Sunday, January 16, 2011


For some reason 'marriage of convenience' stories always attract me. Love Arranged is such a story. Nicole's mother has been diagnosed with Leukemia right before she heads for college. She works hard to earn her Masters degree in four years so she can return home and be with her mother. Now home, her mom seems okay but the disease has taken its tole. But what she doesn't know, yet, is that her dad is only given about 6 months to live. Nicole is her parents only child and they want to make sure she's well cared for when they are gone. So, her father turns to the one man he trusts. The one who has been like a son to him and makes a rather unusual request. He wants Justin to take over his company, marry his daughter and make sure she's taken care of. After spending time in prayer Justin feels the Lord's leading in going ahead with the plan but what will happen when Nicole finds out the truth? Can a Love Arranged really survive and thrive?

This was a great tale. I liked how the author gave you both the perspectives of Justin and Nicole throughout the story. As I would read the things that Nicole was feeling I found myself asking... is that how I would react? How would I feel? What would I do? There were some places where I just felt Nicole was really way out of line. Justin was so good and kind and caring. But you realize that each was interpreting the situation incorrectly. That happens a lot in real-life and it was believable in this story as well. I liked how the author created Justin as a true man. He had a faith in God but he also experience failure but was willing to allow God to change him. He truly wanted to lead in the home but wasn't sure how to do that when he was unsure about Nicole's feelings. Despite all of that. he always seemed to seek the Lords guidance. If you enjoy a good marriage of convenience story then don't miss Love Arranged.

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