Saturday, June 30, 2012

A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Cynthia Hickey

Tony Thayer's dying words to his wife, Darcie, were to find the package he hid. Darcie promised herself she'd never return home, but now she must in order to find the package. There are others who are looking for the package too and they are willing to kill to get it. Darcie takes a job as a nanny for York Wardell, a widower and best-selling author. That way she'll be able to stay hidden while looking for what Tony hid. York Wardell hires Darcie because nannys are hard to come by and he needs someone to care for the children so he can meet his writing deadlines. He doesn't expect to be attracted to her but he sees how good she is with his kids. After his wife's unfaithfulness, a relationship is the last thing he wants. But when danger threatens his family he realizes there is a lot more to Darcie than meets the eye. He finds himself wanting to not only protect his family but Darcie as well. Trust doesn't come easy for either one of them because they've both been hurt. Fighting a common enemy though, causes them to stand as a united front. In the midst of such turmoil and danger, will they learn to trust the only one who can truly help them?

I thoroughly enjoyed A Secret to Die For. It was non-stop action the whole way through and there were several surprise turns along the way. I really liked Darcie. She was spunky (and sassy) but as you read the story you find out why she's that way. York was a really neat guy. I liked the way he handled Darcie. There interaction together was both fun and tender. I smiled at the way he 'encouraged' her to read the Bible! One character that was really enjoyable was York's housekeeper. She just made me smile. I liked the ending but I really wished there would have been more to it. Other than that, it was a great story. If you enjoy an edge-of-your-seat suspense with an extra helping of surprises, a side of romance and topped with a message of faith, then check out A Secret to Die For. Set some time aside though, it's a tough one to put down!
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