Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Marcia McClure once again offers up and simply delightful and delicious romantic tale in An Old Fashioned Romance. To me this had all the earmarks of a great 'Hallmark' movie. Break McCall lives in the city but has country in her blood. She is the great-granddaughter of of Jackson McCall (from Desert Fire) and the niece of Michael McCall (from To Echo the Past). She has sweet childhood memories of going to her uncle's ranch with it's wide open spaces and seeing all the fun interaction of family and hearing stories of her great grandfather. She feels such a connection with that way of life. The one perk of working in the city however, is her boss, Reece Thatcher.

Reece Thatcher is a great investigator. Working for Wilson Investigations is something to be proud of. But he was beginning to hate his job. All he sees are the ugly things in life. Especially infidelity. He's not really a city boy at heart but he can't really go home either. Well, he can, but a certain memory prevents him from even considering it. He really likes Break McCall. She's been his assistant for awhile and she's different from other women he's come across. When her friends ask him to dress up like her favorite book character and come to the restaurant where they are having dinner something happens that will change the future for them forever.

I just LOVE the way this author writes. Reese was such a great guy. He loved his family and had such a great respect for them. He really is a hero. Breck was a fun character. The inter-play with her friends is a lot of fun and laughs. I loved the way she wrote into this story that Breck's favorite book was The Highwayman of Tanglewood. What a great touch. You'll find some great romantic tension here and some wonderful kissing scenes but I appreciate how the author always brings it back to the moral decision of not going beyond that. To me that makes it so much more appealing to read. I loved meeting Reese's family. They were a hoot. Especially his two little nieces. You will find yourself laughing out loud as poor Breck blushes with embarrassment. And let me tell you, the ending is worth reading the entire book. Oh man! If you're in the mood for a great romantic tale then I would highly recommend An Old Fashioned Romance. You'll want to be sure and read the author's note at the end as she shares some interesting trivia about the story!

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