Sunday, August 9, 2009

A great fast-paced romantic suspense...

Martha Gabler has just broken off her engagment and wants some time alone is her father's isolated cabin in the mountains. When she goes inside she hears a noise and realizes someone's in there with her. She fights and tries to get away but in her ear he tells her if she doesn't play along they will both wind up dead. She does play along and soon finds out that he (Tristan Sinclair) is an ATF agent working undercover. When Gordon Johnson escapes police Tristan sets himself up as guard to Martha knowing that Gordon would come after his only witness. Will Gordon come after Martha? Will Tristan be ready? Is Martha the only thing that Tristan is guarding? Will Martha find the future she's looking for?

This was a REALLY good story. Shirlee defines her characters so well. The dialog is snappy and she really motivates you to keep turning pages. Martha is strong and yet she struggles with things that you and I experience. Tristan is a great hero who is strong and protective yet apprehensive of a relationship because of his job. I HIGHLY recommend this story for anyone who enjoys a fast paced story. Full of suspense, romance and humor. I loved Tristan's family and can't wait to read Grayson's story.

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