Sunday, May 27, 2012

RESTORATIONS by Bonnie Blythe

When Sara Andersen's grandfather passed away he left her his property which has an old farmhouse and a quaint cottage on it. She returns to Buell Creek, Oregon to stay with her aunt just long enough to fix up the house to sell. That's when she finds out that Brian Farris is living in the cottage. How could that possibly be? She and Brian were quite an item in college until she overheard something Brian said to his friend. She hasn't seen him in two years but when she does all those feelings come rushing back. Sara finds out the farmhouse needs extensive repairs and Brian seems to be the man for the job. Brian does excellent work but she's determined not to let him work on her heart. Brian is a new man since he became a Christian and is determined to win back the heart of the only woman he's ever loved. Can they each work through the issues they face and come to terms with the past to be able to forge a future or will past hurts and a old farmhouse keep them apart for good?

Restorations was a great title for this story. It was about the restoration of an old farmhouse but it was also about the restoration of relationships. The author does a great job in reminding us of the importance of not jumping to conclusions, the importance of forgiveness but most of all, to be careful of the things we do because they have an impact later on in our life. We see that with Brian and I'm sure we've all experienced that at some point. I liked getting to know Sara and Brian and enjoyed watching them dance around their feelings with each other. I particularly liked Aunt Hattie. I think she added a great element to the story. Restorations is an easy-to-read story with a great message and one I thoroughly enjoyed!
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Print Length: 177 pages
Publisher: Firefly Press Books (October 12, 2010)

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