Monday, December 22, 2014


Emma Sutton is a morning television host whom everyone loves, that is until she mentions how much she hates Christmas.  The network fires her but states she can have her job back if she produces a heartwarming holiday story.  So Emma goes back home to Sugar Creek and is offered the job of Christmas event planner for the town to help draw visitors.   Emma knows this is the perfect way to get her story, until she meets the mayor; who is also her boss.  Noah Kincaid is not only Sugar Creek's new mayor but also Emma's ex-fiance.  He loves the town and it's people; most especially Emma Sutton.  Emma broke their engagement ten years ago and left Noah behind to pursue her dream.  Noah doesn't really want to work with Emma but wants to show her a good side of Christmas.  But as they spend time together working on the Christmas event, old feelings resurface.   Can Emma let go of past hurts and finally find contentment not only with Christmas but also with the one man left behind.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Sugar Creek Christmas with it's small town charm and quirky characters.   The snappy dialog will keep you turning pages and sometimes even laughing out loud, although is does have some very touching moments too.  Noah and Emma, as well as  the other town's folks will quickly worm their way into your heart.  They come across as real and genuine.  There was a honesty about this story that I really appreciated.  This is a novella but I felt fully satisfied when I came to the end of the book.  It sounds like there will be other stories set in Sugar Creek which I'm really looking forward to.   This book has a charming cover that beckons you to pay a visit to this quaint little town.  I recommend you go and get acquainted with the folks in Sugar Creek.  You'll be glad you did.

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