around and decides to hire on as the Turner's stable manager. Sparks fly when they first meet but nothing will prepare them for what's ahead. When Caroline loses her temper she takes off on her horse full speed. Duncan followers her to make sure she and the horse are okay. But it isn't long before Caroline and the horse are injured. Duncan cares for both of them but now they've been together all night alone. When they return they are forced into a marriage neither of them wants. Caroline hates that Duncan is demanding she give up all her luxeries for a modest lifestyle. Duncan is upset that he got stuck with a society girl. However, as life settles in they begin to see the good in each other. But they each have things they're keeping from the other. Will those things destroy their tenuous relationship or will they find that the unwanted marriage was the best that every happened to them.

I always enjoy Karen Kirst's stories and Wed by Necessity is no exception. I love marriage of convenience stories so this was a 'must read'. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Gatlinburg and getting to know Caroline and Duncan. Both had issues they had to deal with and I think the author did a good job in presenting that in a realistic way. I loved how Duncan was really mindful of the Lord's direction. You can see how that made a difference in his life as well as Caroline's. Your heart breaks for Caroline as you learn about her upbringing and how that affected her. When I finished reading, the first thing that came to mind was the verse about God working all things together for good. Sometimes we sure don't see it that way but he always knows what's best. The story has a nice steady pace with a few tense moments along the way. And as you probably already guessed, you'll find a 'happily ever after'. So head on over to Gatlinburg and see what happens when Duncan and Caroline are Wed by Necessity.

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Some favorite moments:

"Look around, Caroline. Everything has changed. This is your home and I'm your husband. As such, your money is now mine to use as I see fit. And we're not hiring someone else to do what's your place to do." Fear left an acrid taste in her mouth. If Duncan garnered control of her money, how would she meet the blackmailer's demands?

"What if I said it's because I want to spend time with my wife?" Her eyes grew round, the initial surge of wonder eclipsed by suspicion. Concern filled him. Why would she doubt him? The wounds of her upbringing must be more serious than he'd thought. Right then and there, he prayed for wisdom in how to proceed. If they were ever going to reach a state of mutual respect and, dare he hope, affection, they had to build a foundation of trust.

My father's favorite Burns quote is 'There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.'

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