Sunday, February 22, 2015


Corina Del Rey, an American heiress, found her true prince in Prince Stephen.  With the promise of a wonderful future together, Stephen heads off to serve in the Royal Air Command in Afghanistan (along with Corina's brother).  War can change a man and when tragedy strikes, Stephen returns home an empty, guilt-ridden man who rejects Corina and pours himself into playing rugby.  Now Corina faces a future without her Prince as well as her brother.  What really happened in Afghanistan to change Prince Stephen so much?  A bargain is made between Corina and Stephen and as the truth unfolds and secrets come to light (and with a little heavenly help), Stephen and Corina must learn to put the past to rest and trust in the One who holds their future and loves them well.

I thoroughly enjoyed How to Catch a Prince.  From beginning to end, I was totally enchanted with the characters as well as the story.  Corina was so down-to-earth and non-pretentious for being an heiress.  I loved that.  She could easily have been a good friend and I liked how she handled things.  Stephen was a really great guy.  Strong yet gentle, full of heart, romantic, but I will say that I just wanted to give him a good swift kick in the pants a time or two. (I'd say that's good writing when a story makes you feel that kind of emotion).  One of my favorite aspects of the story was the mystique of the Manor as well as Adelaide and Brill.  You'll have to read the story to understand what I mean but I thought it added an interesting element that you don't really find very often.  It's a modern day fairytale with a heavenly twist.  I found the aspect of 'loving well' to be very encouraging.  One quote I highlighted was "If one wanted to love well, learn from the Master.  Corina understood that life was a journey and if she'd trust him, Jesus would carve her way through the wilderness.  Be her light in the dark."   Great reminder that we have a light in the dark!  The whole Royal Wedding Series has been a complete joy to read.  Entertaining and fun with some great thought-provoking lessons.  This installment was a little more serious than the previous two as Corina and Stephen deal with the aftermath of war, but it was also uplifting as well.  So, how do you catch a Prince?  I highly recommend you pick up the book, grab a steamy beverage, cozy up in your favorite chair and find out!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Isaac Morrison is a SWAT cop and very good at his job.  When his best friend, Hawk, contacts him to say his covers been blown he asks Isaac to protect his sister, Leah, and her son, Ben. Isaac quickly accepts the challenge.   Leah and Ben arrive home and just as Leah steps out of the car someone grabs her.  Isaac arrives in time to help and he realizes he must take them somewhere safe.  Hawk was working undercover with the ATF because illegal guns that were confiscated by the police were ending up on the street and being used for crimes.  Dirty cops are involves but Hawk nor Isaac know who who they are or who they can trust.  Because her dad was killed in the line of duty, Leah has a hard time with the danger of her brother's work and although she's attracted to Isaac, she knows she can't fall for a guy who's a cop. She promised herself she would never fall for guy who had a dangerous job like her dad.  However, Isaac is so caring and wonderful with her son she really can't help herself.  Both Isaac and Leah have experienced great loss.  Will they allow the Lord to heal those inner places and perhaps take a chance on love?   But first they must find out who the dirty cops are before it's too late.

Under the Lawman's Protection is a fast-paced read that grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the last page is turned.  You'll find yourself reading at light speed to see what happens, while biting your nails watching it all unfold.  Who can they trust!!!  I found Leah and Isaac to be life-like.  Good people with real issues; easy to relate to.  I also thought Ben was such a cute boy; a real heart stealer!    I appreciated that although Leah had a strong faith she also had questions about why God allowed the things He did.  Don't we all do that?  I also liked how her faith had an impact on Isaac.  It's a good reminder to us, that we too can have impact on someones faith, for good or bad.  There were a couple of people in the story that I felt needed closure.  They are mentioned several times and there were things going on but we never found out what happened to them.  Other than that, this is a top-notch romantic suspense and one I would definitely recommend.  This is Book 3 in the SWAT: Top Cops series but you could read it as a stand alone.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

SABOTAGED by Dani Pettrey

Kirra Jacobs grew up with Reef McKenna.  She's always kind of liked him but knew he was trouble.  Reef has now returned home a changed man and works for the SAR (with Kirra), but Kirra has trouble believing he's really changed.  When Kirra's uncle disappears from the Iditarod race, she fears he's in trouble.  Reef catches her sneaking out to search for her uncle on her own and demands to go with her.  Reef wants to protect her but he's also very attracted to her.  Kirra has a hard time trusting men and especially one with Reef's history, but she finds herself strongly attracted to him.  They're shocked to find out that Kirra's cousin has been kidnapped and that's only the beginning.  To save his daughter, Kirra's uncle must do something that would be devastating to Alaska and hurt lots of people.  They must find Kirra's cousin before her uncle reaches Nome.  The whole McKenna family will join in the search, to not only find Kirra's cousin, but the mysterious men behind what could be the worst disaster in Alaskan history.

This was a great conclusion to a great series.  My goodness, from beginning to end your attention is constantly held through the entire story.  We first met Reef in Shattered (book 2) and in Sabotaged we see how knowing the Lord has made a difference in his life.  His new found faith makes a difference in Kirra's life as well and it's fun to watch their 'romance' bloom.  This is a fast paced story that keeps you on your toes with a good balance of action, suspense and Romance.  It's fun having the whole family involved and was great to catch up with all of them.  I appreciated that there was an epilogue to finish everything out but I was sad that this was the last book in the series.  Although you could technically read this as a stand alone, I recommend reading them in order for a richer reading experience.  Each story is independent but is progressive as a series.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this Alaskan adventure and would definitely recommend it to anyone.  So grab your favorite hot drink, sit down in your cozy chair and head for Yancy.  Be sure to tell the McKenna's I said, "Hi".

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

HER COWBOY HERO by Carolyne Aarsen

Tanner Fortier is trying hard to lay the past to rest.  To do that he feels he must win the rodeo championship for his late brother using his saddle.  Only thing is, it's in bad need of repair.  He knows the one person who can repair it is at Refuge Ranch.  That's also where the one girl he's ever loved resides.  She broke his heart when she broke their engagement.  Keira Bannister has always loved Tanner but she's never shared with him the truth of why she broke their engagement.  A snowstorm keeps Tanner at Refuge Ranch longer than expected and he and Keira realize that their feelings for each other are still very strong.  When the truth is revealed will it ruin their chance for a future together or will it be an opportunity to finally put the past to rest.
First let me say that the cover is what drew me to this story, but I have to tell you that the story was really good.  It's an easy read yet filled with lots of romance and angst.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Tanner and Keira.  Tanner was such a good man and I really liked how he handled things.  Keira was a sweet gal with lots of spunk but she was also dealing with a load of hurt.   I love how the author so skillfully brought to life Isaiah 43:18,  "forget the former things; do not dwell on the past."  Her Cowboy Hero so beautifully illustrates that verse.  I enjoyed my visit to Refuge Ranch and look forward to returning there again real soon.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


PJ McKinley has a dream of opening her own restaurant with a Bed and Breakfast. That is as much her dream as proving to her family that she's capable of doing it. Cole Evans is a contractor who wants to help foster kids. Being one himself, he wants to give those turning eighteen a solid footing before being sent out on their own. When a long time resident of Chapel Springs decides to donate her family's home to a worthy cause (one that will benefit the Chapel Springs community) both PJ and Cole enter the contest. Since both are worthy causes, the house's owner decides to give each of them a chance to shine. They must live in the house together, for one year, on different floors, and see how their ideas pan out. After the year is complete, the owner will decide who gets the house. Each wants to win the house, but as the day to day routine sets in they find themselves deeply attracted to one another and even helping each other out. Before too long, they both realize there's more than the house at stake in this friendly competition, their hearts are on the line as well.

The Wishing Season is an excellent story. I've read all the Chapel Springs stories so far and have loved them all, but I think this one is my favorite. Starting with the unusual way that PJ and Cole meet, to the electric energy that sparked between PJ and Cole. PJ was someone who was strong yet unsure. She so desperately wanted to prove herself to her family. Cole was someone who grew up with a lot of grief and guilt. Yet his love and care came shining through. I love the way the author, through the voice of Mrs. McKinley, encourages us to trust God even when we don't understand why things happen they way they do. It's always a great reminder. You could read this as a stand alone and enjoy it, but I would recommend reading the the previous books first, "A Barefoot Summer", "Dancing with Fireflies", to really enjoy the background and family dynamics. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Chapel Springs and I'm sure you will too. Now I'm looking forward to "Married 'til Monday" due out June 2015.

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Monday, December 22, 2014


Emma Sutton is a morning television host whom everyone loves, that is until she mentions how much she hates Christmas.  The network fires her but states she can have her job back if she produces a heartwarming holiday story.  So Emma goes back home to Sugar Creek and is offered the job of Christmas event planner for the town to help draw visitors.   Emma knows this is the perfect way to get her story, until she meets the mayor; who is also her boss.  Noah Kincaid is not only Sugar Creek's new mayor but also Emma's ex-fiance.  He loves the town and it's people; most especially Emma Sutton.  Emma broke their engagement ten years ago and left Noah behind to pursue her dream.  Noah doesn't really want to work with Emma but wants to show her a good side of Christmas.  But as they spend time together working on the Christmas event, old feelings resurface.   Can Emma let go of past hurts and finally find contentment not only with Christmas but also with the one man left behind.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Sugar Creek Christmas with it's small town charm and quirky characters.   The snappy dialog will keep you turning pages and sometimes even laughing out loud, although is does have some very touching moments too.  Noah and Emma, as well as  the other town's folks will quickly worm their way into your heart.  They come across as real and genuine.  There was a honesty about this story that I really appreciated.  This is a novella but I felt fully satisfied when I came to the end of the book.  It sounds like there will be other stories set in Sugar Creek which I'm really looking forward to.   This book has a charming cover that beckons you to pay a visit to this quaint little town.  I recommend you go and get acquainted with the folks in Sugar Creek.  You'll be glad you did.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

ALL IS CALM by Colleen Coble

Lauren Everman seeks refuge at the Bluebird Ranch after she witnesses a murder but also to save a horse.  As a foster child who once experienced Bluebird Ranch first hand, she knows what a sweet haven it is.  Lauren offers to help Rick and Allie with the horses and also with kids who want to learn to ride.  Carly, a little five year who's shy and quiet, tugs at Lauren's heart.  Brendan Waddell finds himself at Bluebird Ranch over holidays to rest and recover from a gunshot wound.  When Brendan and Lauren meet the attraction is strong.  As they work together to find the truth as well as give Carly a very special Christmas, the attraction turns to something a little deeper.  The killer, however, just might not allow Lauren to celebrate Christmas.

All Is Calm is a Christmas story Colleen Coble style with mystery, suspense and of course, romance!  You are immediately drawn into the story and don't want to put it down until the very end.  I loved getting to know Lauren, Brendan and little Carly, all of whom were fully fleshed out.  You'll find lots of great chemistry between Brendan and Lauren which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The Lonestar Series is one of my favorites so when I saw All Is Calm, I new it was a must read.  It was such fun to return to the ranch and catch up with Rick and Allie again.  A message of faith and trust in God is woven throughout the story, which I appreciated.  Though this is a novella, to me it didn't feel that way.  Other than wanting the story to continue, I felt completely satisfied.  So, if you're looking for a quick Christmas read with mystery, suspense and romance, I recommend you head on over to the Bluebird Ranch, where All Is Calm...or is it??

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Callie Gentry was devastated when her father left her mother for another woman. She runs the ranch with her mom and though she would like to be married, she knows she could never trust a man because of what her father did. Dustin Lockwood has always loved Callie, so when a friend asked him to take over his job on the Gentry's ranch over Christmas, he jumped at the chance. When Callie gets stuck in the snow and Dustin comes to her rescue, she finds herself struggling with the strong feelings she's always had for him. Men always leave and she won't be a victim like her mother. Can Dustin convince her that not all men are like her father?

A Cowboy for Christmas was a cute and romantic Christmas story and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I liked getting to know Dustin and Callie and their history together. You could definitely understand whey Callie felt the way she did. It was sweet watching how Dustin interacted with her. This story had a faith-thread running through it and was so uplifting. Though it was a novella, I felt completely satisfied when I got to the end of the story; and I will say I loved the ending. So does Callie get 'A Cowboy for Christmas'? Guess you'll have to read it and find out!

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

SNOWFLAKE KISSES by Marianne Evans

Jackson Merritt travels to London on business for Colby Intellilink but he's also anxious to see his friend, Peter Colby. Before his first day is done, he finds himself rescuing a beautiful woman, who just happens to be Vanessa Colby. Vanessa is a personal shopper for Harrods and loves her job. She's content with her life right now, that is, until the handsome Jackson Merritt comes to her rescue. They both experience a mutual attraction and things are going pretty well, that is, until a woman from Jackson's past shows up unexpectedly in London.

I read and loved "Finding Home" so when "Snowflake Kisses" appeared, I knew it was a must-read! You'll be immediately drawn into the story and before you know it you're experiencing the sites and sounds of London. Finding Home is where we first get acquainted with Vanessa Colby. Snowflake Kisses is her story and I must say I loved catching up with her. It was also great fun seeing Peter and Lexie again as well. Jackson was a great guy. Strong and reserved yet tenderhearted. Vanessa was someone who would make a wonderful friend. Strong and loyal yet willing to speak the truth. Seeing how her new-found faith affected those around her was inspiring! I loved the chemistry between Jackson and Vanessa; it was tantalizing. One thing I appreciated about Vanessa was her discernment and the way she listened to the Lord's prompting. It was encouraging to me. So, would you like to spend Christmas in London? Snowflake Kisses is the perfect way to do that without ever having to leave your comfy chair.

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