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Sergeant First Class Caden Wallis has had about all one man can take.  He’s not only lost his leg and some close friends but now his girlfriend left him.  While recuperating at the Army hospital he receives a quilt that helps him through the difficult times.  Now he’s determined to return the quilt to the women who made it and thank her, so he heads for the Outer Banks.  There he runs into McKenna Dockery and realizes she’s the maker of the quilt.  He’s surprised to find that she’s around his age.  McKenna originally made the quilt for her future husband but when he was killed, she decided to mail it to the military hospital.  McKenna sees the deep emotional pain that Caden is experiencing and tries to help, but Caden is about as surly as they come.  While heading for the beach one day, they come across a man who was murdered; the cook at McKenna’s family restaurant.  That’s only the beginning of many things that will rock the tranquility of Hatteras Island.  Caden and McKenna must work together to find the truth and unravel a tangled web that dates back to the second world war.

Wow, I devoured this book in one sitting!  From beginning to end I was held captive by both the suspense and the dialog between Caden and McKenna.  I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed McKenna.  I wish I could be more like her in many ways.  She was such a sweet spirit who genuinely loved those around her. Her personality just made me smile. One thing that did drive me nuts was her constant wavering between Caden and Bryce.  Caden was hard to like in the beginning because he was so surly.  You understand why but it kinda got frustrating.  That being said, it was McKenna’s interaction with him that I enjoyed the most.  The way she was with him, the way she encouraged him, it was so up-lifting.  The dialog was well done!  There was lots of action and suspense but was nicely balanced with some funny moments and cute sayings sprinkled throughout.  I was encouraged to see how the faith that McKenna and her family had, and the way they dealt with Caden, made a difference in his life.  We all hope to be that for someone in our lives.  And I must say, the cover of the book is gorgeous.  A Vast and Gracious Tide is headed for my keeper shelf!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Gilead Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite quotes:

But Jesus was here.  Jesus was, as Granddad had told her, wherever she was.  Even in the fathomless depths of the ocean blue.

Earline hip-bumped McKenna.  “Sweet tea and hush my mouth.  That boy looks at you like you’re a bowl of ice cream on a hot July day and he’d like to eat you with a spoon.”

“If the butter doesn’t just melt in your mouth.  That charm of yours will either be your making or your undoing.”

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