Monday, June 29, 2009

What a GREAT story...

Leah Jones and Trip Cartwright grew up together but came from different sides of the fence. (literally). They have always been best friends but Leah somehow knew that a preacher's daughter wouldn't be the kind of woman Trip would be interested in. Then Leah returns home to care for her father. When her father dies and she is given custody of a little 3 year-old-girl (who is her niece) Leah finds herself in a financial mess. Trip steps in and offers Leah something she has always dreamed about - marriage. Although he is going through some difficulties himself because of his family's company closing, he has plenty to provide for her and Missy. Will Leah accept Trip's proposal at the risk of breaking her heart knowing that it's in name only? What are Trip's true feelings? Can the two make a home together for Missy?

This was a fantastic book! I throughly enjoy the story. The characters were real people who you came to care about. Trip was a strong male lead and Leah was a great feisty counterpart. My only regret was that the book ended. I hope to see more books by this author.

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