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 Daron McKay was a soldier in the army.  When his buddy gets hit and is dying he made Daron promise to look after his wife and child.  It's been three years now that he's been doing just that, mostly behind the scenes.  Emma Shaw is having a hard time keeping up with ranch duties, taking care of her grandfather and little girl.  She knows Daron is always around, watching, but she doesn't really want a guilt-ridden hero.  However, when Emma's brother-in-law starts coming around begging Emma for drug money and even throwing some threats her way, Daron steps in to help.  On top of that, her little girl is going to need a serious surgery very soon and her grandfather's health is declining.  Daron seems to be there for her at every turn.  Emma's marriage was not what she hoped it would be and she doesn't want to try again.  But time after time, Daron always seems to be there when she needs him.  Can he convince Emma that guilt has nothing to do with how he feels about her?  Will Emma open her heart enough to give love a chance?

This is a very sweet story of love and second chances.  Daron was the kind of hero I love in a story.  Strong, tender and patient.  Emma, though, was a bit frustrating.  I understood why she was cautious but there were times she just got on my nerves with how she behaved.  That said, toward the end I really warmed up to her and ended up really liking her.  I was a little confused about the relationship she had with her husband and even her in-laws but that didn't distract at all from the story.  On thing I really enjoyed was the friendship between Daron and Boone.  The interplay between them was so much fun!  I love how the author brings in some familiar characters from previous books, that's always a plus for me.  I  thoroughly enjoyed visiting Martin's Crossing and grabbing a bite to eat at Duke's No Bar and Grill!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite quotes:

The last thing she needed was Daron McKay in her home and in her business.  But there he'd been, standing in the shadows like some avenging superhero, ready to rescue her.

 "You're just worried about her, right?"  Boone winked as he said it.  "You know, some people think you're charming.  I don't get it," Daron shot back.  "It's the dimples and the pretty eyes.  I'm taken, though."  "I feel sorry for her,"  Daron shot back.  Boone laughed, loud and long enough to draw some attention to the two of them.  Happiness could be so annoying.

"What would my faith be if I didn't trust that God could handle this?  Yes, I worry.  I am sometimes afraid.  But in the end, I have to trust.  I can either trust or fall apart.  I choose faith."

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