Monday, September 28, 2009

Would you be Compelled To Love a Stranger?...

Katie Montgomery thought that her life was getting better until she found out about her brother Mark's gambling debt. When Katie gets a visit from Joe saying that her brother owes his boss $25,000 dollars payable in a months time Katie is stunned. She isn't sure how she would get the money having no one to turn to. Lucas Lehman's life was blown apart when his wife was killed. But finding out about her infidelity was more than he could stand. He promised to never to let his heart become involved ever again. At the wedding of a friend he sees Joe and relates that it would be nice to have a wife without the emotional attachment. Joe, knowing that Lucas is well off, says that he might just know how to arrange his fantasy. He explains that Katie needs a good bit of money and he would get his "wife" and someone to run his home in return. Katie seeing no other way out decides to agree to the loveless marriage. They fly to Vegas, marry, then he returns Katie to her home to wrap things up where she lives then she would fly to his home in Illinois. While still at her home Katie's friend encourages her to come to church and Katie finally agrees. There she meets the Savior. How that moment will make a difference in her life and that of Lucas is the heart of this story.

This was a fantastic read. So many spiritual truths. Katie is a woman with strength of character. One who always was trying her best despite her discouragement. Lucas was such a bitter man who had closed himself off from feeling much of anything except anger. I was glued to the pages as the story unfolds right up to its satisfying conclusion. If you have ever had a struggle with fully trusting the Savior or showing love to someone who doesn't return that love, then you will easily relate to this story. I think Katie can teach us all some valuable lessons. Highly recommended.

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