Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny and Touching...

Claire is an everyday girl who is of the opinion that she's not really worthy of the love of a good man or any man really. Sam is new in town having just moved away from a past he would rather forget. They first meet in the ER when Claire has an accident with a skateboard and Sam is the ER nurse that's on duty. When she thinks she's dying and thinks he's a doctor (hilarious scene) she reaches up, grabs Sam's shirt and kisses him full on the lips trying to fulfill her mother's wish for her to meet a doctor. She is horrified when she sees Sam standing in the church lobby as memories of the ER assault her. How could she face him again? Besides a good looking specimen like Sam would never be interested in her. As Sam pursues her she finds herself loving the attention and maybe dreaming just a little of what life would be like with a man like Sam. But what happens when Sam's past blows into town?

I thoroughly enjoyed Claire's Not So Gothic Romance! Bonnie's writing was crisp and the zippy dialog kept me turning pages. Claire was easy to identify with and Sam, well who couldn't fall in love with Sam! The story was both funny and touching. It's one you won't want to miss.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Gritty, Honest and Soul-Stirring Journey

Deputy Benjamin Patil and his wife Abbi have been dancing around issues in their marriage for awhile but since Ben's return from his tour in Afghanistan it seems to be pretty hopeless. Each have closed themselves off from the other to avoid being hurt yet they each crave the closeness they once knew. They have nothing left...not even their faith. Then one day Ben finds an abandoned newborn in the woods. With no leads as to whom the baby belongs Ben and Abby take the baby in. They name her Silvia and as they both care for her day-by-day she becomes a kind of healing balm for their wounds especially Ben. What will happen to them if they find the mother of the baby? And what of the father? Will Ben and Abby reclaim their faith and fight for their marriage?

I found this story to be gritty, honest and soul-stirring. The characters were VERY realistic and I found the dialog to be true to life. Even the secondary characters were very well drawn. It was somewhat of a dark tale yet filled with the light of hope in what God can do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Wonderfully Warm Story with bit of Mystery

The Christmas Edition was a wonderfully warm story although you could sure feel a nip in the air. The story centers around two main characters, Lucy Collins and Joe McNamara. I just loved Lucy and her family. It made me want to live in Turtle Creek. And Joe was such a yummy hero. There was so much mystery surrounding him that I absolutely had to keep reading and find out what his story was and how it was connected with Lucy. The secondary characters were very quirky and fun. Robin made me feel like I was right there. I could almost reach out for a drink of hot chocolate. Don't wait 'til Christmas to read your edition of the book, read it now. I promise you won't be disappointed! Can't wait to read The Valentine Edition.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Will is be Raven or Abby...

Raven Stevenson needed a break to get her life together. What better place than Lakeview, Virginia. She wants to reconcile with her brother and come to terms with great hurts from her past. She didn't expect to find friends or a long ago unsolved Lakeview mystery. She also didn't count on meeting up with handsome writer Shane Montgomery or his old Aunt Abby who is suffering from dementia. Abby thinks Raven is a girl from her past that she knew and begins to talk in riddles revealing little tid-bits of secrets long ago. What does it all mean? It must mean something because someone is out to silence the past? Who is it? and are they after Raven or Abby? Will Raven come to terms with her past in time to have a future with the Shane?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is a good name worth?

Tracy Dixon is a good person or is she? She moved from her small hometown of Allerton to New York City because of rumors her ex-fiance spread. Now they are questioning her about some jewels that were stolen. She then receives word that her brother has been in a very serious car accident. She heads back to Allerton and runs into Chief of police Leif Ericson. He decides to keep a close eye on her to see if she will lead him to her accomplice. Leif vows not to be fooled by a pretty face as he was in the past. His bad knee is a constant reminder. But the more time he spends with Tracy the picture of her being a thief just doesn't ring true. How will Tracy prove she's not guilty, earn back her good name and gain the trust, respect and perhaps love of one handsome police chief? This was new author to me but I thought she did a great job.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Protector's Promise...

Grayson Sinclair has decided family life wasn't for him until he meets his neighbor, Honor Malone. She's a widow with a daughter and her sister-in-law living with her. Having had a difficult marriage she wards off Grayson every chance she gets. Honor came to Lakeview, Virginia to start a new life and leave bad memories behind. Very soon after moving in though she starts receiving stranges gifts and phone calls. Who is after Honor? Will Grayson and Honor each let down their defenses and learn to trust?

This is book 2 in the Sinclair Brothers series. It was good but I liked The Guardian's Mission much better. I really never felt endeared to Honor. She was kind of a downer. Grayson was a good hero though. He continued to be persistant with Honor but I never really knew why. I was also disappointed that there was never any interaction with Tristan and Martha. They were mentioned only once. I guess I expected to have Grayson call on Tristan's experience in helping catch the stalker. Or just general family interaction as we had in book 1.

All-in-all is was a good read. It could be read as a stand alone even though it is part of a series.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A great fast-paced romantic suspense...

Martha Gabler has just broken off her engagment and wants some time alone is her father's isolated cabin in the mountains. When she goes inside she hears a noise and realizes someone's in there with her. She fights and tries to get away but in her ear he tells her if she doesn't play along they will both wind up dead. She does play along and soon finds out that he (Tristan Sinclair) is an ATF agent working undercover. When Gordon Johnson escapes police Tristan sets himself up as guard to Martha knowing that Gordon would come after his only witness. Will Gordon come after Martha? Will Tristan be ready? Is Martha the only thing that Tristan is guarding? Will Martha find the future she's looking for?

This was a REALLY good story. Shirlee defines her characters so well. The dialog is snappy and she really motivates you to keep turning pages. Martha is strong and yet she struggles with things that you and I experience. Tristan is a great hero who is strong and protective yet apprehensive of a relationship because of his job. I HIGHLY recommend this story for anyone who enjoys a fast paced story. Full of suspense, romance and humor. I loved Tristan's family and can't wait to read Grayson's story.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

An enjoyable western romp...

From the outside Cassie Griffin looked like she had everything. A nice house, silk dresses and all the pretty things money could buy. Everything that is except a loving husband. Griff was a rough man who always made his "china doll" feel unworthy. Then one day Griff dies. Cassie is left pregnant and penniless. Because the preacher is in town they feel like she should marry up with one of the cowboys. Her choices are not too great (especially a rich ranchers son named Wade Sawyer) but when Red Dawson steps up to the plate she agrees to marry him. Red is a fine man who slowly teaches Cassie how a real man should love his wife. Can he help her become more than just a submissive mouse? Will Cassie ever feel worthy of Red's love? And what will happen when Wade decides that the "china doll" should belong to him?

This was a very enjoyable story. I fell in love with Red. Who wouldn't! The secondary characters were interesting too. Especially Belle. The rough and tough gal who always manages to marry worthless men. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of her. As with all of Mary's books she mixes a generous portion of humor, mayhem and a dash of suspense.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Win Cami Checketts new book...The Sister Pact

Cami is holding a drawing for her latest book. You can use this link to find her blog and see the rules for entry.

The contest ends August 8th so be sure to head over there soon.

While there... you can get a preview of "The Sister Pact". I have read Cami's other books "The Fourth of July" and "The Broken Path" so I know this one will be great!

Wildcard is most certainly a wild ride...

Ivy Dillion was a Washington Intern. At a party she meets a great looking green-eyed guy, she calls whatzhisname. He ends up popping up in unexpected places. One day Ivy and her boss, Geneen Waters, overhear a conversation they shouldn't have. Ivy thought nothing more about it. When her Intership was complete Ms. Waters give Ivy a gift and she returns home. She then goes to work for an old friend who's running for office. When she finds some large discrepancies in the petty cash records she knows something shady is going on. One of the body guards gets rough with Ivy and it's then she decides to quit. She goes back to her folks house where she finds some FBI guys who are there to take to her to a safe house. One of the men was whatzhisname. This sets off a series of events that keeps rolling until you close the book. I was GLUED from start to finish and I have to say that I was NEVER really sure who to believe were the good guys and the bad guys.

This is an EXCELLENT READ. I promise that once you start this book you will NOT put it down. Ivy Dillion was a wonderful character. She was down-to-earth, funny and smart. I loved the way Robin let you get inside her mind to see the way she thought things through. I found myself agreeing with her reasoning. I say this is a keeper to be enjoyed over and over.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coral Isle is a dangerous place to vacation...

Cali Stevens is a reporter. Her best friend has disappeared while on vacation in Coral Isle and she wants some answers. Who better to give her those answers than Sheriff Nick Justice. Only trouble is he won't tell her any details and encourages her to return home and let him do his job. As she starts her own investigation she not only runs into to dead-ends but keeps running into Sheriff Nick and Deputy Owen. She's very attracted to Nick but something about Deputy Owen doesn't sit right with Cali. And why does she get the weird feeling that someone is watching her? As she gets to know Nick better will she learn to trust him? Who will be next to be abducted? How can they find who's responsible when they have very few clues?

This was another great story by Wendy. She kept me turning pages and wondering who had done it. She always has snappy dialog and I loved the interaction between Cali and Nick. I really appreciated that Cali was spunky and very independent but not to the point that was beyond reason. Nick was a wonderful hero who appreciated Cali for who she was (though she frustrated him) (smile). I also loved the secondary characters. This is a great read and highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to Wendy's next read.

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