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Zoe Collins vowed never to return to Copper Creek again or have anything to do with the man who broke her heart.  All that changes when she unexpectedly inherits her Granny’s peach farm.  She loved Granny but there is no way she can keep the orchard.  She returns home with her daughter and boyfriend Kyle to sell the orchard and be on their way.  Everyone is shocked because they believe running is orchard is something she’s meant to do.  Being back there again begins to stir up long buried memories, both painful and good.  Cruz Huntley has never stopped loving Zoe even with all that happened between them.  But she was the little sister of his best friend Brady, so it was not a good situation.  Now they’re all grown up but so much stands between them.  The more they find themselves together working on the orchard the more old feelings begin to rise to the surface.  When Zoe makes a decision that Kyle isn’t happy with his true colors are revealed and Cruz is there to help.  Will Zoe and Cruz get a second chance at love or will it be ruined when Zoe reveals a truth she’s kept hidden?

Another outstanding story by Denise Hunter.  I appreciate the way this author always pens true-to-life characters complete with flaws.  After-all, we’ve all got them.  Blue Ride Sunrise is an honest look at returning home and trying to fix wrongs.  The book deals with pre-marital sex, secret pregnancy and abuse.  But as always, it is handled with truth and grace.  It shows the feelings and ramifications of decisions made.  You’ll find yourself caught up in the drama all the while getting to know the town and people; some of whom you’ve met before in the first book, Sweet Briar Cottage.  To me, the faith element was well done.  Good Christian people fail, make bad decisions and fall into sin but hope is always on the horizon.  You learn the history between Zoe and Cruz throughout the story as flashbacks which were well done and easy to follow.  So the story, though full of drama, is an encouraging one and one I would recommend.  You could read this as a stand alone but there is some history you would miss reading them out of order.  I am now looking forward to Honeysuckle Dreams.

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Some favorite moments:

Cruz had been coming around for a couple years, hanging out with her brother.  He was so handsome, with his beautiful skin and guarded brown eyes.  Just looking at him put butterflies in her stomach.

“I can’t believe how far I’ve fallen.  I’ve completely lost my way, Hope.”  “Well, lucky for you, God specializes in recovery of the lost.”

“I need you,” she whispered… “I need you too, me leona.”  Her gaze raked over his face.  “What does that mean?”  Heat suffused his neck at the admission.  “My lioness.” Her mouth turned up just before he brushed her lips in a slow, sweet kiss.

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Dana Newell is a 911 dispatcher looking for a change in her life and a way to escape her abusive, sometimes scary, boyfriend.  She decides to move back to Rock Harbor knowing she’ll get support from good friends.  It feels good to her to be in familiar surroundings again even with the sad memories related to Rock Harbor.  It doesn’t take long though for things to take a dangerous turn.  She’s afraid her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, then she answers a call at work and is horrified when she hears her friend’s screams on the other end of the phone.  Boone Carter loved being a smoke jumper until an accident left his face permanently scarred and his fiancĂ© walked out.  Now he’s an outfitter and loves it.  When Boone and Dana meet there’s an immediate connection.  But Boone knows that both love and women are fickle.  Dana knows that love can be scary.  As they strike up a friendship, Dana tries to help Boone figure out who killed his sister since the police don’t seem to have a clue.  When tragedy strikes again, Boone and Dana begin gathering clues.  But what they discover is so much more than anyone could have ever imagined.

Wow!  Another edge-of-your-seat-thrill-ride-of-a-story by Colleen Coble.   I loved returning once again to Rock Harbor and mingling with the familiar folks I’ve come to know and love in the previous stories.  Bree, Samson, Kade, Lauri and others are all part of this story which made it really special.   Get ready though to set aside some time because once you start you will be hard pressed to put it down.  There were several twists and turns along the way and things I didn’t expect or anticipate.  One thing I really appreciated was the idea that we should not worry so much about what we look like on the outside but more about what’s on the inside.  I think that’s so important and that’s really what God does.  He doesn’t look on the outward but on the heart.  This is a must-read for Rock Harbor fans, that said, you could read this with no problem if you haven’t read any other books in this series.  So, grab your hot chocolate, get comfortable in your favorite easy chair and head for Rock Harbor and find out what happened Beneath Copper Falls.

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Some favorite moments:

“The scars don’t define you.  Who you really are inside is what matters.

She’d spent too much of her life worrying about the face she presented to the world and much too little on the character she needed to be developing every day.

We are just to be faithful with our lives and our words.  If the Holy Spirit prompts you, then be faithful to what he has told you.”

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Ellie Jameson is a widow who cooks for The Plum Cafe.  Alexander Copeland is her reclusive boss but he is quickly becoming a friend as well.  When Ellie’s in-laws threaten her, Alexander   proposes that they pretend to be engaged, in the hopes that would deter any further threat.  After losing his wife and child Alex has vowed not to involve himself in other peoples affairs.  However, he wants to protect Ellie, who is always positive, encouraging and optimistic. He just didn’t plan on his heart getting involved.   Although Ellie hates deceiving her friends, she decides to go along with the charade feeling like it will help.  She doesn’t expect to fall for her very closed-off yet protective boss. Will the charade lead to a lasting happiness or will Ellie’s in-laws get their way?

This was a great edition to the Smokey Mountain Matches series.  I enjoyed getting to know Ellie and Alexander.  I like how the author brought these two people together from very different backgrounds yet they each helped the other in very specific ways.  Alexander was an interesting character who really made a big change throughout the story.  You meet up with some folks you’ll be familiar with if you’ve read other books in this series.  Always an adventure when you head back to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and The Engagement Charade is no different. You can read this as a stand alone but there are threads of people and history that make reading them in order more organized.  I thoroughly enjoy Karen Kirst books and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

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A couple favorite quotes:

She gazed at the star-studded heavens.  You hung those stars, God.  You placed the planets in the sky.  My problems seem mighty to me, but to You they’re easily managed.  Lead me, Father.  Give me wisdom.

Sometimes trials find us, and we can’t see any logical reasons why God allows them.  We simply have to trust in His divine plan and lean of Him strength.

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A MATTER OF TRUST by Susan May Warren

Gage Watson is known for his award winning skills at backcountry snowboarding.  But when a snowboarder died and Gage was blamed, he was sued and lost all his sponsorships.  Wanting to remain in the mountains, he now works ski patrol and also joined the PEAK Rescue team, in an attempt to rebuild his life.  Ella Blair had a major crush on the famous Gage Watson.  She finally got to meet him and it was instant attraction.  The future seemed very promising until, as a junior attorney, she’s finds herself on the team that was suing Gage Watson.  Three years later, Ella returns to Glacier National Park to find her brother who is going to attempt a very dangerous peak once done by Gage.  Ella begs Gage for his help in finding her brother but how can he help the woman who cost him his career?  And not only does she want his help but she insists on going with him.  He finally agrees to let her go and they soon fall into a comfortable rhythm as old feelings begin to stir.  But both will have to face not only the extreme elements but a truth that Ella has yet to share.

Wow!  This story was intense and pretty much kept my heart racing from beginning to end.  I felt like I was right there on the mountain with them, taking in the scenery as well as feeling the apprehension of their tasks.  I really liked Gage and the down-to-earth kind of guy he was.  Ella was someone that I could be friends with; no pretense, just real.   I enjoyed watching the two of them together.  The romantic tension was beautifully done and keeps you rooting for them all the way through.  The secondary stories going on, and there are several, really added a lot to the story.  That said, I would recommend reading this series in the order it was written, for a much richer reading experience.  I have enjoyed all the books in the Montana Rescue but I have to say this was my favorite so far.  I just felt like everything flowed together really well.  There is a conclusion to this story but the secondary stories are left for the next book which I cannot wait to read!  A Matter of Trust is a high octane, tightly written adventure you won’t want to miss!

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A few moments from the story:

I thought by doing the right thing, it would protect me, and him.  But life doesn’t work that way.  Doing what’s right comes at a cost.  I just wasn’t ready for it.”

“Chet says the same thing.  That we shouldn’t base God’s desire to help us on our opinions of ourselves.  Otherwise we’d always be in over our heads.  We need to start believing that he wants to help us.  Even when we make mistakes.”

Their eleven-person team consisted of three EMTs - Gage, Pete, and Jess - their chopper pilot Kacey Fairing, their administrative assistant Sierra Rose, team incident commander Miles Dafoe, country crooner Ben King, and his father, Chet, who started the team way back with it’s founder, Ian Shaw, and their sheriff department liaison, Sam Brooks.

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Josephine has been deeply hurt by men and has learned she can’t trust them.  That is, until she meets Noah Mitchell.  Noah and Josephine are drawn to each other right from the start.  Time shows her that Noah is different from other man she’s known and when he asks, she agrees to marry him.  Then something happens that devastates Noah and he files for a divorce, gives up the job with his family construction business and moves to a remote horse ranch.  Giving him some much needed distance from his one true love.  One day Noah receives a letter from the IRS stating that he and Josephine are still married.  He confronts Josephine with the letter.  Josephine blames herself for their failed marriage and failed divorce.  Wanting to somehow make up for it, she decides to deliver the paperwork to his ranch.  When a bad spring snowstorm hits, she becomes stranded at Noah’s ranch.  Noah struggles with hurt and resentment toward his wife and yet at the same time he still finds himself drawn to her.  They call somewhat of a truce because they’re stuck together.  When a horse is spooked and runs away they venture out in the storm to find him.  Both will be tested beyond their strength and relying on each other in a way they never have before.  Josephine finally reveals to Noah about her past; that she’s never experienced unconditional love.  Can Noah find it in his heart to completely forgive Josephine and love her like she’s never been loved before?  Can Josephine finally trust Noah with her whole heart?

Heart-wrenching, thought-provoking and emotionally-charged are just a few things that come to mind with this story.  Although this is a very well-written story it is also a difficult story to read just because of the nature of the situation.  I thought the author did a wonderful job of painting a realistic picture of the feelings and emotions of both Noah and Josephine.  You learn the background of their story through flashbacks that are intermingled with the present day.  Noah and Josephine are both lovable characters that have faults just like the rest of us.  To me, that gave them flesh and bone realism.  It’s a story that keeps you engaged and cheering on our lead couple. This is a standalone story and I would highly recommend reading the authors note at the end.  It was fun and interesting.  I also appreciated that there was an epilogue.

*This completely copy was provided by Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A few favorite moments:

“Well, sure.  You just send a copy of that final decree, then, and that’ll be the end of it.”  The end of it.  The divorce had been uncontested, as simple as the act could be, he supposed.  But there was nothing simple when it came to separating one flesh.

But whatever God’s reasons are for the things He allows, His love for me, or for Granny or anyone else, isn’t something I question.  He settled that one on the cross.”

She was going to believe it.  Maybe it didn’t all make sense to her - how God could love someone like her.  Or why He allowed some of the things that happened.  Maybe she didn’t have to understand everything.  She closed her eyes.  I'm just going to go ahead and believe, if that’s all right by You, God.

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YOU'LL THINK OF ME by Robin Lee Hatcher

Brooklyn Meyers is well acquainted with rejection and abandonment.  Her mother, her father and even her husband, Chad, whom she grew up with and married,  have all abandoned her.  But somehow she’s managed to carve out a life with her daughter, Alycia.  Then she receives word that Chad died and left her his family home in their hometown.  She doesn’t really want to go back there but her good friend encourages her that this may be the Lord’s way of providing for their future.  When she arrives, Brooklyn soon learns that Derek, Chad’s best friend, is a Sheriff as well as her neighbor.  Derek Johnson loves organic farming and and was counting on Chad’s property to expand his business.  That’s the agreement he and Chad made.  Then Derek receives a letter from Chad's lawyer informing him that he gave the house to Brooklyn and asks him to be a father to Alycia.  Derek understands about giving the house to Brooklyn but just how is suppose to be a father to Alycia?  He never liked Brooklyn and blamed her for coming between him and Chad.   But as Brooklyn and Derek help each other out and get to know each other better they both begin to see each other in a different light.  One that just might change their future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  The book has a beautiful cover and contains a beautiful, relationship driven story.  There were a few places where I thought it slowed a bit but it also felt like a natural timeline of events.  I enjoyed watching the relationship build between Derek and Brooklyn.  Derek was definitely my kind of hero.  Brooklyn was so realistic and your heart goes out to her for all she’s been through.  But the Lord put people in her path that helped her along the way, which made her faith grow.  It’s encouraging to realize that’s what He does in our lives too.  There’s a little bit of everything in this story.  You’ll find humor, heartache and even a little suspense, which made if feel very well rounded.  I encourage you to read the author’s note at the end.  It gives you a little insight about the author and why she wrote the story.  If you enjoy a heartwarming story then I recommend You’ll Think of Me.

*This complimentary copy was provided from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite moments:

“You’re right, Sandra.  Love isn’t enough.  Not if what you mean by love is that butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation.  It takes ever so much more than that.”

Let go.  Trust.  Her breathing slowed.  “I’ll try, God.  I want You to be in control, but it’s hard not to hold on tight to those things that matter.

“Considered the possibilities first.  Then look for solutions.  If God can gave you a house, He can surely take care of all the other details.” 

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AN UNCOMMON PROTECTOR by Shelley Shepard Gray

Laurel Tracey is concerned. Trying to run a two hundred acre ranch by herself is more than she can handle. Her step siblings are no help at all and treat her really bad. And now she's having problems with squatters. Laurel's neighbor (whom she's known along time) would be more than happy to marry her and add her land to his, but she's not comfortable with that idea. The Sheriff, wanting to help Laurel, sends some of the prisoners out to work on her fence. She's finds herself intrigued with Thomas Baker. A prisoner that's a bit scary yet also a gentleman. She overhears that he could be free the next day if there's a buyer when they auctioned him off. Feeling like she's willing to take a chance, she gathers the last of her money and buys Thomas Baker's freedom. In exchange, he agrees to work for Laurel for one year. Thomas is totally taken with this woman who is so strong yet so tender-hearted. He knows there could never be anything between them, but he's vowed to protect her with his life, if necessary. The attraction between Laurel and Thomas is strong but Thomas knows it's in both their best interest if he keeps his distance. That becomes next to impossible when their lives are on the line. When things begin happening that Thomas feels he just can't safely handle on his own, he calls on his former soldier friends for help. And they always abide by the promise they made years ago.

Another great story! Loved getting to know Thomas and Laurel. They were really good characters. The story's opening was a little slow for me but it did lay the ground work for what was to come. Throughout the story you get glimpses (with flashbacks) of the relationship Thomas had with his fellow POWs and the reason they are always there for each other. I loved their comradery and how they interacted together. I also appreciated how Thomas was with Laurel. Kind, sweet and gentle. The idea of maintaining your faith in the Lord even in difficult circumstances shined through and was encouraging to the reader. Overall this was a good story and a good addition to the series. You could read it as a stand alone but there is the thread of friendship running through each story which is why I would recommend reading them in order. Now, I look forward to Love Held Captive!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Zondervan through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite moments:

Men didn't go around saying such things to gently bred women. They most certainly did not speak of the female form and attributes in mixed company....Of course, if he was being completely truthful, he didn't deserve all the blame. The problem was partly Miss Laurel's doing. The Lord had been generous with his gifts to her. Actually, she had a whole plethora of attributes that most of the male population would find difficult to ignore.

Most of the time he'd been given only the leftovers, what no one else wanted. His only exception had been his relationships with the other men in Captain Monroe's unit. Those were the best men he'd ever met, and he'd felt as if the Lord had given him those men's regard as a gift for all that he'd endured in his lifetime.

Johnson's Island had one thing Thomas was fond of, and that was lightning bugs. He spent a great many hours watching their flickering lights dance across the camp and light up over the calm waters as though they were stars falling from the sky. Their dancing and darting had become a source of hope for him. Thomas liked to think their appearance in his life was a sign from God, a reminder that good could be found anywhere and at any time. One just needed to have his eyes open and be watchful.

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Miles Callahan finds out his friend, Jason, has been murdered. He heads over to the house of the man he thinks is responsible only to find the man's ex-wife and daughter under fire from a gunman. Miles manages to get Paige Olson and her daughter, Abby, someplace safe. But Abby witnessed something while video chatting with her dad and now she's stopped talking. Meanwhile they can't find Paige's ex-husband to question him about Jason's murder. Miles retrieves something Jason mailed to him the day before he died. He's hoping it will shed some light about what's going on but Miles doesn't understand it because to him it's all scientific mumbo jumbo. What could Jason be trying to tell him?. And somehow, now matter what they do, the gunmen always seem to find out where they are. Miles is in full-on protective mode and beginning to see Paige (and her daughter) as something more precious than just people he's protecting. Not knowing who to trust, Miles calls on his brothers for help. Will they figure out what the papers mean, what happened to Jason and Paige's ex-husband, and who is behind the whole mess before it's too late?

This is the second book in the Callahan Confidential series and it was just as good as the first. I have fallen in love with the Callahan family. The author's note in the back of the book says "The Callahan family has a legacy of choosing careers that support and protect their community, but these jobs also put them in constant danger." That's a great description but what I thoroughly enjoy is their interaction with each other; their camaraderie. They are close knit and help each other out. Paige and her daughter, Abby, really make this story special. At their lowest point, with everything going on, they still encourage Miles in his faith. At the same time, Miles shows Paige what a man of integrity looks like. This is one of those stories that is hard to put down because there is always danger lurking around every corner. There were several gasping moments and twists I didn't expect, which I love. There was one aspect that I didn't feel was resolved but it wasn't anything major. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone but the thread of the Callahan family runs through each book so they are best read in order to see the correct timing of family activities. If you enjoy romantic suspense then you will thoroughly enjoy The Only Witness! Can't wait for the next one!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A few favorite moments:

"Hey, Maddy, do you think I can have a few minutes alone with Paige?" "Sure, but keep in mind that Miles saw her first." Maddy winked at Paige before relinquishing her chair to her brother.

"It's very nice of your mother to offer." "Oh, don't thank us, yet. I think she's hoping to grill you about your relationship with Miles, " Michael said with a quick grin. She hoped her blush wasn't too noticeable. "There's nothing to tell. He saved our lives and almost died for his effort. I'm surprised she's not upset with me." Michael rose to his feet and began clearing away the debris from their table. "She was the wife of a copy for a long time..."

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Caroline Turner's family is a prominent one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. But lately there has been some trouble brewing concerning her father's reputation. In order to protect him she's been paying hush money to a blackmailer with her inheritance money. If that isn't bad enough, her father goes and hires a new stable manager. Caroline's life is full of complications and it's about to get worse. Duncan McKenna has been kind of drifting around and decides to hire on as the Turner's stable manager. Sparks fly when they first meet but nothing will prepare them for what's ahead. When Caroline loses her temper she takes off on her horse full speed. Duncan followers her to make sure she and the horse are okay. But it isn't long before Caroline and the horse are injured. Duncan cares for both of them but now they've been together all night alone. When they return they are forced into a marriage neither of them wants. Caroline hates that Duncan is demanding she give up all her luxeries for a modest lifestyle. Duncan is upset that he got stuck with a society girl. However, as life settles in they begin to see the good in each other. But they each have things they're keeping from the other. Will those things destroy their tenuous relationship or will they find that the unwanted marriage was the best that every happened to them.

I always enjoy Karen Kirst's stories and Wed by Necessity is no exception. I love marriage of convenience stories so this was a 'must read'. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Gatlinburg and getting to know Caroline and Duncan. Both had issues they had to deal with and I think the author did a good job in presenting that in a realistic way. I loved how Duncan was really mindful of the Lord's direction. You can see how that made a difference in his life as well as Caroline's. Your heart breaks for Caroline as you learn about her upbringing and how that affected her. When I finished reading, the first thing that came to mind was the verse about God working all things together for good. Sometimes we sure don't see it that way but he always knows what's best. The story has a nice steady pace with a few tense moments along the way. And as you probably already guessed, you'll find a 'happily ever after'. So head on over to Gatlinburg and see what happens when Duncan and Caroline are Wed by Necessity.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite moments:

"Look around, Caroline. Everything has changed. This is your home and I'm your husband. As such, your money is now mine to use as I see fit. And we're not hiring someone else to do what's your place to do." Fear left an acrid taste in her mouth. If Duncan garnered control of her money, how would she meet the blackmailer's demands?

"What if I said it's because I want to spend time with my wife?" Her eyes grew round, the initial surge of wonder eclipsed by suspicion. Concern filled him. Why would she doubt him? The wounds of her upbringing must be more serious than he'd thought. Right then and there, he prayed for wisdom in how to proceed. If they were ever going to reach a state of mutual respect and, dare he hope, affection, they had to build a foundation of trust.

My father's favorite Burns quote is 'There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.'

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