Monday, January 17, 2011

SMOKE BEFORE THE WIND by Diana Wallis Taylor

Carrie Dickson was devastated when her long term boyfriend up and left. She decided she wouldn't find herself in that position again. Then her friend's boyfriend introduces her to his friend Andrew. She is swept off her feet by his sweet talking ways and the flashiness of his money. It isn't long before he not only proposes marriage but wants the marriage to take place within a couple of month. But there is an uneasiness in Carrie that she continues to shove aside. When she goes home to her folks house she finds that the boy she had a crush on in high school is living in her parents guest house while his parents work on their addition. As she takes up a friendship with him she begins to feel drawn to him. He seems to be everything Andrew isn't, especially a strong Christian with values. Will she go ahead with her marriage to Andrew or will she find the faith and courage to following the Lord's leading.

This was a great little tale. As a reader there were many times I wanted to shake Carrie and say "wake up" girl. But I also know that I probably wouldn't have behaved much differently than Carrie. Love is blind as they say and I think that's what happens in real life. We choose to see what we want to see and pride keeps us from admitting that we have made a mistake. Andrew was likable guy but he did things that would definitely cause you question whether he was the right guy or not. Scott Spencer was a great guy. A wonderful Christian fellow who was very family minded. He's had feelings for Carrie since high school but never found the opportunity to say anything. Now he sees she is going to marry someone who's all wrong for her but he doesn't say anything, he just prays and leaves with the Lord. You come away from the story with the understanding of how important not only a relationship with the Lord is but also our reliance upon Him and what could happen if you do have it.

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