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Prince Cristiano is second in line for the throne so he doesnt carry the pressure his older brother Stefano does, however he works very hard as the Minister of Finance, Tourism and Sports.  He is tall, dark and handsome and considered by women to be a great catch.  Too bad those women only see him for his princely status and the fan-fare that goes along with being royalty.  He longs to find a woman who sees him for the man he really is.  Ciara Janicki is a public relations consultant hired by the royal family to work alongside Prince Cristiano to promote tourism to Mondoverde.  Ciaras not worried about succumbing to any royal charm.  Shes not interested in men, period!  But the more time she spends with him the more she realizes hes not at all as she expected.  His kindness, charm and his wonderful family cause her to yearn for things she can only dream of.  Cristiano is drawn to Ciara because she is not impressed with his title or position.  Knowing Ciara is the answer to his prayers, he proposes a marriage of convenience that would benefit both of them.  But how can Ciara marry a prince when she knows very well she is not princess material.

I thoroughly enjoyed this royal treat!  It was so much fun to return to Mondoverde.  I enjoyed getting to know Cristiano in the first book and was excited to hear his story.  Prince Cristiano will make your toes curl with his romantic ways and quiet strength.  Hes the kind of man every little girl dreams of growing up and marrying.  I must say that I really didnt care for Ciara much in the beginning but as you get to know her, you understand why she is the way she is. You also see how the faith of Cristiano and his family made a difference.   It was so much fun catching up with Stefano and Sofia.  I really like Sofia and I like how she treated Ciara.  I appreciated the whole family dynamic and the way their love for each other is shown in tangible ways.  Their playful banter is a lot of fun too.  The author did a wonderful job weaving Biblical truths naturally throughout the story.  I have been thoroughly enjoying this series and am looking forward to seeing what happens with the next Mondoverde prince.  If you want to get away from it all for just a little while, then I highly recommend a trip to Mondoverde.  I know you will fall in love with the Graziani family, just as I did!

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

A couple favorite quotes:

Prince Cristiano to Ciara
“Listen to me.  Your parents do not define who you are.  Their genes and blood in you do not define your character.  Their mistakes do not define you…”

Princess Cristina to Ciara
“Imagine Ciara, my husband, the ruler of our country, maintains meticulous control at all times, but stuck in the birthing room and he falls apart.”

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