Thursday, March 10, 2011


Haven McCord Castlin has loved Brody Castlin since she was seven years old. But marriage didn't turn out to be what she'd hoped for. It seems like all they ever do is fight. The closeness and friendship they once shared has disappeared. Feeling the need to get away she asks Brody if she can go to the African Mission. Her brothers, Case and Zane have told Brody of the dangers there so he offers her a summer truce and says he'll go with her to make sure she's safe. Brody loves Haven but doesn't know how to make her happy. He feels undeserving of her love and knows her family would always resent him. He thinks the only way to truly make her happy would be to set her free. What they find in Africa is more than what they expected. Each of them learn and grow as they work together but will it be enough to cover past hurts? Will they find the strength to fight for true love?

Beyond Ever After is one of those stories that continues to linger in your mind long after you close the book. It was hard to put down and I found myself thinking about the story until I could pick it up again. We have witnessed Haven and Brody's relationship in Beyond Africa and Beyond Summer and I was very curious as to why their marriage was the way it was. Why Brody seemed so distant from her family. This story is Brody and Haven's journey. My heart hurt for our lead couple as we find out their history of mistakes and bad decisions. What a toll that takes on a relationship. One thing I really respected about Brody was that, for all the mistakes, he was man enough to take responsibility for what he'd done. You could understand why Haven was an emotional mess. Brody was hard to read sometimes. I loved watching Brody and Haven in Africa as they learned to work in together and hold their tongues. The Lord was working in each of them. I must say this author wrote such a clear description of the African orphanage that I could see the children's faces, feel the rain and heat on my skin and see the beauty as they walked the jungle paths. I enjoyed catching up with Case & Lilly, Zane and Carly and of course Preston and Grace. The McCords are such a great family. I have to say I absolutely loved the ending! BIG SIGH! If you have never read a Carie Lawson book you are missing out! I would HIGHLY recommend Beyond Ever After! But to really get the most out of this story I recommend you read this series in order. Awesome job, Carie! Can't wait for Beyond Baseball! A thank you goes to this author for providing me with this complimentary copy for my review!

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