Monday, October 26, 2009

What happens in the closet, stays in the closet...

Tom and Taylor Abbott are invited to the home of their neighbor Beau Hunter, a country music superstar, for a casual party. He is interested in buying the land Taylor owns that borders his ranch. Taylor is unwilling to sell her ancestors land. The cabin that belonged Justin and Allie still remains but needs fixing up. Someday she would like to live in it again but that won't be until they put their two children through college. While at the party Beau whisks Taylor off to talk to her about selling the land and also the bridge that they've installed across the river for better access to the cattle. They cross over the bridge to the old homestead when someone knocks Beau out and as Taylor makes a run for it the men catch her too. They tie them up and take them to a deserted storage shed where they are left. They are not sure why they are left but keep thinking that someone is asking a ransom. The story that ensues is one very different that I expected. Beau and Taylor are very different. Beau is younger than Taylor. Taylor is married and has two grown children. But, when you are in a situation such as they found themselves you find there is no hiding anything. Beau has lost himself in his stardom trying to push away guilt. Taylor has a low self esteem and is always putting herself down. Together they work through many issues. But...left on the outside is Taylor's husband and two children who are worried sick. The "gossips' are making it look like they ran away together. The fans of Beau are sucking up the news with fervor. But what happens when the gossip goes to far. Will it destroy Tom and Taylor's marriage? Will Beau learn what it is that is meaningful in life?

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