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Julia Wilcox's life is not exactly going as planned. The dreams of being a wife and mother were shattered when she lost her husband and her faith. Pouring herself into her work seems to give her some measure of happiness. Now she's being forced to take time off after a bad car accident. She's staying with Brian & Sara (her brother and sister-in-law whom we met in Restorations) at their B & B. Marc Dorin is a college photography teacher/freelance photographer/author who makes weekend getaways to the B & B and is good friends with Brian. Marc and Julia's first meeting is certainly, shall we say, interesting? Soon though, they find themselves very attracted to each other and perhaps heading toward love. Will Julia once again put her heart on the line only to have it broken? Will Marc discover there is much more to Julia then meets the eye? Will these two learn there are lights and shadows in any relationship?

Bonnie Blythe once again offers up another great romantic read! One that will carry you away to beautiful Buell Creek, Oregon. There you'll meet Julia and Marc who are really great characters. They are easy to get to know and sometimes very stubborn! One thing I really liked about Lights and Shadows was that Brian and Sara (from Restorations) were very much a part of the story. That really made it fun and for that reason I would encourage you to read Restorations first (though it isn't necessary for understanding the storyline). The author did a wonderful job of showing that genuine contentment and joy are found only in the Lord. That's a great message especially in today's world. If you're looking for a great romantic read with easy-to-like characters, set in a beautiful setting then I totally recommend Lights and Shadows. It's book 2 in the Oregon in Love series. (Restorations, Lights and Shadows, Milagro for Miranda). Great job Bonnie!
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