Monday, April 26, 2010


Katie has been caring for her four nieces and nephews since her sister and bother-in-law (Jen & Steve) were killed in plane crash along with her parents. Then she learns a couple months later that Steve's brother Jared (whom she has always secretly loved) was killed in an car accident. Imagine her shock when he shows up at the door. She then tells him about the plane crash. Jared also learns that there is a court hearing coming up and his parents want the children. Deciding the best course of action was for Jared to marry and legally adopt the kids, the lawyer suggests Kate. She is NOT what Jared had in mind for a wife. She seems to be career minded and yet she quit her job. He thought she never wanted kids and yet she seems to pour herself into these children. For Katie, marrying Jared would be a dream come true if it weren't for the fact that it wouldn't be a marriage of love. Can God take these two very different souls and truly marry them together? To complicate matters someone is trying to kill Jared and wants to use Kate to flush him out? Is there faith and perhaps love strong enough to get them through?

This was an excellent story. I love the whole theme of "marriage of convenience". Some stories that carry this theme find the lead characters bitter and somewhat hateful to one another. Not so with this story. Although there is apprehension on both Jared and Katie's part you see them trying to make the situation work while trying to honor God and each other. Jared and Katie are both believers but you see the struggle in them both as they try to follow God's standard. Both are dealing past things. I loved the dialog between Jared and Katie. Jared made my heart go pitter-pat. You can see what it was that Katie saw in him. Katie was someone who was very smart but felt totally lacking in the things see deemed valuable. The author really allowed you to experience the deep emotions in each of their hearts. I feel like I lived the story with them. I wouldn't classify this as an edge-of-your-seat read but the mystery surrounding who was after Jared is not revealed until the end. I really like that in a story. I would highly recommend A Family for Kate to those who love a great story with a great message. Great job LeAnne!

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