Monday, September 12, 2011

STRANDED by Wendy Davy

Savannah Matthews is a wildlife photographer who needs to get pictures of a particular bird to keep her job. On her way to the Island the engine of the boat she rented quits. She tries to use the oar but it seems hopeless. The drift is too strong. She prays for the Lord's intervention and winds up on the private island of the one known as the 'beast'. Grant Duncan's past has scarred him, both emotionally and physically, and isolation seems his only way to survive. Rumors of a treasure on the island along with the 'beast' folklore draw people to his private paradise. They are usually frightened away when they see him with his long spear in hand. But Savannah seems to be different. She is not easily intimidated by him and is even a little sassy. She's penetrated the imaginary walls of his island can she penetrate the walls of his heart as well?

I'm not really a big fan of short stories because I don't feel there's time to develop both characters and plot but I have to say that Stranded was nice little surprise. It carries all the elements of a longer story which made it a great read. Even though it's only 40 pages there was mystery, danger, humor and a spiritual message as well. You felt like you got to know the characters. It definitely made me wish the story was longer but when the end came I felt satisfied and not lacking, as with some short stories. I always enjoy this authors work and this is no exception. If you like a short story that feels complete then I suggest you try Stranded.


Judy Glidden said...

I see you liked this short story. It is going to be my next read on my Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks so much for your review. I appreciate your kind, thoughtful words...


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