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Tiffany Reiley is a successful PI whose good at her job.  While at her office wrapping up some current cases, in walks Colorado Wiley, who just happens to be a tall, dark and handsome cowboy with whom she finds an immediate attraction.  After explaining to her about the trouble he’s been having on his Texas ranch, she decides to take the job thinking it will be a nice get-away from LA and a pretty simple case to solve.  She decides to pose as his new ranch cook in order to gain information from the ranch hands.  It doesn’t take long for them to not only grow fond of her cooking but of her as well; especially Colorado.  Then she makes a terrible discovery and knows it’s more than she can handle on her own. That’s when she calls on her family for help. Can they figure out what’s really going on at the ranch?  And will Tiffany and Colorado figure out what to do about their growing attraction?  There are several questions that definitely need answering.  As they all work together on the case, will they find the answers they’re looking for? 

I was so excited when I found that the latest book in the Shadow Series was published.  This has been a favorite series of mine so I couldn’t wait to ‘dig in’.  Shadows of Deception is Tiffany’s story and what a story it was.  Danger, suspense and romance as well as snappy dialog draw you in and hold you ’til the end.  The family dynamics is exceptional and I love watching them all look out for each other.  Their banter and humor is really fun and their deep love and care for one another is very refreshing.  Even with some awful things that happen you will be encouraged.  I loved the way this author plants biblical truths throughout the story without being preachy.  I also enjoyed that several family members are involved and you catch up with the ones who aren’t.  There is a cousin’s involvement which was really fun.  I don’t recall he was in the other books but I loved his personality.  This book sorta has a conclusion but there is still an open thread (not really a cliff hanger per se) that will probably be part of the next book.  I am looking forward to that!  I suppose you could read this as a stand alone, but having read the previous books, I recommend you read this series in order.  There is a lot of history and family dynamics that you would miss and, trust me, you don’t want to do that!!

*This copy was purchased by me*

Some favorite moments:

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to sleep, he turned on the lamp beside his bed.  He opened his Bible, searching for comfort, and knowing God’s word was the only place he would find solace.

Jordan walked through the door and immediately to the coffee pot. ..As he took a sip, his gaze landed on Tiffany, still in Colorado’s arms and his eyes narrowed. “Am I missing something?”  Rick chuckled.  “I doubt it.  Well, on as little sleep as you got, and with that thick skull of yours it is possible but what you see before you seems pretty self-explanatory to me.”

“We don’t know why this happened and probably never will.  There is too much evil in the world to understand.  At the same time, we can be secure in the knowledge that He knows what is going to happen and we already know the ending of the story…He wins.”

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