Monday, December 22, 2014


Emma Sutton is a morning television host whom everyone loves, that is until she mentions how much she hates Christmas.  The network fires her but states she can have her job back if she produces a heartwarming holiday story.  So Emma goes back home to Sugar Creek and is offered the job of Christmas event planner for the town to help draw visitors.   Emma knows this is the perfect way to get her story, until she meets the mayor; who is also her boss.  Noah Kincaid is not only Sugar Creek's new mayor but also Emma's ex-fiance.  He loves the town and it's people; most especially Emma Sutton.  Emma broke their engagement ten years ago and left Noah behind to pursue her dream.  Noah doesn't really want to work with Emma but wants to show her a good side of Christmas.  But as they spend time together working on the Christmas event, old feelings resurface.   Can Emma let go of past hurts and finally find contentment not only with Christmas but also with the one man left behind.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Sugar Creek Christmas with it's small town charm and quirky characters.   The snappy dialog will keep you turning pages and sometimes even laughing out loud, although is does have some very touching moments too.  Noah and Emma, as well as  the other town's folks will quickly worm their way into your heart.  They come across as real and genuine.  There was a honesty about this story that I really appreciated.  This is a novella but I felt fully satisfied when I came to the end of the book.  It sounds like there will be other stories set in Sugar Creek which I'm really looking forward to.   This book has a charming cover that beckons you to pay a visit to this quaint little town.  I recommend you go and get acquainted with the folks in Sugar Creek.  You'll be glad you did.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

ALL IS CALM by Colleen Coble

Lauren Everman seeks refuge at the Bluebird Ranch after she witnesses a murder but also to save a horse.  As a foster child who once experienced Bluebird Ranch first hand, she knows what a sweet haven it is.  Lauren offers to help Rick and Allie with the horses and also with kids who want to learn to ride.  Carly, a little five year who's shy and quiet, tugs at Lauren's heart.  Brendan Waddell finds himself at Bluebird Ranch over holidays to rest and recover from a gunshot wound.  When Brendan and Lauren meet the attraction is strong.  As they work together to find the truth as well as give Carly a very special Christmas, the attraction turns to something a little deeper.  The killer, however, just might not allow Lauren to celebrate Christmas.

All Is Calm is a Christmas story Colleen Coble style with mystery, suspense and of course, romance!  You are immediately drawn into the story and don't want to put it down until the very end.  I loved getting to know Lauren, Brendan and little Carly, all of whom were fully fleshed out.  You'll find lots of great chemistry between Brendan and Lauren which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The Lonestar Series is one of my favorites so when I saw All Is Calm, I new it was a must read.  It was such fun to return to the ranch and catch up with Rick and Allie again.  A message of faith and trust in God is woven throughout the story, which I appreciated.  Though this is a novella, to me it didn't feel that way.  Other than wanting the story to continue, I felt completely satisfied.  So, if you're looking for a quick Christmas read with mystery, suspense and romance, I recommend you head on over to the Bluebird Ranch, where All Is Calm...or is it??

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Callie Gentry was devastated when her father left her mother for another woman. She runs the ranch with her mom and though she would like to be married, she knows she could never trust a man because of what her father did. Dustin Lockwood has always loved Callie, so when a friend asked him to take over his job on the Gentry's ranch over Christmas, he jumped at the chance. When Callie gets stuck in the snow and Dustin comes to her rescue, she finds herself struggling with the strong feelings she's always had for him. Men always leave and she won't be a victim like her mother. Can Dustin convince her that not all men are like her father?

A Cowboy for Christmas was a cute and romantic Christmas story and one I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I liked getting to know Dustin and Callie and their history together. You could definitely understand whey Callie felt the way she did. It was sweet watching how Dustin interacted with her. This story had a faith-thread running through it and was so uplifting. Though it was a novella, I felt completely satisfied when I got to the end of the story; and I will say I loved the ending. So does Callie get 'A Cowboy for Christmas'? Guess you'll have to read it and find out!

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

SNOWFLAKE KISSES by Marianne Evans

Jackson Merritt travels to London on business for Colby Intellilink but he's also anxious to see his friend, Peter Colby. Before his first day is done, he finds himself rescuing a beautiful woman, who just happens to be Vanessa Colby. Vanessa is a personal shopper for Harrods and loves her job. She's content with her life right now, that is, until the handsome Jackson Merritt comes to her rescue. They both experience a mutual attraction and things are going pretty well, that is, until a woman from Jackson's past shows up unexpectedly in London.

I read and loved "Finding Home" so when "Snowflake Kisses" appeared, I knew it was a must-read! You'll be immediately drawn into the story and before you know it you're experiencing the sites and sounds of London. Finding Home is where we first get acquainted with Vanessa Colby. Snowflake Kisses is her story and I must say I loved catching up with her. It was also great fun seeing Peter and Lexie again as well. Jackson was a great guy. Strong and reserved yet tenderhearted. Vanessa was someone who would make a wonderful friend. Strong and loyal yet willing to speak the truth. Seeing how her new-found faith affected those around her was inspiring! I loved the chemistry between Jackson and Vanessa; it was tantalizing. One thing I appreciated about Vanessa was her discernment and the way she listened to the Lord's prompting. It was encouraging to me. So, would you like to spend Christmas in London? Snowflake Kisses is the perfect way to do that without ever having to leave your comfy chair.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Chaney Michum's dream of being an Olympic skater was crush, along with her heart, when Conner Weddington, her partner, just left town. Chaney is now raising her niece and coaching young skaters helping them reach their dreams. Conner was devastated when his mother passed away on Christmas Day but even more so when his father forced him to give up his dream. He's now returned home from the Army and working as an auto mechanic while trying to clean out and sell his father's house. When Conner and Chaney meet again, they find that though a lot has changed, their feelings for each other haven't. Will faith and forgiveness be strong enough to perhaps make this Christmas one that's unforgettable?

Christmas in the Rink is such a great little story. Filled with loveable characters, snappy dialog and a theme that everyone can relate to. It's not easy to come home sometimes, especially if you left in a troubled way, but I really found myself admiring Chaney for how she handled the situation. I'm reminded that we plan our way but the Lord directs our steps. One thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the chemistry between Conner and Chaney. It radiated off the pages. Though this is a novella, it really didn't read like one. I felt completely satisfied as I came to the end. I must say too, the cover just begs you to open the book! And once you do, you won't be disappointed if you spend "Christmas in the Rink".

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