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A PROMISE TO LOVE by Serena B. Miller

Ingrid Larsen, a young Swedish immigrant, arrives in Michigan to meet her brother. When her brother doesn't show she decides to take the job of house keeper for George and Millicent (the store owner and his wife). Joshua Hunter stops by to pay a bill and witnesses Millicent's cruel behavior toward Ingrid. He shows kindness to her and she is immediately drawn to him. After that, Ingrid fleas from Millicent and heads for her friend Hazel's house. Hazel informs her that Joshua is newly widowed and is in danger of losing his children due to allegations by his mother-in-law. In a desperate moment, Ingrid proposes marriage to Joshua. Marriage would solve both their problems. It would give Ingrid a home and Joshua would have help raising the children. But can a marriage built out of desperation ever be a real marriage? She loves her new family and wins the hearts of the children right away, but will she ever win the heart of her husband?

I am one who gravitates toward 'marriage of convenience' stories, which made A Promise to Love one that I certainly wanted to read. What I found was a complex, multilayered story, filled with real-life characters dealing with real-life situations of that time period. I loved the fact that many of the situations in the story were based on actual historical accounts and people. One being the author's grandmother. For me, that just added a extra richness to the story. One surprise to me was learning the secret that Joshua's first wife and Millicent kept. What's the secret? You'll have to read the book to find out. Ingrid is a woman that I really admired. She was smart, savvy and truly trying to be all God wanted her to be. She lived out 1 Corinthians 13 and I found myself thinking I'd like to be more like her. Joshua was a man that I liked getting to know. He was a good man but sometimes I wanted to knock some sense into him for the way he acted. But I think that's what made him flesh-and-blood real to me. This was a story that was difficult to put down once I started reading it. When I did have to put it down, I found myself anxious to pick it back up again. If you're like me and enjoy 'marriage of convenience' stories then I definitely recommend this one. A Promise to Love is the promise of a great story!

Paperback: 332 pages
Publisher: Revell; Original edition (October 1, 2012)
ISBN-10: 0800721179
ISBN-13: 978-0800721176

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Annie Wilkerson know horses and has a column in Montana Living. She hopes to one day pass the column to her baby sister, Sierra, who is taking college courses and raising her young son. Money is tight for Annie but they are making it. Then she receives word that her column was cancelled. They're starting a new lovelorn column and want to give her first chance at it. She can't turn it down 'cause she needs the money, but what does she know about love. Nothing! Dylan Taylor needs help with his treasured horse, Braveheart. Dylan is a flirty cowboy who is nothing but trouble with a capital 'T', but she agrees to work with Braveheart if he helps her with the column. As they spend more time together, Annie begins to see a different side of Dylan. One she didn't expect and it causes her to think she just may have been wrong about him. Annie stirs emotions in Dylan that have not see the light of day in a very long time. Emotions he's not sure he wants to deal with. Will these two wounded hearts be brave enough to let go and trust God with their future?

Romantic tension runs high in this last Big Sky Romance. I thoroughly enjoyed all the books in the series but I have to say The Trouble With Cowboys was my favorite. Annie sometimes drove me nuts with her wavering emotions but you couldn't help but like her. Besides, we all know how our emotions can reek havoc. I fell in love with Dylan. His sweet and flirty ways drew me in from the very start. It was absolutely delicious watching Annie and Dylan together, and believe me, I savored every moment! Can you say... yummy? Among the humor and the angst, I appreciated how the author dealt with the real life issues of pride, being judgmental, forgiveness, trusting in the Lord and letting go. Things we all deal with at some point. One thing that really jumped out at me was the message that how you grew up plays a big roll in who you are but it doesn't define your future. That's a huge encouragement for those who struggle with difficult upbringings. Denise Hunter has done it again and The Trouble With Cowboys comes highly recommended. It can be read as a stand alone but you won't want to miss the first two books (A Cowboy's Touch & The Accidental Bride). I'm sorry to see this series end. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Moose Creek and know that I will head back there at some point in the future to revisit the folks I've come to know so well.

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Original edition (October 2, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1595548033
ISBN-13: 978-1595548030

*The complimentary copy provided by Thomas Nelson through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today, I'd like to introduce you to Juliet Rossiter.  Welcome, Juliet!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  We're looking forward to getting to know you a little better.

1.  Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know. 

Well, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but...well...the night I met my husband, Kellen, I accidentally spilled champagne down the front of his suit! Let's just say I'm not the world's most graceful catering assistant!

2.  What do you do to relax? 

I love to take my Bible, or whatever book I might be reading, to the back patio and savor the aromas, birdsong and leaf chatter of my back yard in Franklin, Tennessee.

3.  What is your biggest fear?

Actually, I lived it---and by God's grace alone I survived it. A dear author friend of mine, Marianne Evans, chronicled this season of my life in the pages of her book Devotion.

4.  What gives you the greatest joy?

Oh, that's so easy!! My daughter Brittany! She's such a joy! She fills my heart and soul with the sureness of God's grace and presence!!!

5.  What drives you crazy?

::giggles:: For good and for bad, my romantic, electric, funny, sweet, intense and magnetic husband Kellen Rossiter.

6.  What three things are most important to you.

My faith, my marriage, my family.

7.  If you could go back and meet one historical person, who would it be and why? 

I would love to take a trip to the Holy Land and walk hand-in-hand with Jesus. He has seen me through so much. I would love to spend a few hours with Him and ask him questions about my life. I'd like to ask Him how I've done with the gifts He has given me and perhaps see a bigger view of how His plan played out in my life.

8.  What is one thing you'd like to change about yourself? 

I'd like to learn not to over-commit myself and stay focused on the three things I mentioned above that are so important to me: Faith, family and marriage. Becoming re-attuned to those gifts during the past year has worked miracles and wonders in my life!!

9.  What character quality do think is most important?

HONESTY. Even in the darkest of times, honesty is a pathway to so many good things!

10.  What person had the greatest influence on your life?

My mom, of course - she's so sweet and supportive, and there's my oldest sister, Marlene. Other than them, my husband Kellen has the greatest influence in my life. I've learned so much about life, and love, through the course of living out our marriage and maintaining the commitment we've made to one another.

Thanks for letting me visit your wonderful blog, Sherry! If you're ever in Nashville, you have an open-door invitation at our home!!!

Thank you, Juliet!  And thanks again for visiting with us today.  Below you'll find information about Marianne Evan's latest book, DEVOTION, and some handy links you'll want to be sure to check out!

From This Day Forward

Christian Music agent Kellen Rossiter has everything he ever wanted: A-list clients from coast to coast, a loving wife who honors and respects him, and a faith life that’s never wavered—until now.

Juliet Rossiter has the perfect life: a rewarding schedule serving the underprivileged, a husband who loves her as Christ loved the church, and a blessed future as a mother—at least that's what she thinks.

For Better or Worse

But what happens when their rock-solid marriage begins to crumble under the weight of an unexpected and powerful temptation?  How does love survive when its foundation is shaken?

'Til Death Do Us Part

When human frailty and the allure of sin deal a harsh blow to their relationship, it will take more than love to mend the shattered trust and heartbreak. It will take a lifetime of devotion.

Website link:

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Welcome Matt, we're glad you could join us today.  I'll just jump right into the questions since I know the folks are anxious to get to know you better.

1.  Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know.
Recently received my counselor's license, and now I'm working on my doctorate in psychology.

2.  What do you do to relax?
Ride horses and sit outside to play my guitar. There's nothing like being out in the open air, either on horseback, or with my guitar, or both!

3.  What is your biggest fear?
Abandonment. It all goes back to my childhood. My mom abandoned me and my brother when I was a baby and my brother was just a little kid. Makes it kind of hard to stick my neck out when it comes to relationships, 'cause I'm scared it could happen again.

4.  What gives you the greatest joy?
My relationship with God is my greatest joy and comfort, followed by spending time with Gracie, helping people, and my music.

5.  What drives you crazy?
Uptight and controlling people. While I love Gracie with all my heart, her perfectionist tendencies and over-thinking everything drive me nuts!!!

6.  What three things are most important to you.
God, the people He's placed in my life, and my music.

7.  If you could go back and meet one historical person, who would it be and why?
Without a doubt, Jesus. While I know Him now, I'd love to walk the shores of Galilee with Him and listen to Him teach. Can't think of a better blessing than that.

8.  What is one thing you'd like to change about yourself?
Definitely my tendency to stick my foot in my mouth. I really wanna help people, but I'm learning that sometimes they perceive that as me trying to "fix" them. They don't always appreciate my help, so it ends up making things worse rather than better.

9.  What character quality do think is most important?
Authenticity and being true to who you are. God created us, so when we try to be someone we're not, it's almost like we're saying God didn't do a good job, you know?

10.  What person had the greatest influence on your life?
My brother Andy. He's always looked out after me, and I wouldn't be who I am without his influence. I owe him so much.

Thanks Matt!  It's been fun having you here.  Now for some information about the author Cathy Bryant and her latest book, The Way of Grace.


Cathy Bryant is the author of the Miller’s Creek Novels—Texas Roads, A Path Less Traveled, and The Way of Grace. Her desire is to write heart-stirring stories about God’s life-changing grace. Though Texas-born, she currently resides in the beautiful Ozark mountains of northwest Arkansas with her husband of thirty years and near the world’s cutest grandson. You can learn more about her and her books at and

The Way of Grace by Cathy Bryant
(Book 3 in the Miller’s Creek novels)
In pursuit of justice, in need of grace . . .
A justice-seeking perfectionist pursues her dream of a perfect life in her hometown of Miller’s Creek, Texas. Sidetracked by the desire to be a prosecuting attorney, Grace Soldano launches into uncharted waters, making herself over to please her boss and mentor. Then a disheveled free spirit turns her perfectly ordered world upside down, challenging the concept of personal goodness. A fall from perfection leaves Grace teetering between vengeance and grace, caught in a deadly crossfire that leaves her dreams in a heap of ashes. Can she learn to joyfully accept the life God has given her–far from perfect–but one completely immersed in His grace?

Friday, October 12, 2012

THE WAY OF GRACE by Cathy Bryant

 Grace Soldano is a perfectionist. She's looking for the perfect man, the perfect job, basically the perfect life in Miller's Creek. She works for Andy Tyler, who helped put her through law school, but Andy is a defense attorney and her dream is to be a prosecuting attorney, to seek justice for her mother who was killed in an auto accident. An opportunity arises to work for a prosecuting attorney, but she gets involved in a lot more than she bargained for. Matt Tyler has loved Gracie for a long time. They're good friends but Grace would never entertain the idea of spending her life with someone who didn't fit her idea of the perfect guy. After all, the perfect guy would iron his shirt, be on time and have a long range goal for his life, right?. Not spend time on the road playing music and being a perpetual student. Matt is a great guy, just not for her. But as she walks through some firey trials, will she finely come to realize what grace is all about?

The Way of Grace is the perfect title for this beautifully written story. It was wonderful returning to Miller's Creek again and catching up with friends. But I've got to tell you, this latest installment in the series had a suspense element that took me by surprise. It was very well done and certainly kept me flipping pages! There were several unexpected twists and turns, which I happen to really enjoy. Matt Tyler was a wonderful picture of grace-in-the-flesh! He made a great hero. Grace was definitely someone we can all relate to. We may not be quite as bad as she is (ahem), but let's face it, we all have a little of her in each of us. But it's great to be reminded that God still loves us even with all our imperfections! I appreciated how the author helps the reader discover the concepts of grace, mercy and justice while keeping you completely engaged in the story. If you're looking for a great story with a timely message, then head on over to Miller's Creek to see what The Way of Grace is all about! Looking forward to Pilgrimage of Promise!
File Size: 596 KB
Print Length: 318 pages
Publisher: WordVessel Press; 1 edition (September 25, 2012)

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


Friday, October 5, 2012


Trish James is going through a very difficult time. Loosing her husband, trying to help her son cope with the situation as well as trying to make it on her own is draining the life of out of her. But she is determined to do it on her own. Even if that means leaving Miller's Creek. Andy Tyler has had a difficult life. He longs for a family of his own. Trish definitely sparks his interest and he's very fond of her son, Bo. He wants to help Trish, but she is one stubborn and determined woman. Can Andy help her see that she doesn't have to do it all on her own? Will Trish learn that trusting in the Lord with all your heart, means she does it His way not hers?

I loved this second installment in the Miller's Creek Series. This author writes straight from the heart and you can feel that as you read the story. In many ways I found myself convicted, because I know how easy it is to want to control everything instead of trusting in the Lord. Trish was a frustrating woman, but very true to life. Andy Tyler is a heart-be-still kind of hero. I loved watching him with Trish and Bo and admired how he handled things. He was a great example of living out 'trusting in the Lord'. I appreciated the message that God doesn't waste any of our pain. That's such a comfort when difficult times come along. And we all know they do. I also loved seeing Dani, Steve and Mama Beth again. It was so nice to have them play such active parts in this story too. If you enjoy a good story with a wonderful message then stop by Miller's Creek. Don't forget to bring your appetite, cause Mama Beth is the best cook around!

Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: WordVessel Press (October 18, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0984431128
ISBN-13: 978-0984431120
File Size: 430 KB

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Brian Richards has been working through lots of difficult issues over the last year. When he returns to his military career he finds himself stationed near where Taya Mitchell lives. In dealing with the loss of his leg and PTSD, one of things he did was walk away from Taya because he felt he was not whole anymore. Now he's back and ready to pursue a relationship. But a moment of time changes everything and Brian is devastated. Now angry at God and the world, he decides to return to his combat team hoping he won't survive. But before her goes, he takes a road trip to Missouri, where he remembers visiting his grandparents, in hopes of finding some kind of peace. What he finds is Mac. A woman who is dealing with her own demons. As their friendships builds, he finds himself longing for home and the possibility of love. But duty calls. Will Brian work through all the anger and pain? Will he return to Missouri and find the love and home he so greatly craves?

This was an excellent sequel to Calling Me Home. When I finished the first book I longed to hear Brian's story and how everything worked out. Once again this author delivers a great relationship-driven story. That's something that just keeps me quickly turning pages. I loved it! Seeing how the characters deal with their struggles always encourages me, in some way, on how to deal with mine. There was a twist in the story I didn't see coming and it caught me by surprise. As a reader I didn't like it, (at first) but let me tell you, it truly enhanced the story. The characters are ones that you can easily relate to. I felt like they were hometown friends. I loved how the author brought to light the fact that whatever we have belongs to God. In Brian's case, even his leg. That's a powerful message and one I think we tend to forget. If you enjoy satisfying endings, then you are in for a real treat! Though this is a sequel, you could read it as a stand alone but I would recommend you read the stories in order. It will make your reading experience much richer. I would also encourage you not to miss the author's note at the end. I'm looking forward to seeing more by this author!

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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