Monday, March 4, 2013

NOT HIS TYPE by Lisa Crane

Brooke Valentine has not lead a charmed life. She's always had to struggle. Her grandfather basically raised her but they never had much money for nice things. Brooke's grandfather left her his house and his land but he also left her his medical bills and back taxes. She's going to school but she's also working two miserable jobs to try to pay everything off. She's even sold all the land except a half acre and the house that sits on it. Her new neighbor is Travis Cooper. He ex-military and runs a security firm out of his house. The one he built next to Brookes. While leaving for school on her motorcycle, Brooke has an accident. Travis is right there to help. She looses both jobs as a result of the accident and now finds herself being chauffeured around by her handsome neighbor. She's not sure why he's being so nice to her. Anyone can see he is way out of her league. Travis is attracted to his cute, spunky and stubborn neighbor but in a sisterly way. So why does her lips continue to draw his so strongly. She's not his 'type' of girl. When Brooke starts a new job at Babycakes Bakery, Jazz Valenzuela, her boss and friend, thinks she has a way of making Travis jealous so he'll finally admit his feelings for Brooke are more than friendship. But what will happen when Travis finds out it was all a set-up?

Not His Type definitely has a place on my favorites shelf! I read the story in practically one sitting. The author draws you in from the very beginning and you just can't stop reading until the end. Her characters are full of charm and whit, along with a bit of stubbornness! Brooke was someone you felt endeared to right from the start. She's so honest and down-to-earth and truly thought little of herself. She's had to handle a lot of things on her own but never a force like Travis Cooper. I loved Travis Cooper! You couldn't help but love him. He's strong, charming, generous and very handsome! A take-charge kinda guy who is comfortable in his own skin, except where Brooke is concerned. I loved his cute little pet names for her. You'll enjoy every moment of the story and won't be able to turn pages fast enough! Oh, an if the story wasn't delicious enough, you are treated to an absolutely delectable ending! I loved it! This would make a great Hallmark movie! Lisa Crane is a new author to me, but I will definitely be seeking out her other stories!

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