Monday, May 3, 2010

THE SWORD by Bryan M. Litfin

Captain Teofil is hunting in the Beyond when a bear comes upon him. He is rescued by Anastasia. She is a farmers daughter from Chiveis. Teo is stunned by this courageous woman who is not only resourceful but knows how to use a bow and arrow and can dress game in the field. Yet she is the most lovely of women. They are thrown together when a wicked king wants Anastasia as a wife. Teo rescues her and they travel around in the Beyond. It's there they make a discovery in the church of the Ancients that will change life as they know it forever.

This was a fascinating story. It really kept me turning pages because you really never knew what was going to happen. The premise for the story was an interesting one as well. When the author refers to the "Ancients" that means us. It was interesting to see how we might be viewed by a culture after ours. The story had a medieval feel to it. Lots of adventure, romance and hair-raising moments as well as some humor. I felt like I really got to know the characters in this story. Especially those of Teo and Ana. Teo was a great hero. Strong, of good character, but also human. Ana was one I looked up to. She had a wonderful spirit about her and an inner strength that you couldn't help but admire. The end of the story definitely leaves you wanting for the next installment! I recommend you pick up The Sword! My review copy was courtesy of LibraryThing Early Reviews

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CandaceCalvert said...

Sherry, I so appreciate your thoughtful review of this second book in my Mercy Hospital series--I'm honored to have you "scrub in." And I appreciate your work in connecting eager readers with good, uplifting books.


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