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Erin Shanley is a hospice nurse who loves hearth and home. She also loves her neighbor, Tyler Shaw. Tyler Shaw has been in love with his neighbor Erin Shanley since school days. Once upon a time they dated but when Erin witnessed all the heartache her mother went through because of her unfaithful father she broke it off with Ty and she and her mother moved away. Ty is happy when she finally returns to live in the house next door with her two younger sisters. Ty and Erin are good friends but Erin knows it can never go any further with him because he is too much like her father. Ty is out to prove that he is nothing like her father. When some psychics move into the neighborhood, life on BOring street becomes anything but boring! When the jewelry of one of Erin's patients comes up missing and then several terminally ill patients sign over their inheritance to the psychics, Erin gets involved in trying to gain information that would tie them to those incidents. Erin just might be in danger of not only losing her heart but her life!

Souls on BOring Street was the third book in the Denim Blues Series and was Tyler Shaw's story. We met Tyler in Love is Blind. He's Orlando's partner. I fell in love with Tyler! He was so quiet in book 2 that I wasn't sure about him but he really comes to life in this story. His quiet strength, gentle ways and sweet words were captivating. I loved the way he handled Erin. He was so patient with her. I liked Erin but got a bit weary of her reason for not accepting Ty's love. Especially when he had really proved over and over again that he wasn't anything like her father. I thought it was so neat that Erin loved to cook and be at home. She was a very loving and caring woman. I enjoyed watching Sylvia and Keeya seek out friendship with her. It made me want to be in the group! Yes, there is a story behind the street name but you have to read the story to find out what it is! The mystery doesn't really develop until about half-way through the story but it keeps you guessing. There is an unexpected turn at the end that was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed this whole series and am looking forward to the Red Velvet Series where we will revisit Den & Sylvia, Orlando & Keeya and Tyler & Erin once again with some new mysteries to solve. I can't wait! A thank you goes to the author for providing me with this complimentary copy for my review.

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