Monday, June 11, 2012

A LOVE FOR DELICIOUS by Cynthia Hickey

Delicious (Delly) Williams has only been married a short time when she finds herself widowed. She is now responsible for raising the five children that belonged to her husband. Before he died, he gave her instructions to take the land deed and the children to his brother Zeke so they wouldn't be left alone and unprotected. Most especially from a man named Ira Bodine! When she finds Zeke he's about to take a wagon train west. He asks to marry her as a way of keeping her safe but she refuses. The last thing she wants is another husband. Zeke is somewhat relieved because the last thing he wants is to lose another wife on the trail. The trek west is fraught with danger and hardships. The things they face will push them to the very limits of their faith and human endurance. Will Zeke and Delly make it to the trails end and perhaps find an unexpected love along the way? Or will they meet the same fate of so many that have gone before them?

Oh my, what an amazing story! I loved the cover and the title, so I knew I had to give it try. I'm so glad I did. This story is an absolute page-turner from beginning to end! There was something happening on just about every page. You truly feel like you're on the journey west. All the characters were larger than life and fully fleshed out. You really got to know them and face every hardship with them, and let me tell you, there was a lot of hardship! I fell in love with Zeke. He's one of those guys that just makes you want to be in trouble so he can come rescue you! Delly was someone I really admired. She was full of spunk and grit but she also had a heart full of love. There were times though, I found myself saying, "Delly, what are doing?", when she would do something Zeke told her not to, which then got her into trouble. But she usually had a good reason (at least in her mind). I loved the interaction between Zeke and Delly and though there weren't many kisses, the romantic tension was excellent! As a reader, you find yourself rooting for them all the way through. I also appreciated the spiritual truths that were so naturally brought to light in the story. You'll have to read it to find out what they are. If you're interested in traveling west, I definitely recommend you travel with Zeke and Delly in A Love for Delicious. I look forward to reading some of this author's other works.
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CHickey said...

Thank you so much for the Review! Can you go leave it on Amazon? Email me at and I'll have a gift for you :)

CHickey said...
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Sherry Kuhn said...

Thanks for stoppin' by, Cynthia! ;)

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