Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sylvia Price and Denim McHart own a private investigating business together. When an investigation goes bad and Den ends up with a bullet in his leg it causes him to really think about what he's doing and how he endangered the life of his beautiful partner Sylvia (whom he loves). He tells her he is retiring early and she can run the business. To Sylvia Den is much more than just a partner. She loves him. She knows him well enough to know that he won't be happy with retirement. So, when the mayor's ex-fiance comes in asking if she can hire them to find her missing engagement ring Sylvia agrees to take the case. She instantly calls Den knowing that he can't resist solving a mystery. He agrees to work with Syl to find the ring all the while praying that she will open up to him about the secrets that she's keeping. Her former partner and best friend Orlando also loves her and wants to be more than friends. Who will win her heart and will they ever find the missing ring?

This was a great tale. It had all the things I like in a story. Great dialog, a mystery that I couldn't figure out and a great leading couple. As I was reading the story what came to mind was the TV show Hart to Hart. This story sorta had that feel to it except the lead couple are not married. I really liked how the author held the mystery a mystery until the end and then it's all laid out. I thoroughly enjoyed Denim and Sylvia. Although I was a little frustrated with Sylvia at times for not trusting Denim. Orlando was a great guy too. One thing I appreciated was the way that Denim and Orlando reacted to each other. Though they both had feelings for Sylvia they behaved like grown men. This is a story that kept me turning pages and was difficult to put down. If you enjoy a clean romantic read with a great mystery then I recommend Retired and On the Rocks. Looking forward to Love is Blind...and it Don't Pay the Bills Either. A thank you goes to the author for providing me with this complimentary copy for my review.

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