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MARRIED 'TIL MONDAY by Denise Hunter

Ryan McKinley has spent the last three years trying to get over his ex-wife, Abby.  It's not working though.  He still loves her and is hoping one day to win her back.  He even bought their dream home when it came up for sale.  The trouble is, it's a daily reminder of how empty his life and his house is without Abby.  Ryan feels like his prayers have been answered when Abby's mom calls him to invite them to their big anniversary celebration.  Abby has a very strained relationship with her parents, especially her dad, so she never told them about the divorced.  Ryan insists he's going to Summer Harbor with or without her because he wants to see her cousin and his best friend, Beau Callahan.  Knowing she has to do this to save face with her parents, she reluctantly agrees to let Ryan travel with her.  Abby doesn't relish the idea of traveling several days in the car with her still handsome ex, let alone pretending they're still married, but all she has to do is get through the week and then things will go back to normal...or will they?  Ryan plans to use their week together to win back his wife, but time is limited and Abby's defensive walls are fully erect...or are they?

WOW!  What a powerful story and one that is definitely going down on my favorites list.  It's also one I know I'll read again.  I absolutely loved every minute from beginning to end.  Throughout the Chapel Springs series we've gotten to know Ryan and how much he loves Abby, but we don't know Abby at all.  This story changes that.  Page by page, her life is revealed and we see more clearly just who she is.   We also learn about Ryan and Abby's marriage and what happened between them.  From tense to tender, I loved all the interaction and dialog between Ryan and Abby.  And Ladies, if you love romantic tension as much as I do, then you are in for a real treat because this story is loaded with it!   One person I appreciated getting to know was Abby's best friend, Gillian.  She was a great example of a good friend.  I also enjoyed seeing all the McKinley clan again and catching up with what's happening in their lives.  We find that the Lord is always there through difficult times and the importance of staying close to Him.  I appreciated the message that although your upbringing affects who you are, it doesn't have to define your future.  I have loved all the books in the Chapel Springs series, (Barefoot Summer, Dancing with Fireflies, The Wishing Season and Married 'til Monday) but I must say, this is my favorite; maybe because I have a real heart for struggling marriage/second chance stories.  Married 'til Monday is a top-notch story from a top-notch author and one I HIGHLY recommend!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Thomas Nelson through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* 

One of my many favorite quotes:
Her eyes traveled down to his lips. She wanted them back on hers more than she wanted her next breath. She let loose of the wispy edges of her dream, pulling him forward. His lips met hers again, and her soul gave a contented sigh. She ran her palms over the scruff of his jaw, eager to touch, hungry to taste. He obliged her, deepening the kiss. Her hands climbed the solid wall of his chest. Her fingers dove into his hair while he worked his magic on her mouth. He touched her like she was heirloom china, delicate and precious. He always had. Shed missed this, ached for it in the quiet of night when loneliness was like a cement block on the center of her chest. 

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