Thursday, March 25, 2010

SIXTEEN BRIDES by Sephanie Grace Whitson

A Group of widows called the The Emigration Society, lead by Hamilton Drake,are headed for the plains of Nebraska at the promise of homesteading land without a husband. They are all very different women and each has a certain opinion of what the others are like. When a couple of ladies overhear Mr. Drake telling someone else what he really has planned for these ladies, they band together (at least 6 of them) and give this new life all they've got. Will they truly be able to make it on the rugged frontier and was each of the ladies correct in their assumption about the other?

I really enjoyed this post-Civil War story. The hardships that widows endured were something we really can't comprehend today. The story followed the six women so that it was really like reading six separate stories that all intertwined. The author did a really great job in vacillating between the women without the reader becoming overwhelmed or disconnected. I liked how she allowed you to see the strengths and weakness of not only the women but of their love interests as well. I liked all of the characters because they were all so different. They each brought something different into the mix. But I have to say I was drawn to Ruth and Lucas. Ruth was not afraid to speak her mind and was very practical. Lucas was someone who made my heart go pitter-pat. As you make your way through the story there are lots of little spiritual nuggets to pick up along the way. Although I like a little more romance than what was in this story, I have to say that the build of each relationship was very natural. It really felt like you were reading it in real time. You sort of knew who each would end up with but it was really fun and entertaining to watch it happen! Thanks Librarything Early Reviewers for providing this copy.

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