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Caleb O'Malley is a SWAT cop who was framed for his wife's murder. When the supposed eyewitness is found dead, Caleb is released from prison. Only one thing really matters to Caleb and that is to see his sweet little daughter, Kaitlin. Noelle Whitman is a foster mom who has been caring for Kaitlin while Caleb has been in prison. She's not sure she believes in his innocence. But when shots are fired and they find themselves on the run together, she observes how he is with his daughter and begins to change her mind. All Caleb wants to do is keep them safe but it's hard when you're not sure who you can trust. They're running out of options though and in a step of faith Caleb decides to trust his once best friend. Will that prove to be a big mistake or will his friend help him prove his innocence?

WOW! This was a finely-tuned, tightly-written, edge-of-your-seat story that I could not put down. I seriously could not read fast enough. There were several places where the suspense had me holding my breath feeling anxious. In all fairness, this story should come with a warning label that once you start the book, all other tasks will be forgotten until you're finished! I loved getting to know Caleb and Noelle. Both were loving people but reserved and you understand why as the story unfolds. I love the way Noelle influenced Caleb, as well as Kaitlin, with her strong faith. Their relationship was a slow build that felt very natural. Kaitlin was a sweet little girl. You truly felt bad for the situation she was in. I can't even imagine being on the run or being framed but you sure get a taste of what that would be like to be Wrongly Accused. This is the first book in Laura Scott's new SWAT: Top Cops series and comes highly recommended. I am now anxiously awaiting Book 2, Down To The Wire.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the awesome review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Caleb and Noelle's story. And I hope you like Declan and Isaac's stories too.

Thanks again,


Sherry Kuhn said...

You're welcome Laura! Excellent story. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Judy Glidden said...

Another great review Sherry. Makes me want to add this book to my "must read" pile. Thanks!

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