Monday, March 17, 2014

REDEEMING LOVE by Sophie Dawson and George Mc Vey

Timothy Dillion is a Deputy U.S. Marshal traveling with Marshal Nathan Ryder (also know as the Preacher) from Redemption, New Mexico to Cottonwood, Iowa, to visit his aunt Aggie and find peace from a situation in Redemption. When they get Cottonwood, they're surprised to find that Diamond Dale has struck again and he's kidnapped Nell Shaw. Nell Shaw is a nurse who has no appreciation for men since fleeing her father's advances and going to live with Aggie Cuttler. She soon discovers her father has returned and is terminally ill, expecting her to care for him. Now, because of Diamond Dale, she has Tim following her around everywhere to protect her and she hates it, though she is drawn to him and thinks he's handsome. For Tim, protecting Nell is particularly hard because he's already lost two women he's loved at the hands of Diamond Dale. He doesn't want Nell to be the third. Can two hurting souls overcome the past to perhaps find a future together? Will Diamond Dale find his mark? What does Aggie think about Nell's father returning? Will Nathan find the peace he's looking for?

Redeeming Love is a really great story! One that truly comes to life in your mind as you're reading; like watching a movie in your head. It was such a great mix of romance, suspense and interaction with folks you just come to love. I got to know a little about Nugget Nate Ryder (Nathan's grandfather) in Leah's Peace. A character I loved! So it was fun to get to know his grandson. Redeeming Love brings together two different series by two different authors. The Redemption Series by George Mc Vey and The Cottonwood Series by Sophie Dawson. I haven't read either of these series but I can promise you I will be soon. Both are excellent writers who know how to bring a story to life, with living, breathing characters, and when you get to the end, makes you crave more. I appreciated the way faith was so naturally a part of this story not just something tacked on as an after-thought. That doesn't mean they didn't have struggles and failures, because they did, but faith was part of who they were. I am looking forward to reading both series soon and catching up with both Redemption and Cottonwood. You'll find at the end of this book that another Redemption story will be coming soon. If you enjoy a good old-fashioned western with folks you love (and some you don't), then I highly recommend a trip to Cottonwood to find out what Redeeming Love is all about. It's enjoyable as a stand alone but I for one want to read the other books!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Sophie Dawson in exchange for an honest review*

To find out more about this book or other books in the Cottonwood Series I encourage you to visit Sophie Dawson's website To find out more about other books in the Redemption Series I encourage you to find George McVey on amazon.

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