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Caleb O'Malley is a SWAT cop who was framed for his wife's murder. When the supposed eyewitness is found dead, Caleb is released from prison. Only one thing really matters to Caleb and that is to see his sweet little daughter, Kaitlin. Noelle Whitman is a foster mom who has been caring for Kaitlin while Caleb has been in prison. She's not sure she believes in his innocence. But when shots are fired and they find themselves on the run together, she observes how he is with his daughter and begins to change her mind. All Caleb wants to do is keep them safe but it's hard when you're not sure who you can trust. They're running out of options though and in a step of faith Caleb decides to trust his once best friend. Will that prove to be a big mistake or will his friend help him prove his innocence?

WOW! This was a finely-tuned, tightly-written, edge-of-your-seat story that I could not put down. I seriously could not read fast enough. There were several places where the suspense had me holding my breath feeling anxious. In all fairness, this story should come with a warning label that once you start the book, all other tasks will be forgotten until you're finished! I loved getting to know Caleb and Noelle. Both were loving people but reserved and you understand why as the story unfolds. I love the way Noelle influenced Caleb, as well as Kaitlin, with her strong faith. Their relationship was a slow build that felt very natural. Kaitlin was a sweet little girl. You truly felt bad for the situation she was in. I can't even imagine being on the run or being framed but you sure get a taste of what that would be like to be Wrongly Accused. This is the first book in Laura Scott's new SWAT: Top Cops series and comes highly recommended. I am now anxiously awaiting Book 2, Down To The Wire.

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Devynne Lang was a former Hollywood star who, after being stalked and changing her identity, found refuge on the San Juan Islands. When her husband, Kent, (a policeman) is shot, she vows to keep her daughter safe and pretty much leads a secluded life; keeping folks at a distance. Then strange things begin to happen that lead her to believe her stalker has found her. What should she do? She feels like she put her husband at risk and she doesn't want to do that to Carcen. Should she tell him? Carcen Lang is the sheriff and he would do anything to protect his beautiful sister-in-law and her daughter. When he finds out she's in danger he promises to stick close and find out who's responsible. As buried feelings begin to rise between Carcen and Devynne so does the danger. Will they figure out who the stalker is before it's too late?

Wow! This was an excellent romantic suspense. The story keeps you totally engaged from beginning to end. The author does a great job of skillfully weaving together all the things I really like in a story; mystery, suspense, romance and splashes of humor. Not to mention several hold-your-breath moments. The characters were all very well drawn and fully fleshed out. I loved the tentative relationship between Devynne and Carcen and Devynne's little girl was delightful. But what I thoroughly appreciated was how the author masterfully kept you from knowing, without a doubt, who the stalker was. I thought I had it figured out a couple times but then evidence would point to someone else. The spiritual thread running through the story was naturally part of the characters lives and realistic. The author used John 15:12-13 "This is my command: Love one another the way I have loved you. This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends." I think that verse fit the story very well. I listened to the Audible version of this story and Johanna Parker did a fantastic job of narrating. She really brought the story to life and made it an awesome listening experience. If you're busy and on the go (or even if you're not) I totally recommend the Audible version of The Unrelenting Tide. Get it, grab your ear-buds and see if you know who the stalker is.

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Audible Audio Edition
Listening Length: 6 hours and 14 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Lynnette Bonner Release Date: January 2, 2014

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REDEEMING LOVE by Sophie Dawson and George Mc Vey

Timothy Dillion is a Deputy U.S. Marshal traveling with Marshal Nathan Ryder (also know as the Preacher) from Redemption, New Mexico to Cottonwood, Iowa, to visit his aunt Aggie and find peace from a situation in Redemption. When they get Cottonwood, they're surprised to find that Diamond Dale has struck again and he's kidnapped Nell Shaw. Nell Shaw is a nurse who has no appreciation for men since fleeing her father's advances and going to live with Aggie Cuttler. She soon discovers her father has returned and is terminally ill, expecting her to care for him. Now, because of Diamond Dale, she has Tim following her around everywhere to protect her and she hates it, though she is drawn to him and thinks he's handsome. For Tim, protecting Nell is particularly hard because he's already lost two women he's loved at the hands of Diamond Dale. He doesn't want Nell to be the third. Can two hurting souls overcome the past to perhaps find a future together? Will Diamond Dale find his mark? What does Aggie think about Nell's father returning? Will Nathan find the peace he's looking for?

Redeeming Love is a really great story! One that truly comes to life in your mind as you're reading; like watching a movie in your head. It was such a great mix of romance, suspense and interaction with folks you just come to love. I got to know a little about Nugget Nate Ryder (Nathan's grandfather) in Leah's Peace. A character I loved! So it was fun to get to know his grandson. Redeeming Love brings together two different series by two different authors. The Redemption Series by George Mc Vey and The Cottonwood Series by Sophie Dawson. I haven't read either of these series but I can promise you I will be soon. Both are excellent writers who know how to bring a story to life, with living, breathing characters, and when you get to the end, makes you crave more. I appreciated the way faith was so naturally a part of this story not just something tacked on as an after-thought. That doesn't mean they didn't have struggles and failures, because they did, but faith was part of who they were. I am looking forward to reading both series soon and catching up with both Redemption and Cottonwood. You'll find at the end of this book that another Redemption story will be coming soon. If you enjoy a good old-fashioned western with folks you love (and some you don't), then I highly recommend a trip to Cottonwood to find out what Redeeming Love is all about. It's enjoyable as a stand alone but I for one want to read the other books!

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SECRETS by Anne Patrick

Caleb Malone returns to the states to recover after being wounded in combat. He decides to take a job working for his brother's PI firm. His first assignment sends him to the town of Keaton. A father suspects his daughter's fiance' is cheating on her but he needs proof. All Caleb has to do is get a few pictures, which might be easier said than done. Abby Hughes works in her family's business as a real estate agent. A large company is wanting to buy property in Keaton which would be a boost to the small towns economy. Abby feels like things are moving along pretty smoothly, with the property sale, until it becomes a battle of the land. But it also becomes a personal battle as well. One deeply rooted in secrets. As Abby and Caleb work together to try and figure it all out, feelings between them begin to stir. Will those feelings and their faith be strong enough to carry them through everything they'll face?

Love, betrayal, forgiveness and, as the title indicates, Secrets, all come to mind when I think about this story! It gets off to a running start and holds your attention all the way to the end. One thing I always appreciate about this authors work, besides the great writing, is the way she keeps you guessing until the very end. But I've got to tell you, she really surprised me with the twist at the end of this story. I LOVE it when that happens! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Caleb (a.k.a. Digger) better. What a great guy. Abby made a fine leading lady. Full of spunk but very tenderhearted and loyal. Her two boys were full of personality too! There was a spiritual thread running through the story which felt very natural and dealt a lot with forgiveness. A message we can't hear often enough. This was a great installment to the Wounded Heroes series. It can be read as a stand alone but I would highly recommend the others books in the series: Kill Shot, Trespasses and Betrayal. I look forward, with great anticipation, to Vengeance! I also want to mention that I love the book covers for this series. They just make you want to read the story!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Anne Patrick in exchange for an honest review*

Print Length: 182 pages
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. (February 11, 2014)

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