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Rikki Allen hasn't had much to do with her family because she didn't like the family business. Her father is well known as a big crime boss. When she returns home to visit her ailing mother and catch up with her best friend, she walks in to find her best friend dead. Blain Kent was out walking after Thanksgiving dinner and thinking about the strained relationship with his father when he hears a gun shot and a woman's scream. While investigating what happened, he realizes the victim looks a lot like the woman he's helping. Blain suggests he take her some place safe and when she gives him the address, he realizes that she's the daughter of Franco Alvanetti, the well-known crime boss. Blain has wanted to take down the Alvanetti family for a long time but now it’s become complicated. He not only has to protect Rikki but he finds himself developing feelings for her and she for him. Before they explore anything further they need to figure out why someone wants Rikki dead.

This was one of those stories that once you pick it up it's hard to put down. It starts off with a bang, literally, and from there you'll find yourself trying to solve the crime right along with Blain and Rikki. The characters were well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them. Blain was a very upright guy who lived by high code of ethics. Though he's a little head strong, he's someone I would definitely want on my side. I really liked Rikki. She was a down-to-earth kind of gal who desired to live a simple life. She's someone who liked investing in people and tried to believe the best about them. You'll find the faith element in the story to be very natural to the characters which I appreciated. The twist at the end caught me by surprise which always enhances the story for me. Although this is a holiday themed story it's one you could really be read any time during the year. If you enjoy a good fast-paced mystery complete with likable characters, romance, and an unexpected twist, then I would definitely recommend Her Holiday Protector.

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A favorite quote:
"Rikki could feel the heat from his body. If she moved a few inches closer, she could reach out and kiss Blain. He must have felt the same way. She saw a flare of awareness in his eyes and then - And then the echo of a gun blast shattered the countryside and scared the horses into a frenzied dance. Blain did pull her close."

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Ruby Donovan has always loved Carson Thorn and was planning a future with him, that is, until Carson's family drove her away. Carson couldn't understand why Ruby left and his heart still aches. It's been twelve years but now Ruby is back to lend a hand to her aging grandmother. The feelings between Carson and Ruby are still very strong, though they won't t talk about what happened. Carson is head of the Lone Star Cowboy League and they are looking into all the thefts the ranchers have recently had. When Ruby's brother becomes the prime suspect, she longs to convince Carson that her brother has changed. Will he believe her and will they finally put to rest the problems of the past to forge a second chance at love?

This was a great start to the Lone Star Cowboy League series. The author introduces you to all the folks you'll be getting to know. This book focused on Ruby and Carson, who definitely had chemistry! Ruby was a strong, kindhearted woman who loved deeply. Carson was a rugged cowboy with a heart of gold. Someone you'd want on your side. I thoroughly enjoyed Ruby's grandmother, Iva. She was a sweet and wise lady. Ruby's brother, Derek is a guy I hope we see more of in future books. There is a faith thread running through the story and you see it lived out in a believable way. This is a miniseries so although this story has a conclusion there are some loose ends that are left unresolved. A Reunion for the Rancher definitely left me with an anticipation of the stories to follow. If you enjoy a sweet romance with a splash of conflict and a dash of mystery then I would encourage you to head on down to Little Horn, Texas and see how just how the rancher's reunion turned out. Be sure to keep a watchful eye though, there have been a lot of thefts lately.

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BEYOND THE WAVES by Lynnette Bonner

 Taysia Green always wanted a future with Kylen Sumner but he's broken her heart one too many times.  She’s having a hard time forgetting him but knows it’s time to move on.  She's recently been dating Blaine Pittman who's not only the youth pastor but just a nice, safe and steady guy.  When Sophia Clinesmith twists her ankle at Taysia's gym and brings a lawsuit against her, imagine Taysia’s surprise when Officer Kylen Sumner shows up at her office.  Not only is he back in town, but Sophia has asked him to mediate between them.  Taysia can't afford a lawsuit so she'll cooperate with Kylen but there is no way she's letting him back into her life no matter what her traitorous heart might think.  She needs to stay strong but that’s hard to do when just the thought of seeing Ky does funny things to her insides.  Kylen loves Taysia but knows he's going to have to somehow prove to her that she can trust him with her heart.  Will she move on with Blaine or will she allow Kylen one more chance to win her heart, this time forever?

This was a sweet story about second chances.  Taysia and Kylen were interesting characters I liked getting to know.  Taysia was someone who always felt inferior and was teased.  Kylen had genuine feelings for Taysia but like most of us, when you're young you do foolish things, and in this case he went along with his friends in teasing her.  He's now a strong man of faith who knows what he wants and it’s Taysia.  I also enjoyed the secondary characters.  Blaine was a nice guy who happened to get caught in the middle.  Marie is very sweet but looking for love in all the wrong places.  The story itself was really about Kylen and Taysia working through their past mistakes to see if the Lord might have a future for them.   It’s one of those stories you can just sit back and enjoy.  For this review I listened to the audio version which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The narrator, Becky Doughty, did a great job of bringing the story to life.  The Audible version is very convenient because you can be working on your to-do list while engaging in a good story.  So if you’re someone who likes a sweet story and the ability to do two things at once, I would definitely recommend the Audible version of Beyond the Waves.  I’m looking forward to Marie’s story in ‘Caught in the Current’.

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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