Monday, March 11, 2013


Lezlie Diamond and Jordan Marshall haven't seen each other in 16 years. She's now a nurse and he's a security officer at the same hospital. When a man's wife dies his anger is vented in Lezlie direction. Jordan is there is assist and make sure she get's home okay. Jordan never new why Lezlie disappeared, and though it hurt, he's never stopped loving or thinking about her. A rush of feelings return when Lezlie sees Jordan again. He's not the boy she left behind but a very grown-up, handsome man. One that still makes her heart beat fast. But Lezlie's got a secret. One she's kept for 16 years. His name is Jaxson. What will happen when Jordon finds out what that secret is?

This was a very enjoyable story and though it was short, there was quite-a-bit tucked into 43 pages. You'll find the characters are easy to get to know. The underlying theme is forgiveness which I always appreciate. I did feel like Jordan and Jaxson were a little to quick to forgive Lezlie, although that's really how we're suppose be, quick to forgive. But I also understand the difficulty in showing the full emotions in 43 pages. It was an uplifting story and you find a happily ever after at it's end. I realized after I read Lezlie's Lifeline that it's a novella that finishes out a series. Though that's true, I was fine reading it as a stand alone. LoRee Peery is a new author to me but I would like to check-out some of her other stories.

This story is available through White Rose Publishing.

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