Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lethal Dreams by Anne Patrick

Dr. Erin Jacobs loves her job of helping big name sports figures recover from injuries that could end their careers. Having been in their position she knows how to encourage and motivate them. With her fun and loving personality she is very well liked by her friends as well as her patients. So why would anyone want to hurt her?

Detective Logan Sinclair and his partner find themselves the victims of a shooting. As the shooters are speeding away they nearly hit Erin who is riding her bike home. She quickly spots the two officers, checks for pulses and calls for help on their car radio. As soon as that's done Logan hears her whisper that she needs to get out of there. He is intrigued by Erin. He finds out that she was a cops wife and that her husband was killed in the line of duty, which explained her reaction. Now she is helping him with the recovery of his shoulder and in the meantime trying to find out the mystery of the shooting and how it relates to Erin.

This was a great read! I loved the chemistry between Logan and Erin. Erin was a great character. Even though she had been through so much herself she had a big heart and lots of love for others. She was doubting her faith but you could certainly relate as to why that was. Logan was a to-die-for hero. His soft and gentle ways sure won my heart! He had such a strong faith and inner strength. I loved all the secondary characters as well. I found myself caring about these people as I read the story. Anne Patrick has an easy writing style that draws you into the story and makes you feel like you're living it with the characters. There was a twist and turn at the end that I never saw coming. I love that! I recommend you pick up a copy of Lethal Dreams.

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Anne Patrick said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review you did on my book. I'm so glad you liked it!

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