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Bo and Mona Beth are finally together sharing a love they’ve had since high school, but unfortunately Bo is dealing with an unbeatable cancer. When Dani finds a stack of unopened love letters that Bo wrote to Mona Beth, while going through her mother’s things, she gives them to Mona Beth. Bo wants her to read the letters to help explain what happened all those years ago and why he broke his promise. Mona Beth doesn’t want to relive their painful history, especially when time with Bo is short. As they look back through the past, they discover the secrets and deception that kept them apart. Will they focus on the shattered promise of the past or learn to hold tighter to the One who always keeps His promises.

Pilgrimage of Promise is both heartwarming and heart wrenching. You definitely want to have some tissues nearby! Readers got to know Bo and Mona Beth in the previous Miller Creek stories so I was anxious to read their story. It’s told in the present day with flashbacks to the 1960s where we relive their younger days, President Kennedy’s assassination and the Vietnam War. It was a difficult time. We also see the effects of a jealous sister and a controlling mother. I really appreciated the attitude of Mona Beth and how she dealt with Bo’s mother and father and even her sister. I’m not sure I could have been that strong! She went through so much. But through it all, Mona Beth maintained a great faith in God, a faith that made a difference in peoples’ lives, especially in Bo’s father. I also appreciated Bo’s heart for the girl he loved. That’s partly why I didn’t quite understand the decision he made, especially knowing how his mother was. There were a couple of things that really spoke to me from this story. One, “God doesn’t always answer immediately but He always answers in one of three ways: yes, no or wait.” I think we’re okay with yes and no but waiting that’s a tough one! Two, “Even when life is scary and uncertain, God is unchanging and faithful. He always keeps His Promises!” What an encouraging reminder to us! If you have read the other three books in the Miller Creek Series (I encourage you to read them in order) then you won’t want to miss Pilgrimage of Promise. Though it’s a little tough emotionally, I really think it’s Cathy Bryant’s best work yet and one I highly recommend.

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: WordVessel Press (March 23, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0984431160
ISBN-13: 978-0984431168

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MICAH'S JEWEL by Anna Dynowski

When Santino Moretti died he left the Triple-M Ranch to his three sons, Micah, Matteo and Marek.  They all had different mothers and didn’t know that each other existed until the reading of the will.  The condition of the will states that each son must take a turn living on the farm and learning how to run it for three months.  Then they must all live together on the farm for the final three months.  Micah Moretti is the oldest and the first to take his three month turn.  His desire is certainly not to live on a ranch and be a cowboy, his aspiration is to win the Prime Minister’s seat.  When a situation arises that causes his political career to hit a snag, he’s glad for the time on the farm to allow the talk to die-down and give him a chance to regroup.  That is until he finds out Sierra Rilstone is the Triple M Hotel Manager.  She is supposed to teach all the brothers what they need to know to run the place.  Sierra Rilstone has loved Micah for a long time.  Micah doesn’t know that he’s the father of Sierra daughter, Savannah.  Micah made it clear that he was not a family man but wanted, instead, to pursue a political career so Sierra never told him.  The attraction between Micah and Sierra is as strong as ever but Sierra knows that as soon as he’s fulfilled his required time he’ll be leaving and she doesn’t want her daughter hurt.  But what will happen when he finds out the truth?  Why does Micah find the idea of staying on the farm with Sierra and Savanna so appealing?

A great start to a great new series by Anna Dynowski!  I loved my visit to the Triple M.  Meeting all the folks there as well as the horses.  One particular horse has a lively personality and takes Micah on an unforgettable, life-changing trip.  Sierra is a sweet gal (with spunk) who loves her daughter and only wants the best for her.  Micah is a man who looks like he has everything a man could ever want but he doesn’t have the one thing he craves.  Money and power don’t make you happy and can be dangerous if not handled in the right way.  I loved watching Sierra and Micah together through the struggles and the triumphs.  Their relationship was shown in a realistic way and very easy to relate to.  We may not have the same issues as Sierra and Micah but we all have struggles and things we wish we could change or do different!  I always appreciate the spiritual truths this author tucks inside her stories.  Here we see that God’s best may not be what we think is best but it will always be best if we’re willing to yield to His plan.  It’s a choice we make!  Now I’m looking forward to Marek and Matteo’s stories.  So, strap on your spurs and swagger on down to the Triple M.  You’ll find friendly folks and good hearty meals.  Watch out for the horses though, some of them are very spirited!

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Publisher: Write Words, Inc. (March 26, 2013)


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