Tuesday, September 1, 2015

RODEO RESCUER by Lynette Eason

 Tonya Waters loves being a rodeo clown bull-fighter and she's good at it.   It's also helped her evade a stalker she had several years back.  Somehow he's tracked her down once again and is trying to kill her.  No matter how she tries he always seems to find her.  Seth Starke is a bull-rider who’s riding again after recovering from a bad leg injury.  When he’s injured again during his ride, Tonya steps in a saves him from being killed by the bull.  Tender feelings develop between Tonya and Seth and Seth wants to protect her.  When the danger escalates, Seth takes Tonya home to Wrangler’s Corner and enlists the help of his brother, Sheriff Clay Starke.  She knows he'll find her, he always does, but she doesn't want Seth's family harmed.  Can they find him before he's able to follow through with his threat?

From start to finish this was a definite page turner.  The reader is kept totally engaged and on the edge of their seat.  There was an unexpected twist I didn't see coming which is always something I appreciate.  It was interesting learning something about a rodeo and especially the rodeo clowns who take on those massive bulls when a rider falls off.  Tonya was someone I liked.  She was a strong person.  She grew up with brothers so she had to be tough!  Yet she had a very sweet spirit.  Seth was a great hero, tough yet gentle and understanding.  He seems to really get who Tonya is.  Both have been hurt but for different reasons yet they also are very attracted to each other.  The struggles they have with their faith seemed very natural to me.  This is book 2 in the Wrangler Corners series but you could read it as a stand-alone.  The Lawman Returns (book 1) is Clay's story and he plays a big part here as well.  If you like action, suspense, and romance then Rodeo Rescuer is the book for you.  Heres the opening sentence: If he caught her, hed kill her.  Tonya Waters hunched lower in the bullfighter barrel and held her breath.  Its hard to put down so allot yourself some time.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

For more information concerning this book or other books by Lynette Eason, I encourage you to visit her website at http://www.lynetteeason.com/

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