Friday, July 31, 2009

Love's Pursuit

Susannah Phillips lives in a Puritan community. She loves her family and friends. She's hoping soon to settle down and start a family of her own with John (but he has yet to ask). Then Daniel (the Captain) comes to help protect them against the savages and throws Susannah Phillips' world into a tailspin. She is drawn to him because he makes her laugh and feel things she's never felt before but according the the "puritan" way of thinking he is a heathen. Then there is Simeon. He is not what he seems and more. His sights are set on Susannah. Who will win her hand? Or is her future chosen for her? Will she discover what real love is? How does a woman Small-hope help her?

This was a good story but in the beginning was a bit confusing to read because both Susannah and Small-hope were written in first person. I have to say that I fell in the love with Daniel. He's the one that made me keep reading. The ending was good but very bitter-sweet for me. All-in-all in was a good read and worth the time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Very Fun and Sweet Story!

Delphine D'Arleux has a dream to open a chocolate shop. Using most of her savings to travel to Belgium to learn the proper way to make chocolate. While there she runs into a very handsome American name Brad Larsen who gives her a kiss and in return receives a slap.

Because of a computer error the airline says that Delphine doesn't have a return ticket home. She tries to gain money from her account only to find her parents have drained it out. She's got no money and no way home. Or does she?

Brad and his parents are at the same terminal waiting to return home. Brad finds out about her situation and his father pays for her ticket and takes her home. Brad is intrigued by Delphine and continues to help her realize her dream by his father loaning her the money to open the chocolate shop.

Is Brad just being nice to help her out? or does he expect more than just a monthly payment? Is Delphine just going along with liking Brad because she feels like she has to to secure the loan from his family? Both are insecure. Will they open up so each can see the others heart?

What a very "sweet" and fun story. Who could not like a story about chocolate.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book 4 in the Texas Hearts Series...

This last book in the series belongs to Brock Gentry. The handsome cowboy who writes music and plays guitar. He's looking to make a CD with tracs of his songs to have available to show the recording companies. Enter Josie Tibbs. She's a sound engineer and she's good at what she does. Brock wants her. She's very leary of Brock but he finally gets her to agree. After he wins favor and is ready to travel to Nashville he asks Josie to go with them as his sound engineer. She reluctantly agrees. Josie knew what to expect being part of the crew, she'd been there before. But...what she didn't expect was Brock's rock-solid, attentive ways toward her. Their feelings are growing for each other but what will happen when they reach Nashville? Will he be awarded a recording contract? Can he live with the stipulation made by the recording company?

I really enjoy this book. I loved Brock's strong yet tender personality. This story will pull at you heart strings. I highly recommend it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book 3 in the Texas Hearts Series...

This installment is Cody Gentry's story. Being blinded after an accident leaves full-of-life Cody depressed and withdrawn. Months of not doing the things he loves is more than he can take. Pushing people away seems to be his business these days. Enter Lyssa McElhannon. She was blinded for 25 years but through a new high-tech surgery she gained her sight and now trains guide dogs. Cody's father paid a handsome price for Lyssa to come to the ranch for a month with a trained guide dog to train Cody on how to utilize him. Sparks fly when these two meet. He is a cowboy with a nasty attitude and she is one determined young lady. Slowly you see them both changing and growing. Can Lyssa get him out of his depression and help him find life even in the darkness? Will the upcoming surgery be successful? Will it really matter if Lyssa plans to return to the Guide Dog School? Another good book. Looking forward to Book 4.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great little story...

Emma Hayes has traveled the world and done many things but her heart longs to be planted in one place and have a real family. Travis Taylor is now a doctor but he also longs for a family as memories of Emma Hayes haunt his mind.

When Emma adopts twin girls from an orphanage she takes up residence in a house her parents own in Galveston. She also remembers Travis Taylor whom she once loved but her parents whisked her away before she could carry it any further. Sure that he is no long there she settles in and makes an appointment for the girls to see a doctor. Can you imagine her surprise when Dr. Travis Taylor walks into the room to examine the girls. Emma is shocked.

They both realize that their feelings are still strong but with issues of the past and so much time in between neither are sure how to handle the situation. Throw in Travis's girlfriend, Emma's ex-fiance and a crooked judge and you have a whirlwind story...Texas style. This was an endearing story with many memorable characters.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love's Rescue - A most EXCELLENT read!

Love's Rescue was an EXCELLENT read. It was filled with wonderful real life characters who experienced real life challenges.

Jessica Hale lost her family when Confederate sympathizers set fire to her family's home. Jake Bennett rescues her from the fire and takes her back to his ranch deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains to care for her and to keep her safe from those who ment to kill her. Jessica holds resentment toward Jake because he didn't rescue her family. She makes several attemps to escape the ranch and return to Carson City but each time she is caught and brought back to the ranch by Jake or one of his men. Can Jessica get past her resentment toward Jake to see that he was only acting in her best interest? Can Jake get past his own loss by helping Jess get past hers?

This was one of the most enjoyable stories I've run across. Jake was a "Yummy" hero that was strong and commanding yet tender and gentle. Jessica was a worthly heroine who was full of grit and spunk yet soft at heart. The ranch hands were completely delicious. All of them honorable and loyal to Jake as well as Jess.

I highly recommend this book. Tammy Barley holds your interest throughout the book as she paints a picture of ranch life in the 1860s with it's triumphs and set backs. I am SO looking forward to Book 2. Great Job Tammy!!!

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