Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BEYOND AFRICA by Carie Lawson

Lilly is finally returning to the Congo to be a nurse in the very hospital her parents served in and where she lived as a young girl. While waiting for her last flight that will take her to her new home in the jungle she meets up with a force of man named Case McCord. Case is familiar with the Congo and doesn't think Lilly will last very long. There is an instant attraction there and Case sees right away in her eyes her determination to prove otherwise. When soldiers attack some nearby villages several children come to their camp. Case and Lilly set out to find the mother of four of the children. Through these trips they get to know each other and the attraction is growing. Case is everything Lilly has ever wanted. He's thoughtful, kind, protective and knows what she's thinking, but he's not a believer. Lilly will soon have to choose between her love and her faith. Which will it be?

LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! From start to finish I was fascinated with all the characters in this story as well as the story itself! This author had my heart churning and emotions running wild. Lilly was an interesting character. She had such a big heart and although she was a strong woman, she struggled with feelings of inferiority. Never wanting to hurt anyone's feelings she holds a lot inside. Case is a wonderful hero. Strong, tender, protective. Always knows what to do. His playful ways draw you in. I loved how the author handled the situation in this story of a believer falling for an unbeliever. There is no preaching here but a quiet faith that gets the message across. The romantic tension in this story had so much electricity that I could practically read it without the light on. I loved ALL the interaction between Lilly and Case. I also loved Case's family. You meet his brothers Zane and Jude and his sister Haven. They are all strong and funny and you warm to them instantly. You also meet Case's parents, Grace and Preston. Grace is a wonderful woman who keeps everyone in line. This is Book 1 in the Twisted Roots series. The next book out will be Zane's story and I am really looking forward to that! Great job Carie. I highly recommend this story. It's one I will definitely read again and again.


Carie Lawson said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. This story is near and dear to my heart because much of it was written holding my sleeping infant daughter in my arms. You have truly made my day! Now I'm off to do my happy dance:)

Judy Glidden said...

Looks like this might be another book coming my way to put on top of my pile of books to read next!

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