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RORI'S HEALING by Dora Hiers

Rori Harmon loves living on her animal sanctuary where she feels safe. The circumstances surrounding her father's death and the way the media behaved has pushed her into a life of solitude except for her family. She's uncomfortable with men except for her brother and step-father. As much as she dreams of a husband and family she knows it's not in her future. Graham Decker is a racecar driver with a heart of gold. It would seem though that women are not interested in his heart, only in his wallet. He longs for a woman who would love him for the man he is not what he has. In an effort to support the rescue of animals, he shows up at Rori's animal sanctuary, just in time to help deliver a llama baby. Rori mistakes him for the vet and he doesn't feel inclined to correct her until he has a chance to get to know her. He's delighted and surprised to find she doesn't know who he is. Could Rori be the woman who would finally see him for him instead of his wallet? Rori knows there is no way she could ever fall for someone who is constantly in the media. But Graham is a man of his word, just as he told her. Will all things truly work together for good for two hurting hearts?

WOW!!! I absolutely loved Rori's Healing. I kept thinking as I was reading that this should definitely be a Hallmark movie!! I read the story in one setting because I could not put it down. I really enjoyed the fact that it was just a wonderful romantic read. No bad guys, no major crisis, but a story where you savor every page, and I did!! Rori was so thoughtful and giving and you hurt for her because of the things she’s gone through. Graham Decker is an absolutely swoon-worthy hero. I love the way he handled things and the way he was with Rory! (whew!!! Get your fan out ladies). Although Graham suffered hurt his faith shined through to those around him. It's not always easy turning our greatest fears over to the Lord, but we're reminded that he's always with us. One thing that was really fun was reading about the llamas and Graham's dog. Rori's Healing is definitely a favorite and one I will read again. It comes HIGHLY recommended by this reader but I caution you to set aside a block of time because, like watching a good movie, you'll want to see it through to the end!

A couple favorite quotes:
"Rori, God decides when I go home. Whether that's in a racecar or just sitting in my chair in the office." He heard her soft intake of breath, but he had to go on. "You don't need to face this alone. God will walk this path with you, just like He does with me. He can take that fear and replace it with peace."

"We've both lived through pain and suffering and survived, by the grace of God. We survived, Rori, but that doesn't mean we don't carry our scars forever."

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Monday, July 20, 2015


Shane Hawkins (who’s a SWAT cop) stops by the hospital to pick up evidence for a case he’s working on. Instead of picking it up right away he decides to stop by and see Dr. Gabriella Fielding to once again thank her for saving his life. Imagine his surprise when he sees her walking outside of the hospital at night, alone and then sees two men grab her and put her in a pick-up truck. Shane vows to help Gabby find out who’s after her, but she no idea why someone would want to kidnap her. Shane is not sure what to think but they need to figure out if maybe it’s some kind of repressed memory. As they work together to figure out just who the enemy is, their mutual attraction becomes stronger and stronger. But someone doesn’t want Gabby to remember the past. Will they figure out who it is before it’s too late?

Forgotten Memories is the fourth book in the series and the third book I’ve read in the SWAT: Top Cops series and all of them have been very good. Laura Scott has such a talent for keeping you on your toes and providing the reader with the perfect blend of danger, suspense and romance. I enjoyed the interaction between Gabby and Shane. You meet them in Under the Lawman’s Protection, so it was great to see how their story unfolds. Shane is a really great guy. I liked that he was so open about his faith and lived what he believed, it made Gabby take notice. Gabby was both smart and sweet and someone who always puts others first. I enjoyed that the characters from the previous stories are peppered throughout this story. You could read this as a stand alone and wouldn’t feel lost but the whole series (or the three I’ve read) have been really good and I would recommend any and all of them. If you’re in the mood for a good romantic suspense remember to pick up ‘Forgotten Memories’!
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

A HEART'S HOME by Colleen Coble

 Coming to terms with her feelings for Isaac, Emmie agrees to marry him.   Things are looking up as Joy and happiness abound.   Emmie, Sarah and Amelia begin plans for her wedding.  Then the unthinkable happens and a friend asks the impossible.  Will Emmie honor the promise she made once to his wife.  The promise that if anything happened to her she would marry her husband and raise their child as her own.  Emmie want's to honor the promise she made but that would mean giving up her own happiness for a loveless marriage.  The Sioux wars have escalated and everyone is on high alert.  Isaac is sent to another fort along with another soldier,  in a blizzard, hoping one of them might make in order to gather reinforcements to fight against the Sioux.  Before he leaves  he talks with Jacob and they make a deal.  What was the deal and what if Isaac doesn't return safely?  Will they all find the happiness they so long for?

This last book was, I think, the most emotional of all the books in the series and really was my favorite.  You'll experience extreme joy and heart-wrenching sorrow right along with these folks you've come to care for.  I was sad to see this series come to a close but I think the author did an excellent job with the ending and the epilogue.  It was completely satisfying.  I enjoyed seeing some of the characters return from the previous books.  Life at a fort was definitely difficult and scary, but the faith of the characters came shining through.  It was realistic in that they were scared, angry and questioning God because of things that happened, just as we would.  Trusting the Lord isn't easy when things don't make sense but we know He is always right there with us.  If you enjoy a good western saga with danger, deceit, love, hate, faith and where you come to really care about the folks you're reading about, then I recommend not only A Heart's Home but the whole series.  It truly is a Journey of the Heart!  I strongly suggest you read them in order as it's in a serial type format.  I would also like to add that I really like the the covers on the books, they just beckon you to read them.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A HEART'S PROMISE by Colleen Coble

Isaac Liddle is determined to win Emmie Croftner’s heart.  Emmie’s drawn to Isaac but she’s not sure how he’ll feel about her when he finds out the truth surrounding her pregnancy.  She also has a hard time trusting a man after Monroe.  Then a woman shows up at the fort and sets her sights on Isaac.  Emmie is not sure what to do as this woman is a formidable foe.  Then a friend asks her for a promise that could change everything.  A promise, that if anything happened to her in childbirth, she would marry her husband and raise the child as her own.  When the birth becomes difficult, Emmie fears she just might have to keep her promise.  And then what would happen with Isaac?

This is the fifth installment in the Journey of the Heart Series and we once again find ourselves at the fort.  The pages are full of emotion as Emmie struggles with the idea of love, a good friend asks Emmie for a big promise, two women from the past show up and Isaac is trying his best to get past Emmie’s protective wall.  None of these issues are easy.  I appreciated the genuine faith these folks displayed though.  You again get an idea of how tough life was at the fort and what courage and stamina it took to live there.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and by this installment I’ve really come to care about these folks.  This story is part of a serial series so you really need to read them in order as each story picks up where the previous one left off.

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Friday, July 10, 2015


Prince Cristiano is second in line for the throne so he doesnt carry the pressure his older brother Stefano does, however he works very hard as the Minister of Finance, Tourism and Sports.  He is tall, dark and handsome and considered by women to be a great catch.  Too bad those women only see him for his princely status and the fan-fare that goes along with being royalty.  He longs to find a woman who sees him for the man he really is.  Ciara Janicki is a public relations consultant hired by the royal family to work alongside Prince Cristiano to promote tourism to Mondoverde.  Ciaras not worried about succumbing to any royal charm.  Shes not interested in men, period!  But the more time she spends with him the more she realizes hes not at all as she expected.  His kindness, charm and his wonderful family cause her to yearn for things she can only dream of.  Cristiano is drawn to Ciara because she is not impressed with his title or position.  Knowing Ciara is the answer to his prayers, he proposes a marriage of convenience that would benefit both of them.  But how can Ciara marry a prince when she knows very well she is not princess material.

I thoroughly enjoyed this royal treat!  It was so much fun to return to Mondoverde.  I enjoyed getting to know Cristiano in the first book and was excited to hear his story.  Prince Cristiano will make your toes curl with his romantic ways and quiet strength.  Hes the kind of man every little girl dreams of growing up and marrying.  I must say that I really didnt care for Ciara much in the beginning but as you get to know her, you understand why she is the way she is. You also see how the faith of Cristiano and his family made a difference.   It was so much fun catching up with Stefano and Sofia.  I really like Sofia and I like how she treated Ciara.  I appreciated the whole family dynamic and the way their love for each other is shown in tangible ways.  Their playful banter is a lot of fun too.  The author did a wonderful job weaving Biblical truths naturally throughout the story.  I have been thoroughly enjoying this series and am looking forward to seeing what happens with the next Mondoverde prince.  If you want to get away from it all for just a little while, then I highly recommend a trip to Mondoverde.  I know you will fall in love with the Graziani family, just as I did!

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

A couple favorite quotes:

Prince Cristiano to Ciara
“Listen to me.  Your parents do not define who you are.  Their genes and blood in you do not define your character.  Their mistakes do not define you…”

Princess Cristina to Ciara
“Imagine Ciara, my husband, the ruler of our country, maintains meticulous control at all times, but stuck in the birthing room and he falls apart.”

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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Winter Evan had deep feelings for Tanner Random, but her fear of water and his need for greater physical intimacy caused her to break things off with him four years ago.  She couldnt understand why Tanner would chose being a SEAL over being with her.  He couldnt understand why Winter broke things off.  Now Tanner is home to care for his young niece, whose mother abandoned her.  Hes putting down roots in North Carolina as a paramedic and is surprised to find that his neighbor is Winter.  The chemistry between them is still very strong, but Winter isnt willing to risk her heart againor is she?  Although Tanner has changed, his love for Winter has not.  Will the Lord give them the strength to overcome their fears and trust Him for their future?

What a great story.  A fun and quick romantic read that leaves you totally uplifted.  Winter is so kind hearted and is always looking out for others.  Someone you would definitely want for a friend.  I did think her fear of water was a little irrational but everyone deals with things in different ways.  And Tanner, Wow, what a guy!  You would have to be flat lining to not be move by him.  I loved the way he was with Winter as well as his niece.  Speaking of which, Chaney will win your heart; she was such a sweet little girl.  You will absolutely love the chemistry between Winter and Tanner, lots of sizzle.  Nothing is impossible with God is the message this story conveyed to me, an encouraging message to be sure.  I was so sad when it ended, but I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending!  Are you looking for a quick romantic fix?  I recommend you pick up When Love Triumphs and find out if it really does!

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One of many favorite quotes:

But life and love marriage was about so much more than just passion.  It was about loving somebody even when they were unlovable.  It was about never giving up, even when times were tough.  Love was supposed to be about forever.

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