Sunday, July 12, 2015

A HEART'S HOME by Colleen Coble

 Coming to terms with her feelings for Isaac, Emmie agrees to marry him.   Things are looking up as Joy and happiness abound.   Emmie, Sarah and Amelia begin plans for her wedding.  Then the unthinkable happens and a friend asks the impossible.  Will Emmie honor the promise she made once to his wife.  The promise that if anything happened to her she would marry her husband and raise their child as her own.  Emmie want's to honor the promise she made but that would mean giving up her own happiness for a loveless marriage.  The Sioux wars have escalated and everyone is on high alert.  Isaac is sent to another fort along with another soldier,  in a blizzard, hoping one of them might make in order to gather reinforcements to fight against the Sioux.  Before he leaves  he talks with Jacob and they make a deal.  What was the deal and what if Isaac doesn't return safely?  Will they all find the happiness they so long for?

This last book was, I think, the most emotional of all the books in the series and really was my favorite.  You'll experience extreme joy and heart-wrenching sorrow right along with these folks you've come to care for.  I was sad to see this series come to a close but I think the author did an excellent job with the ending and the epilogue.  It was completely satisfying.  I enjoyed seeing some of the characters return from the previous books.  Life at a fort was definitely difficult and scary, but the faith of the characters came shining through.  It was realistic in that they were scared, angry and questioning God because of things that happened, just as we would.  Trusting the Lord isn't easy when things don't make sense but we know He is always right there with us.  If you enjoy a good western saga with danger, deceit, love, hate, faith and where you come to really care about the folks you're reading about, then I recommend not only A Heart's Home but the whole series.  It truly is a Journey of the Heart!  I strongly suggest you read them in order as it's in a serial type format.  I would also like to add that I really like the the covers on the books, they just beckon you to read them.

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