Monday, November 29, 2010

PRICE OF THIEVES by Tamelia Tumlin

Cheyenne Lawson needs to get arrested in order to get her son what he needs. When a man leaves an expensive ring on the table she seizes the opportunity. But her plan backfires when she's bailed out of jail by the owner of the ring. He just happens to be a very handsome Arabian prince. Prince Kareem bin Ishmail doesn't want a wife but he needs one in order give the people of his country stability. He is suppose to marry a woman from his country but doesn't wish to do that. So he make a proposal to Cheyenne that she can't refuse, life in prison in his desert country or a temporary marriage. As they get to know each other they find they are very drawn to one another. Cheyenne Lawson not only stole the prince's ring, she just may have stolen his heart too.

This was a great little story. Although not a 'Christian' story it was filled with lots of great characters and some great romantic tension and zippy dialog. The reason for stealing the ring didn't even seem reasonable to me but after all it is fiction. I totally loved the prince. He was a kind and chivalrous person. Cheyenne was a great character. Such a free spirit with a bubbly personality. If you enjoy a good clean story filled with great characters then you would enjoy Prince of Thieves.

A TIME FOR HEALING by Tamelia Tumlin

Jaci Sinclair believes in God's forgiveness, just not for her. She feels that there is no way that God would forgive her for a mistake she made as a youth. And because of that mistake she would not have what she truly wants, a family filled with love. She finds fulfillment in being a vet and also fostering a troubled boy who lost his mother. Hunter Grant is full of bitterness and has lost his faith. He left his job as an FBI hostage negotiator to move to a small Texas town to forget the pain of losing his wife and son. He decides he will just run a ranch and keep to himself. What he didn't count on was Jaci. Will these two find the love and forgiveness they seek with God and each other?

This was a story that kept me entertained from start to finish. I especially enjoyed our lead couple. How they interacted was interesting and fun. I appreciated the message of love and forgiveness and also how God uses even the bad things in our lives for his purpose. It was interesting to watch as these two dealt with the troubled teen. The secondary characters were very endearing. The author made you feel like you were part of the little town of Yellow Rose. All-in-all "A Time for Healing" was a good quick read. Looking forward to other works by Tamelia Tumlin.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

BE NOT AFRAID by Deborah Lynne

Samantha Cain is the widow of a policeman trying to raise her son. In order to support them she works the night shift at a trucking company that sits across from the river. One night while working she hears a scream. After calling 911 she races toward where she saw the woman struggling against a large man. She knows she can only help by distracting him until help arrives. When help does finally arrive it's in the form of Detective Matthew Jefferies, her dead husband's partner. He's been looking for this twisted killer for sometime but now he has a witness. When attempts are made on Samantha's life, Matthew takes her into hiding. Neither one expected to find a growing attraction between them. Matthew's job is not really good on a relationship and Samantha wants nothing to do with another policeman after what Martin put her through. What will happen when they are thrown together and begin to realize that neither one of them are what they expected?

This was a good story. It kept me wanting to find out what would happen next or wondering when the villain would strike next. I liked Matthew. His character came across as realistic to me. His thinking seemed to be very logical. I had a little trouble liking Samantha. I understood some of her thinking, considering her dead husband's behavior, but sometimes I felt like she was acting like a child in an adult body. Toward the end of the book I liked her a little better. Be Not Afraid had some suspense, some mystery and some romance. All in all it was a good read.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Nothing as it Seems was a story I could not put down and one that will remain a keeper on my shelf for re-reading again! Our tale peeks into the life of Miri Wellerson who has a passion for doing the Will of God and understanding people. But when Del, a friend from work, reveals some things from his past she realizes he's not the person she thought he was. Both her and Del miss the fact that they are being watched by James. He has a job to do but it's not always an easy one. Miri has issues because of her ex-husband. So she's pretty good at reading people. What this means and how it all plays out is something you won't want to miss.

I absolutely LOVED this excellent story. I didn't know what to expect when I started reading it but be forewarned that once you pick it up you won't be able to put it down. It was a very satisfying tale chock full of wonderful characters that you grow to love with each passing page. I hated coming to the end of the book because that meant saying goodbye to them. There are little surprises along the way and a twist at the end that I really didn't expect at all. Miri's simple faith was such an inspiration. It made me wish I was more like her. The romance was not sappy at all but very well done. This story had it all and I loved every minute of it. The book is a little pricey but well worth it. One thing I might mention is that it's an odd size book. Almost like a textbook size. I HIGHLY recommend Nothing as it Seems and hopefully will see more works by Kerri Fraser in the future! Great job!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

SABOTAGE by Anne Patrick

Katie McKinley is a district judge who sometimes doesn't like her job very much. Like ruling against her childhood friend and first love, Graham Bishop. It cost Graham his family's home. So, when Katie starts receiving threatening notes and an attempt is made on her life the Sheriff wonders if it could be Graham. Katie is sure that the Graham she knew would never really try to hurt her or would he? Graham Bishop has always had a heart for Katie. Now that they are both without their spouses he hopes that maybe his life long prayer might be answered. But, can he convince Katie and the Sheriff that he had nothing to do with the threats?

My goodness, I was totally enthralled with Sabotage! It kept me turning pages from beginning to end. I really liked the lead couple along with all the secondary characters. I always enjoy this authors characters because they are so true-to-life. They struggle with issues that we all struggle with. The message of how past decisions can affect your future played out strong in Graham & Katie. But the message of how a good strong role model to give you guidance can make a major difference along with your faith in God was strong as well. If you love a good story with great characters complete with a faith message, mystery, suspense and, of course, romance then don't miss Sabotage. I highly recommend it! Great job Anne!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

BETRAYED by Amy Clipston

Lacey Fowler's world is turned upside down when her dad and step-mom are killed in a car crash. But something doesn't sound right about the accident. She also finds some major money being drained from her dad's racing company. She finds out too, her father's will leaves his portion of the company to be split equally between her and Reese Mitchell, a winning driver for racing company. Lacey has always been in love with Reese so when it's suggested that they marry to gain control of the company and find out the truth, she reluctantly agrees. The guilty party is not happy about the marriage or the fact they're looking for answers. Will they figure it out in time? And what will happen to their marriage of convenience?

This was a good NASCAR tale. I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story. I truly felt engaged as a reader from beginning to end. I could see why Reese and Lacey were reluctant to give their hearts to each other. Especially Lacey because of Reese's reputation of being a ladies-man. But I also felt like some of her thinking and reactions were unrealistic, especially because she had known him all her life. I might also make mention that although this author writes good Amish Christian stories, this tale would not be considered in that category.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Anna Mae Beiler was shunned from her family when she married 'Englisher' Kellen McDonough three years ago. Although not Amish he is a good Christian man and they have made a good life for themselves. Anna finds herself wanting to reconcile with her family and thinks Christmas is a good time to do just that! Kellen agrees to take her home. But, when the visit doesn't go as planned she wonders if she will ever have a place in her family again.

Let me start by saying that Amish fiction isn't what I usually read but wanted to give this little story a try. Boy am I glad I did!! I really liked it! Novellas can sometimes feel too short but not so with this story. It didn't feel hurried at all. It was a very satisfying. The characters were so full of life. I enjoyed watching them work through some tough family issues in a practical way. I loved the interaction between Kellen and Anna Mae. Many times I found myself thinking that Anna Mae was certainly a lucky woman. The message of listening to the Lord and forgiving others was very clear. If you are looking for a wonderful and inspiring Christmas story I would highly recommend you pick up A Plain & Simple Christmas. It's a keeper for me. A thank you goes to LibraryThing Early Reviewers for this complimentary copy for review. For more information about this novella see

Monday, November 15, 2010

THE PROTECTOR by Sharon Balts

Anne Dutton is sailing to the New World with her aunt and uncle whom she has lived with since she was a child. When something happens that causes concern for Anne's safety, her aunt makes a deal with Sir Thomas Blackaby (the handsome man who protected the queen) to protect Anne. Thomas and Anne are to pretend to be courting with the hope that no further trouble will arise. But when hearts are involved things get complicated. For she is promised to another in the New World. And what will happen when the truth of who each of them really is and how their past is connected comes to light?

First let me say that the cover of this book was beautifully done! It made me want to read the book! The story inside was just as well done. Filled with danger, mystery, intrigue and romance, Sharon Balts keeps you guessing to the end, of Anne's fate. The journey starts on a ship and ends on the shores of the New World with all the things that those traveling to this new place might have encountered. Sickness, Indians, sword-fights and those out for revenge are part of the package. I love the way this author so clearly spelled out the Gospel through the entire story as the characters struggle with heart issues such as forgiveness. They battled with knowing what they needed to do but didn't want to. Trusting the Lord can be difficult at times because of our own humanness. Seeing the characters grow was an encouragement to me. This was a great tale and I would definitely recommend it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

HATTERAS GIRL by Alice J. Wisler

Jackie Donovan is a journalist who has been praying for two things. Owning the Bailey House Bed and Breakfast and finding a wonderful man to marry. Imagine her surprise when she interviews the very handsome Davis Erickson, owner and operator of a property management company, and finds he holds the deed to Bailey House. She feels like this whole thing is God sent. But as Jackie begins to learn some unfavorable things about Davis, she wonders if she might be wrong.

This was an enjoyable tale. Loaded with southern charm, a bit of mystery, sweet tea and good friends. It's easy pace guides you along as you journey with Jackie in her quest to own Bailey House and find that certain someone. I enjoyed all the secondary characters. They were an eclectic group from handyman to hairdresser. But they all truly cared for one another. All their interaction was fun to watch. I think the underlying message that 'God answers prayer but it might not be how you think', is a good one. I like the way the story concluded. As a reader it was a very satisfying ending where you say, Ahhh. A Thank you goes to Bethany House for providing me with this complimentary copy for my review.

Friday, November 5, 2010

DINING WITH JOY by Rachel Hauck

Joy Ballard is a chef. At least that's what everyone who watches her show, Dining with Joy, believes. Only a few people know she really can't cook. Her lack of skill is covered by her lively personality and funny sense-of-humor. Luke Redmond is a professional chef who's trying to pick himself up after losing his restaurant. When Joy's producer asks Luke to co-host the show Joy decides this might just be her way out. He cooks, she tells jokes and give humorous tips. Perfect. The chemistry between them is electric and when a spur-of-the-moment searing kiss is caught on tape the demand for them becomes strong. But what will happen when Joy's secret is revealed on national television?

I thoroughly enjoyed Dining with Joy! Rachel Hauck breathes life into her characters and you always feel by the end of the story that they are your good friends. I liked that the author brought back the characters from Sweet Caroline and Love Starts with Elle. It was fun catching up with them. This story was full of difficult situations to overcome but I think the author did a wonderful job in weaving the spiritual message that God is good and God is Love. (Great illustration with the coins). If you've read the previous books, you won't want to miss this installment. You can read it as a stand alone story but the whole series is great fun. This author blends a touch of humor, a dash of romance and a splash of spiritual truth which makes a wonderful recipe for "Dining with Joy". I highly recommend it. Thank you goes to Booksneeze for providing me with this complementary copy for review.

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