Monday, April 4, 2011


Love is Blind and It Don't Pay the Bills Either is Orlando Bateman's story. We met him in Retired and On the Rocks. Orlando doesn't know how he'll ever get past the love of his life choosing to marry another man until he meets the beautiful Keeya Nilsen. Keeya is visually impaired from a plane crash that killed her family. Her best friend Blair also survived the crash but her face is badly marred. Blair takes care of Keeya's visual needs. After the man Keeya's been dating disappears and she finds her bank account empty and a chest of hand written songs by her famous Blues artist grandfather missing, she seeks the help of the police. As Orlando searches for answers his feelings for Keeya are quickly becoming stronger. Men have always used Keeya for their own personal gain but somehow she senses safety with Orlando. Will they find the chest of priceless music? Will they each find the kind of love they have sought for so long?

This story had a lot going on. We got to know Orlando much more closely in this this story and what a great guy he was. I really liked how he described to Keeya what love was and then quoted 1 Cor. 13. (Sigh)! I appreciated that Orlando never compromised his belief that a physical relationship was reserved for marriage. (Not that the desire wasn't there). He lived out what he said he believed. That's important! Keeya was a sweet character. I liked watching her grow and gain courage she didn't know she had. Orlando was very supportive and made a difference in her life because of it. I fell in love with Orlando's family too! This is an inspirational read but deals with mature subject matters and so I would call it 'edgy'. There are a few 'words' in the story but I felt they were true to the characters who were saying them. I would have liked to see a little more of Den and Sylvia but they did make some cameo appearances. You could read this as a stand alone but you get a much better understanding of the storyline if you read Retired and On the Rocks first. Another great page-turner. Looking forward to Souls on BOring Street. A thank you goes to the author for providing me with this complimentary copy for my review.

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