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Eden Martelli finds herself on the run from some dangerous people.  She's headed for a cabin with her five-year-old son (who has stopped talking because of a trauma) where she knows theyll be safe.  She's taken every precaution to keep them safe, but then her car breaks down in Summer Harbor.  It's a major repair so they must stay put through Christmas.  Needing money, she begins to look for work.  Enter Beau Callahan.  Beau gave up being a deputy sheriff to work the family Christmas tree farm.  He's going to need some help with his aunt who's returning home from the hospital and needs full-time assistance.  He comes across Eden and her son and offers her the job of caring for his outspoken aunt, along with cooking and cleaning duties.  The attraction is strong but both have reasons for not pursuing anything further.  Beau knows from experience Eden's hiding something.  He wants to keep her safe from whatever she's running from but it's hard when she won't trust him, even with her real name.  What will happen when the truth is finally revealed?

I loved this story and fell in love with the Callahan brothers!  You first meet Beau Callahan in Married 'til Monday (another excellent story) so I was anxious to get to know him better.  Summer Harbor is the kind of town where you immediately feel right at home.  The folks are warm and welcoming and make you want to pick-up and move there.  I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the brothers. Its rough and playful but you totally get that they love each other deeply.  The story had a great balance of humorous and serious moments.  Beaus aunt is a riot and she definitely spiced things up with her feisty personality.  The author dealt with some difficult issues and I appreciated the way she handled them.  The romantic tension between Eden and Beau was fraught with anticipation as only Denise Hunter can do, especially in the beginning, because Beau is dating someone else. (Gasp!)  The reader finds out that though we plan our ways the Lord directs our steps.  It was an encouraging reminder to see how the Lord cared for Eden.  This was a great start to the Summer Harbor series and one I would definitely recommend!   The cover is beautifully done and the title goes very well with the story.  I am now anxiously waiting for Zacs story in The Goodbye Bride.  Although there is a chill in the air in Summer Harbor, Falling Like Snowflakes is sure to warm your heart.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A couple favorite quotes:
Eden realized what Beau had been holding back from her yesterday morning.  His aunt was going to be a challenge.  Eden was beginning to wonder if she should have asked for hazard pay.

"Merciful heavens, what's this supposed to be?"  "Aunt Trudy," Beau said.  "There's enough sage in here to cure a decade's worth of hot flashes." Sage. So that's what it was.  Kate's cheeks flushed.  "I'm so sorry. I didn't have a recipe - I didn't want to use your computer without asking."  "Have at it," Riley said, giving one final hack.  "Please."

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