Monday, January 25, 2016

THIN ICE by Irene Hannon

Christy Reed had experienced extreme heartache, first at the loss of her sister and then the loss of her parents. When she finally starts to gain some ground in feeling somewhat normal, she receives an envelope addressed to her in her sister's writing. A note inside lead her to believe her sister was still alive and if Christy wanted to see her again she was to await instructions and not contact police. Knowing she couldn't handle this on her own she reluctantly contacts the FBI. Lance McGregor was once part of Delta Force but he is now a special agent for the FBI. His first real case comes when he receives a call from Christy asking for his help in discovering the truth about her sister. He agrees to help her but instead of finding answers he's plagued with more questions; ones he's determined to answer, especially since Christy was quickly becoming more than just a job. As Lance continues to investigate, he soon realizes that something a lot bigger than he ever imagined is going on, something that will draw on all of his Delta Force experience to handle.

This was another great romantic suspense from Irene Hannon. From beginning to end, you'll find yourself totally immersed in the story and trying to fit together the clues along with the lead couple. In Buried Secrets (book one in the Men of Valor series) we were introduced to the McGregor brothers (Mac, Lance and Finn) but the focus was on Mac McGregor. Thin Ice focuses on Lance McGregor although the other brothers are very involved as well, which I loved. Lance was such a great guy but had trouble getting past something that happened while he was in Delta Force. Christy made a great leading lady. She was gracious and kind, and despite the terrible heartache she was dealing with, her simple faith in God shined through, which helped Lance out. Actually, I loved the way they helped each other and even though they thought it prudent to wait until the case was closed to explore their feelings, there was lots of romantic tension between them, which is always a plus in my book. The secondary characters were very well drawn and really added a lot to the story. Finn had a pretty big roll and it will leave you anxious to read his story! I know I can't wait. If you enjoy a great romantic suspense with real life characters, a creepy villain and some great romantic tension then this is one you won't want to miss. It's one time where I would highly recommend skating on 'Thin Ice'.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BURIED SECRETS by Irene Hannon

Stress had taken a toll on Lisa Grant’s life so she gave up her detective job in Chicago to work as a police chief in the small town of Carson.  The easier pace was doing wonders for her, that is, until a construction crew dug up a human skeleton.  Mac McGregor left the SEALs for a quieter kind of job.  Now working as a county detective, they send him to Carson to assist Lisa Grant in solving who they found in the unmarked grave.  Though their initial meeting doesn't go so well, it's not long before they gain a deep respect for one another along with a deep attraction as well.  As they work together to gather information and evidence about what happened all those years ago, it becomes apparent that someone doesn't want the truth to be revealed and is willing to go to any lengths to keep the secrets buried.

This was a great start to Irene Hannon's Men of Valor series.  It really was the perfect blend of suspense and romance.  One thing I really liked was that even though Lisa was a police chief, she wasn't an 'in-your-face', hard, type woman.   She was a nice combination of strong yet soft. Mac was a great guy, the kind of hero I like reading about.  He was strong yet tender and comfortable in his own skin.  I loved the way he was with Lisa.  One thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the McGregor brothers.  The interaction and banter between them was so much fun.  I am looking forward to getting to know those brothers better.  I appreciated that both Mac and Lisa had a personal faith that got them through the difficult things they faced.  It was a great reminder that God is in control, of everything whether good or bad.  If you enjoy romantic suspense then this is one I would highly recommend.  If you don't believe me, head on over to Carson and see just what Buried Secrets will be revealed.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Jackson Ridge is someplace actress Jamie Riedel left behind, along with the difficult memories. Fourteen years ago, while camping with her father, they’re attacked by someone wearing a ski mask. She was wounded but her father was killed. Not long after that her mother sent her away to live with her grandma, but never understood why her mother did that. When her mother passes away, she returns to Jackson Ridge to settle her estate. It's not long before Jamie finds out, by way of a note on her door, that someone doesn't want her there, but why? Deputy Chief Gage Hansen has always had feelings for Jamie but a cheating wife and ugly divorce has made him apprehensive about opening his heart again, especially to Jamie after reading the stories about her life. But as they work together to find the truth about the past as well as the threats she's now receiving, he finds she’s very much the same girl he remembers. They also discover that their feelings for each other are still very strong. Can two people on very different paths form a future together? The road ahead will have a few unexpected curves and just might result in a 'dead' end if they’re not careful.

I have read most, if not all, of Anne Patrick's books and I can honestly say that none have ever disappointed me. Murder at Black Lake was no exception. Although this was not really an 'edge of your seat' type story, it was full of mystery and intrigue and I will say that there were a couple of places where I held my breath. All the characters were very well drawn. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jamie and Gage. Jamie was strong yet vulnerable. She had achieved success by the world’s standards but she never felt truly fulfilled. Gage was the perfect combination of strong and tender. I liked the fact that even though he had been badly hurt he didn't become hardened by it. I loved the interaction between them. It was fun and romantic and I appreciated that there wasn't a lot of angst. It made it a pleasure to read. I also appreciated that each had a personal faith that was evident in how they lived. That always encourages me. Gage's sister Mallory was someone I enjoyed getting to know. I would love to see a story with her as the lead and find out what happens with her and Cade. As I closed the book, I was reminded that the conclusions we draw about certain situations are not always correct, so we need to be careful to gather the complete truth before making a judgment. Wow, that was food for thought. If you enjoy a good romantic mystery with a side of suspense, then I would definitely recommend a trip to Jackson Ridge. Do be careful, I hear there's been a little trouble there lately.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Julia Allen makes her living as a waitress but her real passion is painting; something she does in her off time.  She also loves portraying Jane Austen at a Christmas open house at one of the historical homes in town.  One evening, she fell asleep in the mansion after all the guests had left.  When she awakens it's late and she rushes home in the dark, still dressed as Jane Austen, and collides with a stranger which causes her to drop the rare and extremely valuable copy of Northanger Abbey that she borrowed from a friend.  Knowing she must replace the book before her friend returns from vacation, she seeks help from Eliot Weston.  Eliot Weston thinks he may have dreamed up his encounter with the lady dressed in Regency-era clothes, except he finds the book she dropped.  Knowing the value of it he wants to find its rightful owner.  Julia is nothing like the girl in his late-night encounter but she is seeking to find a copy of that exact book.  Not to mention there is something about her that draws him in.  What happens when Julia finds out that Eliot has the book she's looking for?  Will Eliot ever figure out who the lady of his late night encounter was?

I thoroughly enjoyed this cute story and thought it had the makings of a good Hallmark movie.  The characters were very well drawn and I felt like I really got to know them.  This is a 'feel good' story so you won't find any major conflicts, which makes for a nice soothing read.  I've read two books by this author and both have been very good.  If you're looking for a quick, romantic, intriguing read then look no further.  Christmas with Miss Austen is a fun story that can really be enjoyed any time of year.  I look forward to seeking out other books by Laura Briggs.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015


Holly Morgan loved Josh Bowen more than life itself but ended things with him so he could be free to pursue a successful future.  Now he's back in Martinsburg, Texas, to be best man at his friend’s wedding.  The wedding is to take place at the church where Holly is the wedding coordinator. Working together to create a beautiful wedding for their friends has caused long denied feelings to stir.  Josh is afraid to open his heart to Holly again after being hurt. Holly’s never shared with him the reason she broke it off.  Now she’s trying to decide whether to tell Josh why or let things be.  Over the years their thoughts have been only for each other.  Will Holly tell Josh the truth about why she broke up with him and will Josh risk his heart once again to see if they can forge a future together?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and once you read it, you will see the title works perfectly.  I must say that though this is a novella it really didn't read like one.  I felt fully satisfied from beginning to end.  I loved getting to know Josh and Holly.  You could feel the pull between them, which I always enjoy.  I loved how they interacted with each other.  I actually enjoyed all the characters and felt they were well fleshed out for such a short story.  This author has an easy writing style that pulls you into the story and holds your attention all the way through.  As I was reading, I was thinking about the verse that says God works all things together for good.  It was a good reminder to this reader.  If you're looking for a quick romantic fix with two lovable characters, then I would definitely recommend Love in the Details.

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Friday, December 4, 2015


All Is Calm - All is Bright are two wonderful Christmas romantic suspense stories that are in connection with the Lonestar Series and Hope Beach Series though you can easily enjoy them as stand alone reads.

All Is Calm
Lauren Everman seeks refuge at the Bluebird Ranch after she witnesses a murder but also to save a horse. As a foster child who once experienced Bluebird Ranch first hand, she knows what a sweet haven it is. Lauren offers to help Rick and Allie with the horses and also with kids who want to learn to ride. Carly, a little five year who's shy and quiet, tugs at Lauren's heart. Brendan Waddell finds himself at Bluebird Ranch over holidays to rest and recover from a gunshot wound. When Brendan and Lauren meet the attraction is strong. As they work together to find the truth as well as give Carly a very special Christmas, the attraction turns to something a little deeper. The killer, however, just might not allow Lauren to celebrate Christmas.

All Is Calm is a Christmas story Colleen Coble style with mystery, suspense and of course romance! You are immediately drawn into the story and don't want to put it down until the very end. I loved getting to know Lauren, Brendan and little Carly, all of whom were fully fleshed out. You'll find lots of great chemistry between Brendan and Lauren which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was such fun to return to the ranch and catch up with Rick and Allie again. A message of faith and trust in God is woven throughout the story, which I appreciated. Though this is a novella, to me it didn't feel that way. Other than wanting the story to continue, I felt completely satisfied. So, if you're looking for a quick Christmas read with mystery, suspense and romance, I recommend you head on over to the Bluebird Ranch, where All Is Calm...or is it??

All Is Bright
Delilah Carter is manager of Tidewater Inn and loves it.  She is planning a Christmas wedding for her friends and goes out to gather some supplies.  On the way back to the Inn she's run off the road and her car plunges into the ocean.  She escapes with her life but then begins receiving strange phone calls.  Sheriff Tom Bourne has always liked Delilah and feels a strong need to protect her.  He also wants to grant her a special Christmas surprise.  But first he must figure out who's behind the attack and threats.

All Is Bright is a great Christmas romantic suspense.  Once you pick it up, you'll have a hard time putting it down.  You'll feel very at home visiting Tidewater Inn.  Romance and danger both scent the salt water air.  As always, with Colleen's books,  you'll find wonderful chemistry between Tom and Delilah.  You'll also get caught up with the other Hope Beach folks.  There is always an underlying faith message in this authors stories but it's not overpowering or preachy.  Though this is a novella, you'll feel completely satisfied.  So, you like romantic suspense and want something quick to read! I recommend a visit to Tidewater Inn, where All Is Bright...or is it??

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Saturday, November 21, 2015


FBI agent Sara Vaughn is sure that drug company owners will be selling drugs that are deadly. Her boss has forbidden her to investigate the case any further. However, Sara doesn't take no for an answer. She takes leave from work and heads for the Cascade Mountains where she signs up for the same hike as the suspects to try to gather evidence on her own. While she's following them she see them murder one of their partners and then she becomes a target. Will Rankin is hiking when he comes across an unconscious Sara and tries to help. She's sure he's been hired to finish her off. He seems like such a nice guy though and he has two cute daughters. Slowly she begins to see that he truly is trying to help her but now she's put him and his girls at risk too. Can they gather the evidence they need to take down the owners of the drug company or will it be too late?

I enjoyed this story. It was suspenseful and full of intrigue. Although you know whose responsible there were still some surprises along the way, which I liked. I thought the characters were well developed and realistic. Sara did drive me crazy with her obsession with the case, although you could understood why she was that way. Will was a great guy and had so many great qualities. His loving and understanding ways was why he had so many friends looking out for him. I just didn't understand what attracted him to Sara. I really appreciated the way Will had a positive impact on Sara. It caused me to think about whether I'm having a positive impact on people. Will had a strong faith and it showed in his life. Overall it was a great story and I would recommend it to those who maybe appreciate more intrigue than romantic tension.

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Monday, October 26, 2015


Rikki Allen hasn't had much to do with her family because she didn't like the family business. Her father is well known as a big crime boss. When she returns home to visit her ailing mother and catch up with her best friend, she walks in to find her best friend dead. Blain Kent was out walking after Thanksgiving dinner and thinking about the strained relationship with his father when he hears a gun shot and a woman's scream. While investigating what happened, he realizes the victim looks a lot like the woman he's helping. Blain suggests he take her some place safe and when she gives him the address, he realizes that she's the daughter of Franco Alvanetti, the well-known crime boss. Blain has wanted to take down the Alvanetti family for a long time but now it’s become complicated. He not only has to protect Rikki but he finds himself developing feelings for her and she for him. Before they explore anything further they need to figure out why someone wants Rikki dead.

This was one of those stories that once you pick it up it's hard to put down. It starts off with a bang, literally, and from there you'll find yourself trying to solve the crime right along with Blain and Rikki. The characters were well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them. Blain was a very upright guy who lived by high code of ethics. Though he's a little head strong, he's someone I would definitely want on my side. I really liked Rikki. She was a down-to-earth kind of gal who desired to live a simple life. She's someone who liked investing in people and tried to believe the best about them. You'll find the faith element in the story to be very natural to the characters which I appreciated. The twist at the end caught me by surprise which always enhances the story for me. Although this is a holiday themed story it's one you could really be read any time during the year. If you enjoy a good fast-paced mystery complete with likable characters, romance, and an unexpected twist, then I would definitely recommend Her Holiday Protector.

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A favorite quote:
"Rikki could feel the heat from his body. If she moved a few inches closer, she could reach out and kiss Blain. He must have felt the same way. She saw a flare of awareness in his eyes and then - And then the echo of a gun blast shattered the countryside and scared the horses into a frenzied dance. Blain did pull her close."

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Ruby Donovan has always loved Carson Thorn and was planning a future with him, that is, until Carson's family drove her away. Carson couldn't understand why Ruby left and his heart still aches. It's been twelve years but now Ruby is back to lend a hand to her aging grandmother. The feelings between Carson and Ruby are still very strong, though they won't t talk about what happened. Carson is head of the Lone Star Cowboy League and they are looking into all the thefts the ranchers have recently had. When Ruby's brother becomes the prime suspect, she longs to convince Carson that her brother has changed. Will he believe her and will they finally put to rest the problems of the past to forge a second chance at love?

This was a great start to the Lone Star Cowboy League series. The author introduces you to all the folks you'll be getting to know. This book focused on Ruby and Carson, who definitely had chemistry! Ruby was a strong, kindhearted woman who loved deeply. Carson was a rugged cowboy with a heart of gold. Someone you'd want on your side. I thoroughly enjoyed Ruby's grandmother, Iva. She was a sweet and wise lady. Ruby's brother, Derek is a guy I hope we see more of in future books. There is a faith thread running through the story and you see it lived out in a believable way. This is a miniseries so although this story has a conclusion there are some loose ends that are left unresolved. A Reunion for the Rancher definitely left me with an anticipation of the stories to follow. If you enjoy a sweet romance with a splash of conflict and a dash of mystery then I would encourage you to head on down to Little Horn, Texas and see how just how the rancher's reunion turned out. Be sure to keep a watchful eye though, there have been a lot of thefts lately.

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