Monday, December 28, 2009

Will Hearts Awaken?

Ellie Kilmer has spent her life caring for her parents. In her thirties and well past marrying age she finds herself being shuffled off to her cousins house. He finds her a temporary job with a widower Jackson Smith caring for his two boys. After being hurt by his first wife he decides that love isn't the answer but Ellie is good with the boys and trustworthy. So he proposes a marriage between them in name only. He would have someone care for his boys and she would have a home to call her own. Can two hurting people find love together with God's help or will fear, pride and an old flame get in the way? I loved this story. The chemistry between the main characters was totally tangible. The emotions and feelings of Ellie and Jackson were right-on. The dialog seemed true to life. I loved the inner strength Ellie displayed and the way she trusted God through everything. She was honest with Jackson even when he didn't want to hear it but she did it lovingly. Jackson was a wonderful tortured hero. He had so many buried hurts that affected how he reacted to Ellie. But he really didn't set out to be cruel. Another thing I appreciated about this story was the fact that Ellie was a plain girl but beautiful in heart. This story kept me turning page after page. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who is The Lightkeeper's Daughter?

Addie Sullivan is content with her life at the lighthouse. She misses her father who is deceased and has a strained relationship with her mother. One day a wounded fellow shows up at the lighthouse. As Addie tends his wounds he spots her locket and realizes exactly who she is. Julia Eaton, the missing daughter of Henry and Laura Eaton. He insists that she return to the Eaton Estate with him to act as a governess to his nephew Edward while he tries to convince Henry that Addie is really Julia. When she arrives at the Eaton Estate she meets John North (Edward's father). They are immediately attracted to one another. Then there's an attempt made on her life and she finds some secret messages that lead her on a merry chase that doesn't let up until the end of the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing tale. The cover of the book is beautiful and made me want to seek the adventure inside! The characters in the story came across as very real to me. I loved Addie's personality. She was a no nonsense kinda gal who clung to her faith. But what will happen when that faith is tested? John was a great hero. He was kind, gentle and loved his son. There was a very real chemistry between him and Addie. The whole mystery surrounding the story was great and you really don't figure it out until the very end, which I love. If you like romance, mystery and suspense you will love this story.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Love a Battlefield where you can win?

Kristy's life has been turned upside down. Her fiance, Mark, left her at the alter, she went on what should have been her honeymoon alone and now she returned to find that her job has already been filled by someone else. Ace Kennedy is her replacement. He has a particular reason for hiring on at the park but is keeping it a secret. When vandals spray paint some of the monuments Kristy and Ace are thrown together on a few stake-outs where they begin to learn about each other. Kristy finds herself drawn to Ace but refuses to risk her heart again. Ace knows that Kristy doesn't believe in true love. But can he change her mind? Will Kristy ever learn to trust with her whole heart no matter what.

I really enjoyed the story. Kristy was a believable heroine. I would feel like she did had I been through what she had. She was full of life and lots of fun. Ace was a sweet and gentle hero. Just plain a nice guy. The two went together good.

If your looking for and easy and fun read, you won't be disappointed.

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Excellent Medieval Tale...

The feud between Merclif and Cardel has gone on for years. King Henry is tired of it and demands that Alaric, Baron Merclif, be wedded to Cardel's daughter Helena. Alaric doesn't see how he can bring an enemies daughter into his house but he really doesn't have a choice. Then Helena over hears her father discussing how they plan to overtake Merclif on their wedding night. Kill Alraric and herself. Force Alaric's mother (Margaret) to marry him and take over Merclif. Helena knows she must tell Alaric but doesn't know if she can trust him. If he is able to stop the plan will he dissolve the marriage and send her back to Cardel? Will Helena ever overcome her fear and shame that her father inflicted on her? How can any man see past her hideous scars and truly love her for her?

This was a beautiful tale told with a great deal of depth. Alaric was a wonderfully flawed hero. One who was strong both in body and character. He served his people well and they loved him with their full devotion. His biggest flaw was that he relied on his own strength and not the Lords. He had a need to control everything around him. Helena was a wonderful heroine. She was of a quiet spirit but had a strong inner strength. She was abused by her father and brothers. In fact her father cut her face which left a terrible scar. She knew that if her heavenly father was like her earthly father then surely He didn't love her.

I loved the tale of these two main characters although the secondary characters were wonderful too. Alaric's mother, Margaret, was a very wise woman. One of great spiritual strength. Lord Robert Wyham, emissary for the King is also a very wise man who knows the Lord. He is immediately drawn to Margaret. There is also Damien Langston who used to work for Cardel and because of his love for Helena has protected her when he could. The romantic tension is wonderful. There was a lot of spiritual truths wrapped up in a story that you cannot put down.

I highly recommend this book. If you like Julie Lessman or DeAnna Julie Dodson you will love this story. I believe this is the authors first novel but I hope it will not be her last.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What happens when you wish upon a star?..

Paige Brookhart has suffered years of abuse at her husband Justin's hands. But when she sees that he really means to kill her she flees with her two daughters. Finding herself on a lonely road in Denver with car problems she's not sure what to do. Enter Lance Parrish, a rancher who has some deep hurts of his own. When he sees her black and blue marks he offers to help Paige but time has taught her the fear of men. She finally agrees to let Lance bring her and the girls back to his ranch. There she meets Maggie (Lance's housekeeper/second mother) and the other ranch hands. They are all very kind to her and she feels drawn to stay. But even after Lance offers her a job (so Maggie can take an extended vacation) she turns him down and asks to go to a woman's shelter. There she meets Carolanne who helps her through a lot of her feelings and emotions. After several weeks of not finding work she decides to give the ranch job a try. She starts to settle in and feel like she belongs. Her girls are finally beginning to bloom from the freedom they're experiencing. Lance and Paige are beginning to have feelings for one another. Can Lance get past his loss and return those feelings? Meanwhile Paige's husband is killing mad and will stop at nothing to find her and make her pay for her disobedience. Will he be able to fine her? Will Paige find the strength to fight the man who has inflicted so much terror in her life and the life of her girls? Will she learn what real love is?

This was good story. The characters were very well drawn. You felt Paige's fear and apprehension. Justin was the consummate evil villain. He was a scary guy. Lance was a great hero. Strong and tender. The ranch hands were great too. I loved the secondary character of Maggie. Her personality shined brightly off the pages. This was a new author to me but her writing reminded somewhat of Dee Henderson.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What happens in the closet, stays in the closet...

Tom and Taylor Abbott are invited to the home of their neighbor Beau Hunter, a country music superstar, for a casual party. He is interested in buying the land Taylor owns that borders his ranch. Taylor is unwilling to sell her ancestors land. The cabin that belonged Justin and Allie still remains but needs fixing up. Someday she would like to live in it again but that won't be until they put their two children through college. While at the party Beau whisks Taylor off to talk to her about selling the land and also the bridge that they've installed across the river for better access to the cattle. They cross over the bridge to the old homestead when someone knocks Beau out and as Taylor makes a run for it the men catch her too. They tie them up and take them to a deserted storage shed where they are left. They are not sure why they are left but keep thinking that someone is asking a ransom. The story that ensues is one very different that I expected. Beau and Taylor are very different. Beau is younger than Taylor. Taylor is married and has two grown children. But, when you are in a situation such as they found themselves you find there is no hiding anything. Beau has lost himself in his stardom trying to push away guilt. Taylor has a low self esteem and is always putting herself down. Together they work through many issues. But...left on the outside is Taylor's husband and two children who are worried sick. The "gossips' are making it look like they ran away together. The fans of Beau are sucking up the news with fervor. But what happens when the gossip goes to far. Will it destroy Tom and Taylor's marriage? Will Beau learn what it is that is meaningful in life?

Great historical...

Brooke Baker's life changed when her parents and sister were killed in a buggy accident. Sent to live with her Uncle Jackson she experiences daily abuse. Then there is Hank who is handsome but has also been abusive to her. Her uncle decides to send her west as a mail-order-bride and gain some money from her sale. She is to marry Jason Jordan. Jason's cousin Sky hears about his upcoming marriage and decides to step in because no woman should be stuck with the likes of Jason. So Sky meets her at the stage carrying a single yellow daisy and marries her that very day. Brooke thinks all men are alike. Unpredictable and abusive and you always need to be on your toes. Sky notices that his new wife is jumpy around him and realizes that he needs to take things slow. Will Sky show Brooke that he's a man of his word? One that she can trust? Will Brooke realize that all men aren't alike and learn to trust her husband but more importantly trust her Heavenly Father?

I really enjoy this story. It's the first book in a series. The characters and situations felt very real. In fact, some of the storyline actually came from an historical event. And let me tell you ladies, Skylar Jordan was a hero any woman could love. The kindness and love he showed to Brooke will melt your heart. I am looking forward to the next installment of "The Shepherd's Heart series. It will be Jason's story.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A tale of forgiveness...

Forgiving Sean picks up where Drawing Marissa leaves off. Hawke wants to marry Marissa but there is still so much emotional stuff that she has to deal with she turns him down. In her heart-of-hearts she's afraid that Hawke will leave her just like Sean did. Hawke knows he needs to give God time to work in her heart. But then Sean's brother, Phillip, tells them that Sean is coming home for a weekend. Sean wants to talk to Marissa, come clean with a secret he's been keeping, apologize for leaving her and perhaps win back her affection. Hawke knows the secret that Sean is keeping and decides he needs to tell Marissa before Sean does. Hawke is secure in his love with Marissa but she and Sean do share a history. Will Marissa deal with the pain of Sean's leaving and now his return, put it behind her to gain a chance of true love with Hawke. Or will it all be too much for her to bear.

Great sequel. The book kept me engaged for the whole story and at times I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. You could read this as a stand alone but I highly recommend you read Drawing Marissa first for a more complete story. Looking forward to reading Book 3 in the Chatham Series, Hawke's Tale due out in 2010.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will Marissa ever find what she's seeking?

Marissa Gladstone is a normal teen who has always been in love the local baseball hero Sean Moffit who is 3 years her senior and lives across the street. Sean has always been drawn to her too. Then one morning her whole life changes when her father is killed in an truck accident. Sean is there to comfort. Then she almost drown and Sean saves her and at that moment they both become connected. Her mom thinks too connected and forces a total separation. Then Marissa asks to attend a church youth ski trip to Vermont just to get away. But she is surprised when she meets up with Sean's friend Hawke Davies. One that just a year ago she found herself very drawn to. Hawke feels the same draw. The youth trip is all about letting the past go and allowing God to give you a fresh start. Can Marissa and Hawke both let go of the past? Is finding each other what God wants for them.

This was a great read. It kept me turning pages and you see the struggles of the teens and the frustration of the parent. I thought characters were very well drawn and anyone can relate to wanting to be loved and accepted. But if you're not looking for it in the correct place you're only in for more pain.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crystal Falls Series

This is book 2 in the Crystal Falls Series and centers around Rachel Santos. Rachel is still angry with her sister Laura and still hates men except she seems to be drawn to the good looking bad boys. Oh and she's also being stalked by someone but doesn't have a clue as to who it might be. Elliott Truman is Rachel's somewhat geeky architect boss. When she is in an automobile accident she approaches Elliott about carpooling. She notices that he is always kind to her and her girls, always thoughtful. But Rachel won't allow herself to feel anything more than she would for her brother. Or would she? Can Elliott ever forget about Rachel since she doesn't seem interested anyway? When he hears that the stalker broke into Rachel's house all his feelings come rushing back. How will it all turn out? Guess you have to read the story.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great follow-up story...

This was a great follow-up story to "All My Tomorrows". The story was equally divided between Alexa & Cole and Sydney & Trace. I loved how you were brought into the story like you were family. I absolutely loved both of these couples. The men were strong yet tender and both had a great sense of humor and were VERY romantic! When a Jamison man loves his woman look-out! Both of the women had deep issues that they were dealing with but their faith was a big factor in who they were and how they dealt with those issues. They were spunky, funny and always managed to find a little trouble here and there. I highly recommend this book. You really could read it as a stand alone but it is a much more fulfilling story if you read All My Tomorrow first. Great job Kathleen!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful Debut Novel...

Mattie Evans is a vet in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Though her family lost their land she still calls it home. Nothing can make her leave the Flint Hills or can it? Gill McCray grew up in the Flint Hills but difficult memories caused him to leave and become a quarterback for the 49ers. Nothing will make him return to Flint Hill, or is there? When Gil's horse, Dusty, is hit by a drunk driver, Mattie is called to help. She recommends the horse be put down but John McCray (Gil's estranged father) encourages Mattie to do everything she can to save the horse. When Gil returns home for a weekend visit to check on the horse he meets Mattie and sparks fly.

I loved this story and not because I'm a fellow Kansan. But because the story was filled will real people that could easily be living in the Flint Hills right now. Deborah's writing style makes you want to keep turning pages. The story is packed with lots of character interaction which I love. She also allows you to see inside each character's thoughts which is always intriguing to me. This is Deborah's debut novel but it reads like a seasoned author. This comes highly recommended. Can't wait for "Seeds of Summer". Great job Deborah!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great second book...

As Sailor Conyers comes in to work, she sees there is something amiss. She calls the police. Gabe Slone and his partner Joe are in the area and come to find out what's going on. They find Sailor's business partner and friend Charlie murdered. Gabe assigns himself Sailor's protector. Sailor and Gabe have a history together in which both had broken hearts. But the emotional pull is still very strong. As they investigate who killed Charlie attempts are made on Sailor's life. Will Sailor and Gabe be able to explore the possibility of a renewed relationship or will a bullet find Sailor first.

This was an excellent romantic suspense. I was hooked from the first page and did not want to put it down until I was finished. Sailor Conyers had a lot of reasons to be bitter and angry but always seemed to display cheerfulness and spunk. She was a strong character but not unreasonable, which I like. Gabe was a wonderful hero. He has a love for Sailor that you can feel through the pages of of the book. He is strong but tender. Those kind of heros draw me in. I highly recommend Moving Target. You won't be disappointed. You can read it as a stand alone but I suggest that you read Perfect Target first for a richer story. Perfect Target centers around Cruse Conyers (Sailor's brother). Can't wait to read the third book, Smoke Screen.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Would you be Compelled To Love a Stranger?...

Katie Montgomery thought that her life was getting better until she found out about her brother Mark's gambling debt. When Katie gets a visit from Joe saying that her brother owes his boss $25,000 dollars payable in a months time Katie is stunned. She isn't sure how she would get the money having no one to turn to. Lucas Lehman's life was blown apart when his wife was killed. But finding out about her infidelity was more than he could stand. He promised to never to let his heart become involved ever again. At the wedding of a friend he sees Joe and relates that it would be nice to have a wife without the emotional attachment. Joe, knowing that Lucas is well off, says that he might just know how to arrange his fantasy. He explains that Katie needs a good bit of money and he would get his "wife" and someone to run his home in return. Katie seeing no other way out decides to agree to the loveless marriage. They fly to Vegas, marry, then he returns Katie to her home to wrap things up where she lives then she would fly to his home in Illinois. While still at her home Katie's friend encourages her to come to church and Katie finally agrees. There she meets the Savior. How that moment will make a difference in her life and that of Lucas is the heart of this story.

This was a fantastic read. So many spiritual truths. Katie is a woman with strength of character. One who always was trying her best despite her discouragement. Lucas was such a bitter man who had closed himself off from feeling much of anything except anger. I was glued to the pages as the story unfolds right up to its satisfying conclusion. If you have ever had a struggle with fully trusting the Savior or showing love to someone who doesn't return that love, then you will easily relate to this story. I think Katie can teach us all some valuable lessons. Highly recommended.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Romantic and Uplifting Story...

Alexa Turner has experienced heartbreak. Her and her father are both vets and work together as a team. After her father is dies in a fire she feels she needs a change in her life. She sells the business and the family home and moves to Kentucky to work with an old friend of her fathers. She is to stay in the guest house of a friend who just happens to be a very single ranch owner. Cole Jamison is tired of everyone, especially his own mother, trying to set him up with potential "wife" candidates. After he agrees to let Alexa stay there he starts having second thoughts picturing a man crazy woman who will do her best to win him over. Will Alexa find the peace she's looking for? What is Cole's reaction to Alexa? Is she everything he thought she'd be?

This was a wonderfully romantic story. Oh my goodness, Cole was a very yummy hero! Strong and extremely thoughtful and caring. Alexa was a wonderful heroine. She was strong, kind and had a wonderful sense of humor. I also loved Cole's brother Trace. He added some special spice to the story. I look forward to reading his story in Echoes of the Past. I highly recommend this story. It's an enjoyable and uplifting read.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Love is in the air in Turtle Creek...

Jodi Williams wasn't happy about moving to Turtle Creek. She was a Chicago girl who wanted a job with the Tribune not a small town paper. But she also wanted a chance to get away and heal her broken heart after her best friend married her boyfriend. The story opens with her almost hitting a dog when coming into town then watching as the dog was struck by another driver who keeps driving. As she is comforting the dog trying to figure out what to do along comes Josh Thomas who just happens to be a vet. The attraction is instant. Josh's receptionist, Della, notices the attraction too and out comes her claws. She has her cap on Josh and is willing to do anything to keep him away from Jodi. Will Jodi only find heartbreak in Turtle Creek? Will Josh win the girl of his dreams?

This was a delightful addition to the Turtle Creek Series. I love Robin's writing and the way she uses words. She holds your attention through the entire book. Jodi is someone we can all relate to. She is sweet, kind and caring but doesn't feel loved. Josh is a VERY romantic hero. A man who is thoughtful, kind and truly listens. I'm sure we have all experienced a Della in our lives but I love the way Robin handled her as well. Although not a suspense the twist toward the end was not what I expected which made it even better. You also get to see all the characters from the Christmas Edition which is fun. You don't need to read the Christmas Edition to have The Valentine Edition make sense but I highly recommend reading them in order for a richer story.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love those MacIntyre Men...

Lisa Berthoff had watched her two sisters marry two of the three MacIntyre men. Now they have a gleam in their eye as they look at Lisa and Adam. But Lisa and Adam have no intention of becoming anything "together". Not only would it be strange for three sisters to marry three brothers, both have been hurt and betrayed in previous relationships. Then Lisa (as a photojournalist) is given the assignment to do an article on the grand opening of a guest ranch "romantic getaway". Imagine her surprise when she finds out Adam is the owner. He wants nothing to do with the article. Lisa needs this article to obtain a full time job. As they work together toward the grand opening hearts begin to change. Will they be willing to take a chance on love?

This was a delightful story. Lisa was an energetic, spunky heroine who built a shell around her heart to keep from getting hurt. Adam was a very romantic hero. Strong yet tender. He could cook too! The family dynamics was really fun. This is book 3 in the MacIntyre series and it makes me want to go back and read the first two books. The story kept me turning pages to find out how it would all turn out.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's going on in the Bayou?...

Bayou Paradox (Book 4 in the Bayou Series) continues the story of the LeBlanc girls but centers around Tara LeBlanc (Coco & Alyssa's sister) and Sheriff Bubba Theriot. When Grandmere and Tanty are found unconscious, they are rushed to the hospital. The doctors can't figure out why they are in a coma or what exactly is wrong. Tara resorts to her Voodoo background and tries to prepare a healing potion. It's there by the work shed that she sees strangers in the Bayou. They say they are there to gather information on the plants but Tara thinks they're trouble. Are they friend or foe? Does this have anything to do with her Grandmere and Tanty? The sheriff is trying to gather the facts but Tara seems to be getting into trouble at every turn. They seem to be at each other throats and yet there is a strange sensation pulling at their hearts. Is there a future for these two?

This was a great addition to the series. All the characters from the first 3 books are part of this story. I highly recommend you reading them in order to get a more complete story.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will There Be Judgment in the Bayou?...

Bayou Judgment picks up about a year after Bayou Corruption. All the main characters are in this book except the story centers around Felicia Trahan (Luc's sister) and Spencer Bertrand. Felicia works at a crisis center with Pastor Bertrand. When Jolie (a friend and co-worker of Felicia) is found murdered they begin looking for killer. Spencer is trying very hard to keep his past hidden. He know from past experience that people are not really very forgiving. Now his carefully planned life is about to fall apart. Felicia has begun to have feelings toward the good Pastor but how will she feel when she finds out what he's done?

The story definitely keeps you engaged from cover to cover. There were several parts where I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. You put together the clues along with Felicia to find who killed her friend. The romantic tension between Felicia and Spencer was done very well. You feel the strong pull toward each other but both are afraid to voice their feelings. Felicia is a great heroin. She is strong and spunky yet very sensitive, warm and caring. Spencer was a great tortured hero. He was full of strength and passion.

This was another great addition to the Bayou series. I recommend you read the books in order to follow the big story. Bayou Justice, Bayou Corruption then Bayou Judgment. Great job Robin!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Mystery in the Bayou...

This is the second installment in the Bayou Series and one that doesn't let up on the action. Alyssa LaBlanc (CoCo's Sister from Bayou Justice) has returned home because her grandmere has had a heart attack. She really doesn't consider it home because of the memories it holds. Jack Devereaux has come to town to help his friend, Bubba, the police chief. The chief seems to feel there is a mole in his midst. Now he is in the hospital fighting for his life. Alyssa and Jack work together to dig for the truth of what happened to Bubba but find much more than they expected.

Bayou Corruption was better than Bayou Justice. There was so much going on in this story but never too much to keep it straight. Alyssa is a great heroin in that she is strong but struggles with her self-worth. She also struggles with self imposed guilt over the loss of her parents. Jack is a great hero. He's strong and yet very tender where Alyssa is concerned. The other thing I really enjoyed about the story is it picks up where you left off in Bayou Justice. You see all the characters you met in book 1 so it almost reads like one big story.

Looking forward to reading Book 3, Bayou Judgment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cajun Suspense...

Coco LeBlanc and Luc Trahan were engaged to be married until Luc broke it off. Since then they do their best to avoid each other. But it's pretty hard to avoid each other when Luc's uncle is throwing CoCo's family out of their home. Then Luc's uncle is murdered. CoCo finds the body and later finds the murder weapon. The murder weapon implicates Luc. As CoCo and Luc work together to find out who really killed his uncle they find much more than they bargained for.

Bayou Justice was a great mystery. You didn't know who the killer was until the very end.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things heat up in Bullard, TX...

Jack and Charli used to be an item. That is until Charli dumped Jack and married Vince. She soon found out Vince was not all he said he was. After leaving Charli and their daughter Bonnie, Charlie returns home to Bullard, TX. The spark between her and Jack is still strong but she seems to be holding him at arms length. When she's accused of embezzling money from the bank where she works, Jack, as police chief, comes to arrest her. Is Charli guilty? If not then who could it be? Will she allow Jack to help her?

Jack was a great hero. He was not without his problems but he was a stable person and harbored a great love for Charli. He was careful not to be hurt again but was willing to forgive Charli.

Charli Friedmont is an unsure heroin. She struggles with her feelings for Jack. She is careful not to depend on him too much. She is portrayed as a real person. Someone who might be your friend.

What will happen when it looks like Jack's attention and care is directed to his beautiful widow neighbor? Will Charli reveal her true feelings to Jack? Will she step aside for the neighbor? Or will she be alive to make that choice?

Texas Heat is Book 1 in Debra's new Lone Star Intrigue series. It does keep you turning pages. You know who the villain is but you are kept wondering when he'll strike. Great start to the series. I Will be looking for Book 2, Texas Pursuit.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Set Sail with the Blue Enchantress....

The Blue Enchantress picks up where the Red Siren left off. Hope Wescott longs for love and acceptance but seems to be looking in all the wrong places. She follows Lord Faulkland after he spoke to her of a future together but finds herself on the auction block being sold to the highest bidder. (and the bidders were none too appealing). Captain Nathaniel Mason has been drawn to Hope for quite some time. He knows she is not the type of woman he would ever pursue, she reminds him of where he came from. However, when he sees Hope being auctioned-off he knows he can't just leave her there. He sells his ship to pay for her and with very little money left finds passage for both of them back to Charles Towne. From that point on, it's a high seas adventure you cannot put down complete with shipwreck, pirates and God's faithful and watchful care. Will Hope find the love she so desperately longs for? Will Nathaniel ever see Hope as the Lady she so longs to become?

This was the second installment of the Charles Towne Belles series and it was a page turner! I love how MaryLu always writes characters that are so real and believable. (and fun) No perfect heros in her books only honorable flawed ones. The story presented so beautifully the picture of God's unfailing love for us. The end of the story leaves you wanting for the next installment. aarrgg! You could read this as a stand alone but I recommend you read The Red Siren first for a much fuller story. Highly recommended.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny and Touching...

Claire is an everyday girl who is of the opinion that she's not really worthy of the love of a good man or any man really. Sam is new in town having just moved away from a past he would rather forget. They first meet in the ER when Claire has an accident with a skateboard and Sam is the ER nurse that's on duty. When she thinks she's dying and thinks he's a doctor (hilarious scene) she reaches up, grabs Sam's shirt and kisses him full on the lips trying to fulfill her mother's wish for her to meet a doctor. She is horrified when she sees Sam standing in the church lobby as memories of the ER assault her. How could she face him again? Besides a good looking specimen like Sam would never be interested in her. As Sam pursues her she finds herself loving the attention and maybe dreaming just a little of what life would be like with a man like Sam. But what happens when Sam's past blows into town?

I thoroughly enjoyed Claire's Not So Gothic Romance! Bonnie's writing was crisp and the zippy dialog kept me turning pages. Claire was easy to identify with and Sam, well who couldn't fall in love with Sam! The story was both funny and touching. It's one you won't want to miss.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Gritty, Honest and Soul-Stirring Journey

Deputy Benjamin Patil and his wife Abbi have been dancing around issues in their marriage for awhile but since Ben's return from his tour in Afghanistan it seems to be pretty hopeless. Each have closed themselves off from the other to avoid being hurt yet they each crave the closeness they once knew. They have nothing left...not even their faith. Then one day Ben finds an abandoned newborn in the woods. With no leads as to whom the baby belongs Ben and Abby take the baby in. They name her Silvia and as they both care for her day-by-day she becomes a kind of healing balm for their wounds especially Ben. What will happen to them if they find the mother of the baby? And what of the father? Will Ben and Abby reclaim their faith and fight for their marriage?

I found this story to be gritty, honest and soul-stirring. The characters were VERY realistic and I found the dialog to be true to life. Even the secondary characters were very well drawn. It was somewhat of a dark tale yet filled with the light of hope in what God can do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Wonderfully Warm Story with bit of Mystery

The Christmas Edition was a wonderfully warm story although you could sure feel a nip in the air. The story centers around two main characters, Lucy Collins and Joe McNamara. I just loved Lucy and her family. It made me want to live in Turtle Creek. And Joe was such a yummy hero. There was so much mystery surrounding him that I absolutely had to keep reading and find out what his story was and how it was connected with Lucy. The secondary characters were very quirky and fun. Robin made me feel like I was right there. I could almost reach out for a drink of hot chocolate. Don't wait 'til Christmas to read your edition of the book, read it now. I promise you won't be disappointed! Can't wait to read The Valentine Edition.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Will is be Raven or Abby...

Raven Stevenson needed a break to get her life together. What better place than Lakeview, Virginia. She wants to reconcile with her brother and come to terms with great hurts from her past. She didn't expect to find friends or a long ago unsolved Lakeview mystery. She also didn't count on meeting up with handsome writer Shane Montgomery or his old Aunt Abby who is suffering from dementia. Abby thinks Raven is a girl from her past that she knew and begins to talk in riddles revealing little tid-bits of secrets long ago. What does it all mean? It must mean something because someone is out to silence the past? Who is it? and are they after Raven or Abby? Will Raven come to terms with her past in time to have a future with the Shane?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is a good name worth?

Tracy Dixon is a good person or is she? She moved from her small hometown of Allerton to New York City because of rumors her ex-fiance spread. Now they are questioning her about some jewels that were stolen. She then receives word that her brother has been in a very serious car accident. She heads back to Allerton and runs into Chief of police Leif Ericson. He decides to keep a close eye on her to see if she will lead him to her accomplice. Leif vows not to be fooled by a pretty face as he was in the past. His bad knee is a constant reminder. But the more time he spends with Tracy the picture of her being a thief just doesn't ring true. How will Tracy prove she's not guilty, earn back her good name and gain the trust, respect and perhaps love of one handsome police chief? This was new author to me but I thought she did a great job.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Protector's Promise...

Grayson Sinclair has decided family life wasn't for him until he meets his neighbor, Honor Malone. She's a widow with a daughter and her sister-in-law living with her. Having had a difficult marriage she wards off Grayson every chance she gets. Honor came to Lakeview, Virginia to start a new life and leave bad memories behind. Very soon after moving in though she starts receiving stranges gifts and phone calls. Who is after Honor? Will Grayson and Honor each let down their defenses and learn to trust?

This is book 2 in the Sinclair Brothers series. It was good but I liked The Guardian's Mission much better. I really never felt endeared to Honor. She was kind of a downer. Grayson was a good hero though. He continued to be persistant with Honor but I never really knew why. I was also disappointed that there was never any interaction with Tristan and Martha. They were mentioned only once. I guess I expected to have Grayson call on Tristan's experience in helping catch the stalker. Or just general family interaction as we had in book 1.

All-in-all is was a good read. It could be read as a stand alone even though it is part of a series.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A great fast-paced romantic suspense...

Martha Gabler has just broken off her engagment and wants some time alone is her father's isolated cabin in the mountains. When she goes inside she hears a noise and realizes someone's in there with her. She fights and tries to get away but in her ear he tells her if she doesn't play along they will both wind up dead. She does play along and soon finds out that he (Tristan Sinclair) is an ATF agent working undercover. When Gordon Johnson escapes police Tristan sets himself up as guard to Martha knowing that Gordon would come after his only witness. Will Gordon come after Martha? Will Tristan be ready? Is Martha the only thing that Tristan is guarding? Will Martha find the future she's looking for?

This was a REALLY good story. Shirlee defines her characters so well. The dialog is snappy and she really motivates you to keep turning pages. Martha is strong and yet she struggles with things that you and I experience. Tristan is a great hero who is strong and protective yet apprehensive of a relationship because of his job. I HIGHLY recommend this story for anyone who enjoys a fast paced story. Full of suspense, romance and humor. I loved Tristan's family and can't wait to read Grayson's story.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

An enjoyable western romp...

From the outside Cassie Griffin looked like she had everything. A nice house, silk dresses and all the pretty things money could buy. Everything that is except a loving husband. Griff was a rough man who always made his "china doll" feel unworthy. Then one day Griff dies. Cassie is left pregnant and penniless. Because the preacher is in town they feel like she should marry up with one of the cowboys. Her choices are not too great (especially a rich ranchers son named Wade Sawyer) but when Red Dawson steps up to the plate she agrees to marry him. Red is a fine man who slowly teaches Cassie how a real man should love his wife. Can he help her become more than just a submissive mouse? Will Cassie ever feel worthy of Red's love? And what will happen when Wade decides that the "china doll" should belong to him?

This was a very enjoyable story. I fell in love with Red. Who wouldn't! The secondary characters were interesting too. Especially Belle. The rough and tough gal who always manages to marry worthless men. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of her. As with all of Mary's books she mixes a generous portion of humor, mayhem and a dash of suspense.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Win Cami Checketts new book...The Sister Pact

Cami is holding a drawing for her latest book. You can use this link to find her blog and see the rules for entry.

The contest ends August 8th so be sure to head over there soon.

While there... you can get a preview of "The Sister Pact". I have read Cami's other books "The Fourth of July" and "The Broken Path" so I know this one will be great!

Wildcard is most certainly a wild ride...

Ivy Dillion was a Washington Intern. At a party she meets a great looking green-eyed guy, she calls whatzhisname. He ends up popping up in unexpected places. One day Ivy and her boss, Geneen Waters, overhear a conversation they shouldn't have. Ivy thought nothing more about it. When her Intership was complete Ms. Waters give Ivy a gift and she returns home. She then goes to work for an old friend who's running for office. When she finds some large discrepancies in the petty cash records she knows something shady is going on. One of the body guards gets rough with Ivy and it's then she decides to quit. She goes back to her folks house where she finds some FBI guys who are there to take to her to a safe house. One of the men was whatzhisname. This sets off a series of events that keeps rolling until you close the book. I was GLUED from start to finish and I have to say that I was NEVER really sure who to believe were the good guys and the bad guys.

This is an EXCELLENT READ. I promise that once you start this book you will NOT put it down. Ivy Dillion was a wonderful character. She was down-to-earth, funny and smart. I loved the way Robin let you get inside her mind to see the way she thought things through. I found myself agreeing with her reasoning. I say this is a keeper to be enjoyed over and over.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coral Isle is a dangerous place to vacation...

Cali Stevens is a reporter. Her best friend has disappeared while on vacation in Coral Isle and she wants some answers. Who better to give her those answers than Sheriff Nick Justice. Only trouble is he won't tell her any details and encourages her to return home and let him do his job. As she starts her own investigation she not only runs into to dead-ends but keeps running into Sheriff Nick and Deputy Owen. She's very attracted to Nick but something about Deputy Owen doesn't sit right with Cali. And why does she get the weird feeling that someone is watching her? As she gets to know Nick better will she learn to trust him? Who will be next to be abducted? How can they find who's responsible when they have very few clues?

This was another great story by Wendy. She kept me turning pages and wondering who had done it. She always has snappy dialog and I loved the interaction between Cali and Nick. I really appreciated that Cali was spunky and very independent but not to the point that was beyond reason. Nick was a wonderful hero who appreciated Cali for who she was (though she frustrated him) (smile). I also loved the secondary characters. This is a great read and highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to Wendy's next read.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Love's Pursuit

Susannah Phillips lives in a Puritan community. She loves her family and friends. She's hoping soon to settle down and start a family of her own with John (but he has yet to ask). Then Daniel (the Captain) comes to help protect them against the savages and throws Susannah Phillips' world into a tailspin. She is drawn to him because he makes her laugh and feel things she's never felt before but according the the "puritan" way of thinking he is a heathen. Then there is Simeon. He is not what he seems and more. His sights are set on Susannah. Who will win her hand? Or is her future chosen for her? Will she discover what real love is? How does a woman Small-hope help her?

This was a good story but in the beginning was a bit confusing to read because both Susannah and Small-hope were written in first person. I have to say that I fell in the love with Daniel. He's the one that made me keep reading. The ending was good but very bitter-sweet for me. All-in-all in was a good read and worth the time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Very Fun and Sweet Story!

Delphine D'Arleux has a dream to open a chocolate shop. Using most of her savings to travel to Belgium to learn the proper way to make chocolate. While there she runs into a very handsome American name Brad Larsen who gives her a kiss and in return receives a slap.

Because of a computer error the airline says that Delphine doesn't have a return ticket home. She tries to gain money from her account only to find her parents have drained it out. She's got no money and no way home. Or does she?

Brad and his parents are at the same terminal waiting to return home. Brad finds out about her situation and his father pays for her ticket and takes her home. Brad is intrigued by Delphine and continues to help her realize her dream by his father loaning her the money to open the chocolate shop.

Is Brad just being nice to help her out? or does he expect more than just a monthly payment? Is Delphine just going along with liking Brad because she feels like she has to to secure the loan from his family? Both are insecure. Will they open up so each can see the others heart?

What a very "sweet" and fun story. Who could not like a story about chocolate.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book 4 in the Texas Hearts Series...

This last book in the series belongs to Brock Gentry. The handsome cowboy who writes music and plays guitar. He's looking to make a CD with tracs of his songs to have available to show the recording companies. Enter Josie Tibbs. She's a sound engineer and she's good at what she does. Brock wants her. She's very leary of Brock but he finally gets her to agree. After he wins favor and is ready to travel to Nashville he asks Josie to go with them as his sound engineer. She reluctantly agrees. Josie knew what to expect being part of the crew, she'd been there before. But...what she didn't expect was Brock's rock-solid, attentive ways toward her. Their feelings are growing for each other but what will happen when they reach Nashville? Will he be awarded a recording contract? Can he live with the stipulation made by the recording company?

I really enjoy this book. I loved Brock's strong yet tender personality. This story will pull at you heart strings. I highly recommend it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book 3 in the Texas Hearts Series...

This installment is Cody Gentry's story. Being blinded after an accident leaves full-of-life Cody depressed and withdrawn. Months of not doing the things he loves is more than he can take. Pushing people away seems to be his business these days. Enter Lyssa McElhannon. She was blinded for 25 years but through a new high-tech surgery she gained her sight and now trains guide dogs. Cody's father paid a handsome price for Lyssa to come to the ranch for a month with a trained guide dog to train Cody on how to utilize him. Sparks fly when these two meet. He is a cowboy with a nasty attitude and she is one determined young lady. Slowly you see them both changing and growing. Can Lyssa get him out of his depression and help him find life even in the darkness? Will the upcoming surgery be successful? Will it really matter if Lyssa plans to return to the Guide Dog School? Another good book. Looking forward to Book 4.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great little story...

Emma Hayes has traveled the world and done many things but her heart longs to be planted in one place and have a real family. Travis Taylor is now a doctor but he also longs for a family as memories of Emma Hayes haunt his mind.

When Emma adopts twin girls from an orphanage she takes up residence in a house her parents own in Galveston. She also remembers Travis Taylor whom she once loved but her parents whisked her away before she could carry it any further. Sure that he is no long there she settles in and makes an appointment for the girls to see a doctor. Can you imagine her surprise when Dr. Travis Taylor walks into the room to examine the girls. Emma is shocked.

They both realize that their feelings are still strong but with issues of the past and so much time in between neither are sure how to handle the situation. Throw in Travis's girlfriend, Emma's ex-fiance and a crooked judge and you have a whirlwind story...Texas style. This was an endearing story with many memorable characters.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love's Rescue - A most EXCELLENT read!

Love's Rescue was an EXCELLENT read. It was filled with wonderful real life characters who experienced real life challenges.

Jessica Hale lost her family when Confederate sympathizers set fire to her family's home. Jake Bennett rescues her from the fire and takes her back to his ranch deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains to care for her and to keep her safe from those who ment to kill her. Jessica holds resentment toward Jake because he didn't rescue her family. She makes several attemps to escape the ranch and return to Carson City but each time she is caught and brought back to the ranch by Jake or one of his men. Can Jessica get past her resentment toward Jake to see that he was only acting in her best interest? Can Jake get past his own loss by helping Jess get past hers?

This was one of the most enjoyable stories I've run across. Jake was a "Yummy" hero that was strong and commanding yet tender and gentle. Jessica was a worthly heroine who was full of grit and spunk yet soft at heart. The ranch hands were completely delicious. All of them honorable and loyal to Jake as well as Jess.

I highly recommend this book. Tammy Barley holds your interest throughout the book as she paints a picture of ranch life in the 1860s with it's triumphs and set backs. I am SO looking forward to Book 2. Great Job Tammy!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

What a GREAT story...

Leah Jones and Trip Cartwright grew up together but came from different sides of the fence. (literally). They have always been best friends but Leah somehow knew that a preacher's daughter wouldn't be the kind of woman Trip would be interested in. Then Leah returns home to care for her father. When her father dies and she is given custody of a little 3 year-old-girl (who is her niece) Leah finds herself in a financial mess. Trip steps in and offers Leah something she has always dreamed about - marriage. Although he is going through some difficulties himself because of his family's company closing, he has plenty to provide for her and Missy. Will Leah accept Trip's proposal at the risk of breaking her heart knowing that it's in name only? What are Trip's true feelings? Can the two make a home together for Missy?

This was a fantastic book! I throughly enjoy the story. The characters were real people who you came to care about. Trip was a strong male lead and Leah was a great feisty counterpart. My only regret was that the book ended. I hope to see more books by this author.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sordid Past, Family Secrets along with Adventure...

Miranda Adams is a desperate woman. She's desperate to stop her employer, George Meyers, from blackmailing her any longer and desperate to find her half- sister who's somewhere in Mexico City. Spencer Meyers is George's son and knows nothing of his father's secrets. After returning home from a business trip, Spencer walks in on Miranda trying to destroy the file George has on her. In a weak moment she raises the gun at Spencer and shoots. Hitting him in the leg. Knowing that it wasn't really Spencer's fault she helps him back to her house where her mother and her care for him. When he learns of his father's blackmailing scheme he decides that he will do whatever it takes to help Miranda find her sister. Will they ever find Soledad? Is Spencer really different from his father? Spencer and Miranda are beginning to have some feelings toward one another. Is it something that is lasting? Join Miranda and Spencer on their adventure around Mexico as they eat food from the street vendors and see the sights. Another enjoyable story from Bonnie!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You'll want to stay home and read "Away From Here"

Stephen Marot and Catherine Compeaux have been friends since childhood. Stephen has always loved Catherine but Catherine's heart belongs to another. When Catherine's brother is tragically killed her father forces her to marry Stephen and flee France for the safety of Quebec. Catherine continually makes her unhappiness know to Stephen while he gently continues to love her. Will she ever lose interest in returning to France or to her "love" Gaston? Could it be that perhaps she may have more feelings for Stephen that she is willing to admit? Will the secret Stephen's keeping destroy him? Join Stephen and Catherine as they journey together in some good life lessons. Throw in a missionary priest and some Indians in a primitive wilderness setting and you have what it takes for a great historical.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Enjoyable Story

Meredith Ambrose and David Steller were childhood sweathearts until David left for his soccer career. Meredith has fond memories of David but realizes that's all she will ever have...until he ends up on a gurney in the hospital where she's a nurse. David was returning home to find Meredith but didn't expect their reunion to be at a hospital. Has David really changed his playboy ways? Meredith knows she has feelings for David but is afraid he will up and leave as before. And what about Clay. A man she met because of a run-away dog that could be a potential love interest. Where is God leading her?
This was an enjoyable quick read. The way that Bonnie writes makes you want to keep reading. I enjoyed it... I think you will too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Run the bases of emotion in Allison Pittman's Stealing Home

Donald "Duke" Dennison plays professional baseball but has a drinking habit that could end his career. David Voyant is a journalist who wants to help him and sends him home to his dad and sister to aid him with the end of his recovery. Ellie Jane (David's sister) is not real happy to have Duke living with them but begins to enjoy the quiet flirting and feeling of attraction she feels. Ned is a childhood friend of Ellie's that would like to be much more. He has loved her from afar for years. He also loves baseball and is thrilled to have his hero "Duke" Dennison in town...til he thinks Ellie might be noticing "Duke" a liitle more closely. Whom will she choose? Then there is Morris, an African American boy with a great throwing arm. Is "Duke" his ticket out of poverty?
I enjoyed this story and liked the way it was set up in the book. Each of the 9 chapters had a section from each main character. My only complaint was that Morris's sections were done in a type-font that was a little more difficult to read. But other than that the characters were very real and it had some unexpected curves along the way.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's Professional Ballet Really Like?

Elizabeth White's newest book "Tour de Force" was WONDERFUL. I loved learning about the world of professional ballet and how competative it is. What it takes to be a professional ballerina. Elizabeth provides a glossery of terms but it's not overwhelming to the story. Tour de Force centers around Gillian Kincade (Laural Kincade's little sister from Off the Record) and Jacob Ferrar. Gilly was a great character. Full of life, strong and loveable. She applied her Christian beliefs and love to those around her in a tangible way. Especially to her friend Victoria. Jacob Ferrar was a great torchered hero. A man with a past that he would like to forget. His is strong, kind and protective of those he loves. Both characters are well drawn and come to life off the pages of the book. The relationship between Jacob & Gilly was believeable and well paced. We also get to see Tucker McGaughan (Cole McGaughan's brother from Off the Record). He is vying for Gilly's attention as well. They have known each other for a long time. Who will she choose in the end? The story keeps you turning pages and there is some good romantic tension along the way. You'll also find some of that good old fashioned southern humor that you come to expect from an Elizabeth White book along with tackling some of life's tougher issues. I enjoyed Tour de Force, I think you will too.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Romantic Tension at it's BEST...

Julie Lessman has done it again! Book 3 in the Daughters of Boston series was Elizabeth's (now called Lizzie) and John Brady's story.
Elizabeth has known Brady since she was 13 and now she's almost 18 and loved him most of that time. To Brady "Beth" was like a little sister to him. They shared a love of books, scripture and just had an easy friendship.
Now that Lizzie is grown up she has her sights set on John. He loves her but won't act on it because of hidden secrets in his past. Her sisters Charity and Faith give her advice on how to turn Brady's head but nothing seems to work. Then to complicate matters Brady's twin brother, Michael shows up. He sets his sight on Lizzie. Will Lizzie take Michael because he looks like Brady or will she wait for God's direction on what she should do?
I loved this story. The romantic tension between ALL the characters was fabulous. We continue to see in the lives of Collin and Faith, Mitch and Charity and of course, Patrick and Marcy. They really all play equal rolls in the book...which I love!!! I think this was my favorite of the 3 books.
I am looking forward to the next 3 books. Great job Julie!

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