Tuesday, September 27, 2011

THERE YOU'LL FIND ME by Jenny B. Jones

Finley Sinclair is trying to deal with the death of her brother while also trying to compose an ending to her audition piece she's to play at the Manhattan music conservatory called "Will's Song". She decides to study in Ireland and walk in her brothers footsteps using his travel journal. Maybe then she'll feel close to God, find peace and the ending for Will's Song. On the plane she meets Beckett Rush who is a well known actor on his way to Ireland to film his latest movie. Beckett is quite taken with Finley because it seems she's not impressed by who he is. He agrees to take her around Ireland if she agrees to be his assistant. She's also assigned an 'adopted grandmother' in a nursing home whom she's suppose to care for. But crotchety Mrs. Sweeney presents Finley with some really big challenges. There's also a few kids at school who are not real pleased with her relationship with Beckett and cause all kinds of trouble. And what exactly is hers and Beckett's relationship? As these stresses begin to pile up Finley begins to melt down. Will she be able to find an ending to her audition piece? More importantly will she find the inner peace that has seemed so far away or will she find it was closer than she thought?

This is one of those stories that will be floating around in mind for a long time to come. I absolutely LOVED this story for all that it was. It was so real. Finley was so relateable. Don't we all have times of doubt and question whether God is really there? I liked seeing how all the different people the Lord brought into Finley's life made an impact that changed her forever. Doesn't the Lord do that for us as well. Finley didn't see it that way though and I think that is totally with us too. Those difficult things we deal with (like Mrs. Sweeney) are tough but they change us in ways that living a smooth life wouldn't. I also loved Beckett and how he related to Finley. Even though his life was complicated he took time with her and gave some great advice. It was also fun to watch how the Lord used Finley in Beckett's life as well.

One thing that really drew me into the story was the humor. There was so many things that Finley said that just cracked me up. They were real things that you and I could have said or thought. But along with the humor there was a great amount of emotion and seriousness to this story. At some point we've all struggled with finding peace. I must say that even though this is billed as fiction for young adults I could easily relate the issues to my own life and found there was a lot of wisdom within these pages. This is the first book I've read from this author but I guarantee it will not be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed "There You'll Find Me" and highly recommend you take a trip to Ireland with Finley. You never know what you might find! A thank you goes to Thomas Nelson for this complimentary copy for my review through Netgalley.
320 pages
Thomas Nelson (October 4, 2011)

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Judy Glidden said...

I see you really liked this story too! Great review!!

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