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Vanessa Hollister is planning a destination wedding in Destin, Florida. Her fiancé, Ted, wants to combine a medical convention with getting married. Vanessa's not happy about that but concedes that that's what they'll do. Ted asks her to go down to Destin and begin making arrangements. The problem for her is that's where she married Logan Hollister. In trying to convince herself she has moved on since there divorce eight years ago, she decides to make the trip, never expecting to run into Logan. Logan is a storm chaser. Loves the thrill of it, but an accident this past year has caused him to question his judgement. Logan returns to Florida, with his team, to see his parents and take a break before he announces his big decision. Being there in Destin is a stark reminder of how badly he failed Vanessa. When a hurricane blows in, Logan and Vanessa are thrown together once again and the long suppressed feelings begin to stir. Forced to confront their past, will they accept that they made a big mistake all those years ago or will they find that God just might be giving them a second chance at love?

Wow, wow, wow! This is definitely on my favorites list. It's not really a lighthearted story as the cover might imply, but more of a deep soul-searching type. Vanessa and Logan are such complex characters and you just feel a connection with both of them right away that grows with each passing page. I must say that Logan was the consummate tortured hero. I absolutely fell in love with him. He’s strong, tender, romantic, all the things I adore in a leading man. However, he’s far from perfect. Vanessa is someone I really liked. She had and inner strength that kept her going but it wasn’t overpowering. I appreciated how the story switched between present-day and back to when and where it all started, so you see how their relationship develops and what happened between them. There were so many poignant moments throughout the story that I was flagging pages left and right. I absolutely loved the dialog between Logan and Vanessa and the romantic tension was superb! There were also things happening with Logan's team members and Logan's sister that could be potential future stories. The faith element woven throughout felt very natural. Logan and Vanessa were both believers, but they questioned (as we all do) why God sometimes seems silent. The whole story is amazing but the ending is one that will live on in my mind for quite some time. This has a prime place on my 'keeper' shelf and is one I definitely want to read again. In fact, I have already gone back and re-read several of my favorite spots (which were many)! I encourage you to read the "Conversation with the author" at the end. She gives you some interesting insights concerning the story. Crazy Little Thing Called Love was breathtaking and one I HIGHLY recommend! Well done Beth K. Vogt!

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A few of my many favorite quotes:

“You know how people say God will never give us more than we can handle?” “Yes - I’ve heard that all my life from my mother.” “My grandmother says that’s not true. That we do face things we can’t handle – and that’s when we’re supposed to realize how much we need God – his strength, his peace, his wisdom.
“God knows what He’s doing, even when life doesn’t make sense to us.”
“So you’re beautiful and smart, huh?” Another breeze caused strands of Vanessa’s hair to tangle in front of her face, and Logan brushed them back with his fingers. Traced the outline of her jaw before he dipped his head and kissed her. The faint taste of salt tinged their lips, and he forgot all about being careful, taking it slow. He pulled her to him, pressing his body against hers, even as her arms wrapped around his waist and then slipped up over his back, pulling him closer.

For more information about this book or other books by Beth K. Vogt, I encourage you to visit her website at http://www.bethvogt.com/.

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VENGEANCE by Anne Patrick

Nick and Hope Cunningham are both in the army and home on leave. When Nick gets word that his sister, Beth, is missing they immediately travel to Nick’s house to be with his mom and try to figure out what happened to Beth. Beth has always wanted to be a reporter but currently she’s a fact checker; someone who checks the facts and sources. While she’s working on checking facts about a girl’s disappearance, she disappears herself. The situation becomes very stressful and Nick is showing classic signs of PTSD which causes Hope to worry because he won’t acknowledge he needs help. Hope is dealing with her own painful childhood memory that she has yet to share with Nick. As the situation becomes more dangerous, Nick becomes a little more volatile. They must find Beth and Hope must convince Nick he needs help or she’s afraid he’ll find himself court marshaled.

Okay, I have loved all the stories in the Wounded Heroes series but I must say that this is definitely a favorite. Anne Patrick consistently and skillfully weaves mystery, faith, intrigue and romance into page-turning story. You really don’t know who the bad guys are until very near the end, which is always a treat! I loved the dynamic relationship between Hope and Nick. They have a strong love but it’s put to the test. I appreciated Hope’s unwavering faith and the way it influenced her husband. It also helped her through a difficult time in her childhood. I highlighted so many encouraging quotes. You get a glimpse of how difficult a military marriage must be, especially if both people are enlisted. The whole mystery surrounding Beth’s disappearance was very intriguing and kept me guessing, which I love. I truly couldn’t turn pages fast enough. The message that God is always right beside us in good times and bad is woven throughout. I also appreciated seeing Kory and Sean (from Kill Shot) again and catching up with what’s happening in their life. You can learn about Hope and Nick’s history and how they get together by reading “Christmas with Hope”. If you enjoy a page-turning romantic suspense, then I HIGHLY recommend Vengeance.

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

A few favorite quotes:

Hope to Nick:
“I wanted you to know that no matter what dark valley you’re going through, God is right beside you. If you look closely enough, you can see His fingerprint in many aspects of your life.”

Conversation between Hope and Nick:
Nick helped her from the saddle then wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “What was that for?” “Cause I felt like it.” “Well do it again.” This time she kissed him back. Nick pulled her close, savoring the outdoorsy scent mixed with her perfume and the taste of her perfect mouth. He left a trail of kisses as he moved to her ear lobe. “I could do this all day.” “Me too…”

Hope to Nick:
“Instead of worrying about me, you need to be concerned about what’s happening with you. We’re gonna have to leave for Germany in a week. If I were you, I would put in for an emergency extension, because if we haven’t found Beth and you go back on duty the ticking time bomb you are right now, you’re liable to end up court marshaled for punching someone out.”

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Hope Erickson and Nick Cunningham grew up together. Nick was one of guys who teased hope. Now they are both in the army. Hope is a Black Hawk Pilot and Nick is a sniper. When Nick's team gets into trouble, Hope is the pilot that flies them out. Nick can't believe that the this beautiful pilot is the same girl he knew in school. Hope has a hard time trusting men but there is something about Nick that draws her in.

This is short story but one that's filled with action. There is a few 'words' here and there but they seemed natural to the story. I appreciated getting to know Nick and Hope and how they got together and began to build a relationship. It's good groundwork prior to reading Vengeance.

This book is a free read that can be obtained through Desert Breeze Publishing.

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THE RANSOME by MaryLu Tyndall

It's Jamaica, 1692. Juliana Dutton is a young woman carrying the world upon her shoulders. When her father falls ill, she cares for him while secretly trying to keep their family shipping business running smoothly in his absents. Her wayward brother, helping the orphans and caring for a sick friend are taking a toll on Juliana. A naval officer her father knows would like to court Juliana but he's becoming to curious about why her fathers not around. Lord Munthrope, a rather unusual man, offers her a staged betrothal to get the man off her back, which she reluctantly accepts. The Pirate Earl (Alex Hyde) is a man men fear. He's got most things a man could want but he doesn't have the one thing he craves; Juliana. He has loved her from afar for years but knows she would never be interested in Pirate. However, when circumstances arise that allow him to be close to Juliana as Lord Munthrope, he's takes it. All the while, protecting her as the Pirate Earl. But leading a double life can be a dangerous game. When the Naval officer discovers his double life, he sets a trap to catch him and informs Juliana that the Pirate Earl and Lord Munthrope are one and the same. Feeling hurt and betrayed she sets out to confront the awful pirate. No one could have imagined the chain of events that that would set in motion. Not only will their faith be shaken but the very ground they're standing on will tremble. What will become of not only themselves, but of Port Royal itself.

I just reviewed The Reckoning and realized I hadn't read The Ransom. Egad!!! Due to the busyness of things and to give my eyes a bit of rest, I was happy to find that this was available from Audible. I thoroughly enjoyed the narration and felt the narrator really brought the story to life. The story itself was quite the adventure. I'm not so sure I liked the character Lord Munthrope but it served Alex's purpose. The Pirate Earl was such an intriguing man. Juliana was a kind woman that life had dealt a big blow, but she handled things with such grace that you had to admire her. I appreciated the message that God never leaves us, it's we who move away, and even though we think he's far from us, he is still working everything out in the background. There is a major event at the end of the book that I found a little hard to believe, however, the author's note at the end gives the historical account and I found that so interesting. This is book 4 in the Legacy of the King's Pirates and could easily be read as a stand alone. If you're looking to escape to another place and time, take a ride on a pirate ship, smell the salty sea air and feel the wind in your face, then look no further. The Ransom has a beautiful cover that opens to a story well worth your time.

For more information about this book or other books by MaryLu Tyndall, I encourage you to visit her website at http://www.marylutyndall.com/

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THE RECKONING by MaryLu Tyndall

While attending the Tall Ship Festival in San Diego, Morgan Shaw gets dumped by her boyfriend after she tells him she has cancer.  Her best friend drags her along on a tour of a replica of an old pirate ship.  When she spots her ex-boyfriend with a girl on each arm, she hides out in the hold of ship to try an avoid running into them.  Feeling sea sick and tired she nods off to sleep.  When she wakes up she finds herself on an actual pirate ship 300 years in the past.  The handsome pirate looks an awful lot like the painting of the infamous Rowan Dutton, she saw on ship they were touring.  She assumes her wealthy father has staged this whole thing to take her focus off of her upcoming cancer treatments.   Rowen Dutton is a pirate who needs to gain a large treasure in order to repay his sister what he owes her.  He was close to accomplishing just that, when a strange woman appears on his ship and the distraction causes him to lose his chance.  He's angry and frustrated but also intrigued with this Lady Minx (as he calls her) who is wearing strange clothes, saying strange things and doesn't fear him as most do.  She keeps insisting that her father's behind the whole thing and they are all actors.  But when she has a run-in with a certain notoriously nasty pirate and reveals something she shouldn’t, it begins a chain of events that just might change the course of history.

I absolutely loved this story!  I'm not one who really gets into time travel stories but this was a really fun adventure.  I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading it.  Morgan Shaw had issues but I really liked her. I love how she interacted with everyone on the ship and most especially Rowen.  Speaking of Rowen, Oh-la-la!  There is a ship load of good romantic tension, which I love.   But more than that, you’ll find some real spiritual treasures as you sail along with the Reckoning.  Rowen was a 'gentleman' pirate which really enhanced the story for me.  I enjoyed catching up with some old friends from previous books in The Legends of the King's Pirates series.  No one does pirate stories like MaryLu Tydall and this was a fabulous addition to the series.  My only wish, besides not wanting it to end, was that it would have had an epilogue.  I was craving just a little more.  Other than that it was superb!  I must admit that I am a 'cover' person.  A cover is what makes me want to read a story.  This one did just that.  The Reckoning is wonderful high seas adventure loaded with suspense, danger and of course romance.  It’s a story you won't want to miss and one I HIGHLY recommend.  I encourage you to set aside a block of time because once you set sail on the Reckoning you’ll forget all about your ‘to do’ list.

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

For more information about this book or other books by MaryLu Tyndall I recommend you to visit her website at: http://www.marylutyndall.com/

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RAINBOW'S END by Doris E. Bernhardt

Emily Larson is only seventeen when she loses her granny.  On her own now, having no other family and only a jar full of money her granny gave her, she joins up with a wagon train headed west, hoping to find her rainbow’s end.  Along the way she becomes acquainted with Jake Hardgrove, a handsome cowboy who treats her with care.  As they travel together and get to know each other better, they begin to experience strong feelings for one another.  But Emily knows that someone like Jake could never be truly interested in a country girl from Missouri, especially one who drives a wagon and uses a bullwhip.  This becomes evident when they finally reach Fort Laramie and she meets Jake's sister, who doesn't approve of her.  If only she was a proper lady.  As Emily prayerfully considers the whole situation, her life takes a very different turn when she's captured by White Feather.  Scared, alone and looking for a way of escape, she cries out to the only one who can help her.  When she finally does escape, she wonders if God is really watching, that is until her prayers are once again answered.  When a long time dream is finally fulfilled, she feels grateful to God who had brought her so far, but no matter how she tried, she couldn't forget Jake.  Where was he?  What was he doing?  Does he ever think of her?  With so many years  apart, will they ever find each other again?

What a fabulous story of God's mercy and grace.  It was a wonderful picture of how God cares for us even when situations look hopeless.  Emily was such an endearing character.  One you can truly admire for her sweet personality and her kindness to others, but also for her steadfast faith.  I loved all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom she learned from her granny that are sprinkled throughout the pages.  What a wise woman granny was.  Jake was a great hero.  I loved the way he was with Emily and how he saw not only her outer beauty but her inner beauty as well.  You'll get a taste of what life must have been like for those who traveled the Oregon Trail and the danger and hardships they experienced.  This story is fast paced and keeps you fully engaged from beginning to end.  It’s loaded with twists and turns right up to the end where the author beautifully ties everything together.  If you enjoy historical adventures, then I HIGHLY recommend you travel along with Emily (from the safety of your favorite chair) as she seeks to find her Rainbow's End. 

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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A HEART'S BETRAYAL by Collen Coble

Emmie Croftner is devastated at the death of her beloved husband, Monroe, until his wife shows up at the door with his child. Emmie is shocked and hurt but begins to realize the reality of what that really means where she's concerned. With no money or hope of staying in Wabash, she decides to make her way to Fort Laramie to be with her good friend, Sarah Montgomery. If things aren't tough enough, Emmie soon finds out she's pregnant. Isaac Liddle, a soldier at the fort, and a close friend of Rand Montgomery, is very taken with Emmie, not only with her beauty but her sweet personality. When they’re assigned to a new fort and have to travel over rugged territory, he sees that she's also able to adapt well to less than comfortable conditions. Emmie is drawn to Isaac but after her experience with Monroe, she's not sure she can trust a man ever again.

This latest installment picks up where the previous book left off. Its focus is more on Emmie Croftner. She is the sister to Ben and Labe Croftner from the previous books. Emmie is a sweet gal and you feel bad for the position she's put in because of her 'husband'. You get a glimpse of the hardships that come with living in a fort that’s in hostile territory, as well as the rugged countryside. The description of the book mentions that Isaac begins to court Emmie but it never really moved beyond friendship. I suspect that may come in the next installment. A Heart's Betrayal is a good addition to the series and I'm now looking forward to seeing what develops next.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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MARRIED 'TIL MONDAY by Denise Hunter

Ryan McKinley has spent the last three years trying to get over his ex-wife, Abby.  It's not working though.  He still loves her and is hoping one day to win her back.  He even bought their dream home when it came up for sale.  The trouble is, it's a daily reminder of how empty his life and his house is without Abby.  Ryan feels like his prayers have been answered when Abby's mom calls him to invite them to their big anniversary celebration.  Abby has a very strained relationship with her parents, especially her dad, so she never told them about the divorced.  Ryan insists he's going to Summer Harbor with or without her because he wants to see her cousin and his best friend, Beau Callahan.  Knowing she has to do this to save face with her parents, she reluctantly agrees to let Ryan travel with her.  Abby doesn't relish the idea of traveling several days in the car with her still handsome ex, let alone pretending they're still married, but all she has to do is get through the week and then things will go back to normal...or will they?  Ryan plans to use their week together to win back his wife, but time is limited and Abby's defensive walls are fully erect...or are they?

WOW!  What a powerful story and one that is definitely going down on my favorites list.  It's also one I know I'll read again.  I absolutely loved every minute from beginning to end.  Throughout the Chapel Springs series we've gotten to know Ryan and how much he loves Abby, but we don't know Abby at all.  This story changes that.  Page by page, her life is revealed and we see more clearly just who she is.   We also learn about Ryan and Abby's marriage and what happened between them.  From tense to tender, I loved all the interaction and dialog between Ryan and Abby.  And Ladies, if you love romantic tension as much as I do, then you are in for a real treat because this story is loaded with it!   One person I appreciated getting to know was Abby's best friend, Gillian.  She was a great example of a good friend.  I also enjoyed seeing all the McKinley clan again and catching up with what's happening in their lives.  We find that the Lord is always there through difficult times and the importance of staying close to Him.  I appreciated the message that although your upbringing affects who you are, it doesn't have to define your future.  I have loved all the books in the Chapel Springs series, (Barefoot Summer, Dancing with Fireflies, The Wishing Season and Married 'til Monday) but I must say, this is my favorite; maybe because I have a real heart for struggling marriage/second chance stories.  Married 'til Monday is a top-notch story from a top-notch author and one I HIGHLY recommend!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* 

One of my many favorite quotes:
Her eyes traveled down to his lips. She wanted them back on hers more than she wanted her next breath. She let loose of the wispy edges of her dream, pulling him forward. His lips met hers again, and her soul gave a contented sigh. She ran her palms over the scruff of his jaw, eager to touch, hungry to taste. He obliged her, deepening the kiss. Her hands climbed the solid wall of his chest. Her fingers dove into his hair while he worked his magic on her mouth. He touched her like she was heirloom china, delicate and precious. He always had. Shed missed this, ached for it in the quiet of night when loneliness was like a cement block on the center of her chest. 

For more information about this book or other books by Denise Hunter, I encourage you to visit her website at:  www.denisehunterbooks.com/

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