Thursday, June 18, 2015

THE RANSOME by MaryLu Tyndall

It's Jamaica, 1692. Juliana Dutton is a young woman carrying the world upon her shoulders. When her father falls ill, she cares for him while secretly trying to keep their family shipping business running smoothly in his absents. Her wayward brother, helping the orphans and caring for a sick friend are taking a toll on Juliana. A naval officer her father knows would like to court Juliana but he's becoming to curious about why her fathers not around. Lord Munthrope, a rather unusual man, offers her a staged betrothal to get the man off her back, which she reluctantly accepts. The Pirate Earl (Alex Hyde) is a man men fear. He's got most things a man could want but he doesn't have the one thing he craves; Juliana. He has loved her from afar for years but knows she would never be interested in Pirate. However, when circumstances arise that allow him to be close to Juliana as Lord Munthrope, he's takes it. All the while, protecting her as the Pirate Earl. But leading a double life can be a dangerous game. When the Naval officer discovers his double life, he sets a trap to catch him and informs Juliana that the Pirate Earl and Lord Munthrope are one and the same. Feeling hurt and betrayed she sets out to confront the awful pirate. No one could have imagined the chain of events that that would set in motion. Not only will their faith be shaken but the very ground they're standing on will tremble. What will become of not only themselves, but of Port Royal itself.

I just reviewed The Reckoning and realized I hadn't read The Ransom. Egad!!! Due to the busyness of things and to give my eyes a bit of rest, I was happy to find that this was available from Audible. I thoroughly enjoyed the narration and felt the narrator really brought the story to life. The story itself was quite the adventure. I'm not so sure I liked the character Lord Munthrope but it served Alex's purpose. The Pirate Earl was such an intriguing man. Juliana was a kind woman that life had dealt a big blow, but she handled things with such grace that you had to admire her. I appreciated the message that God never leaves us, it's we who move away, and even though we think he's far from us, he is still working everything out in the background. There is a major event at the end of the book that I found a little hard to believe, however, the author's note at the end gives the historical account and I found that so interesting. This is book 4 in the Legacy of the King's Pirates and could easily be read as a stand alone. If you're looking to escape to another place and time, take a ride on a pirate ship, smell the salty sea air and feel the wind in your face, then look no further. The Ransom has a beautiful cover that opens to a story well worth your time.

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